STTTOMPAsuMMit 2009 - be there.

STOMPA SUMMIT 2009 - a gathering of like-minded folks who LUV bikez & Bonedale. We will smash craniums together to come up with some planz for our coming year's StOmPaCalenDar, concerning:

>> >Bike Polo, Full Moon Kruizers, Bike Week 09, 24 hrs of Moab, 18 hrs of Fruita, other Local Events, races, scheduled rides & get togethers, stuff the D-Boyz may be hostin, proposed Bonedale Bike Co-op, SloBoken NO sleep Spring Tour BRKln, NY to VrmT, Single Speed World Championships, aka SSWCD9, in Durr-hango, etc, etc, etc...
Monday 2/9/9 6pm
GreenLine Architects
4th Ave. Bonedale
Full Moon Cruiser to follow at 8pm

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Slappy said...

so relative to the onslaught oversweepin' this here fine nation, i'd just like en' thank you cute STOMpARillaz for stompn' m