Happy HAllowSTompaWeen


Man did I have a sweet ride on the pave. Glorious pavement that ascends past a lil private road sign up in to the precious mega mansion subdivisions on the sunny side, up and up. And hot fast and tight on the DH, boy was the Cooper pumped.

And this goofalope, sold me the Karate monkey for Hilary since he bought it too small, then he bought Stash's old Spot 9'r belt drive SS. Well signs point to him not knowing how to ride. Case in point, Porcupine rim descent led to crushing the Spot, down tube kinked one way, top tube kinked the other, and he walked away. Whoa.

In other news, Don rode his Karate monkey for the first time yesterday, and despite a long standing bike fleet, he'd never ridden mill creek, and boy did he get his on day one. Right near the bottom of the Jud, pile driver. Still walkin and talkin though, which is nice.


Surly Pugsley is a comin'!!!

So if you haven't ridden or even heard of the Surly Pugsley, stop on into The Gear Exchange and have yourself a look/ride. We currently have one med built up and have been riding the crap out of it since January, seen below atop Sunlight Mt. last winter

We have the new "Snowblind" Pugsley's hitting the doors next week!! Quite a few on order but I know that their supplies are limited, so yo better act fast and get one or be left out in the cold!!

Suggested retail is $1550, so call now and reserve yours, 970-945-8500. niRAD



No more ankle hardware, no longer bionic
feeln' good billy ray



A Little BiciPolo Muscle

We flexed a little bicipolo muscle down in Fort Quollins for the Colorado Cup.  Although the Stompaz didn't win the cup, we played great and as Will said, "did amazing things."
We beat the Belfry Boys handily, once in the morning, and once in the afternoon.  Sz got his shot on, well, almost.
We went to the finals against the Durango Malletheads and Sz did score on them, which was a first.  It was an under-Bailey's-bike shot that hit the back of the net hard, untouched.   ...and there were 2 or 3 long shots that were SO CLOSE!  Dang!  Second place ain't so bad.  We've been improving since that first Lyons Tourney where we got 4th, and since our 3rd place showing in Durango at SSWC.  We won the Blockheadsz Tourney in Glenwood Springs, which will have asterisk next to it since neither of the defending champ teams was there!  Whatev. R.

"Hey Lady!"

The best part was just seeing everyone... and kickin' back on a bike all day. 

A little bicipolo muscle:
(I have the seeds, if you wanna grow one, too)


Has anyone seen the 'whiteRim'

Not over there
Hum, maybe in there?
Nope still can't find it
maybe it's over there?
Fever Air!
Compression Chris

Regardless, bitchn' weekend in moab we'll get that rim again



sweet gearness

so you ought read about the mukluk runnin all sorts of crazy . .

and Eric of Revelate designs kicks asss yup, get sum



Red Kite Prayer

'The sad truth is that our heroes aren’t superhuman. They are men and women with iron lungs and clay feet. In as much as we are disappointed in those who cheat, do we not also have to acknowledge complicity, for it is we, the fans, who have asked them to be so much more than they are?'

'Robot' from Red Kite Prayer

18 Rode

9 boyz and 4 quasi-adults braved the sunshine to ride in Fruita this past weekend.

Of the 9 or so fish we caught, we kept 6, all of which Sz cleaned successfully without cutting his fingers off.  But between the obnoxious feral cats, the late hour at which they were cooked and Erik's crying incessantly about his peenie hurting,  (Blake had kicked him in the nuts earlier) only a couple were actually eaten. Boy were they good.

Hollenback chilled me out on a great Loma/Horse Thief Loop, we had numerous cruiser rides around the campground, and Julia actually rode the Big Dummy.


F.I.n.E STompN

Thanks be to the Harmony and the Blessings that saw MattY make it to Tellride along with the likes of Isla and Brad, for a lovely weekend awaited.
Matty demonstrated the vastness of his STOMpability in getting on the Pugsley for the first time and riding up to the Bridal Veil power plant for the party, where as he stomped me up the climb he remarked that i needed to breathe, despite the passage of vehicles. Then in the five hour and 3 hour versions of Stompaz in action over the next two days, he remained powerfully on the front drillin' it on the Pugz all weekend long. Thanks to Nirad for sending it down so Matty could get the Pugz bug once and for all.
And how can you go wrong with this guy?
Shreddin the Clown Wagon all the live long day, Skotty2Hotty sure was welcome when he moseyed on over from Duhrango for some last minute leafness.

Hilary, rockin' her Bike Wild jersey, is not amused by the Mill Creek bridge. Typical government work, big and blocky. What's wrong with a rope swing?
And straight from sea level, James rolled in from Seattle, was immediately conscripted to the top of the waterfall for the bridal veil party, which went well by all accounts, and the morning after, issued a full stompa team kit and my niner which he proceeded to STOMp the Shite out of for the full prospector/alta/t35/goose tour, so sweet
Marco, meanwhile tries to SUP the surly, with some success.. Brad demonstrates how to start the ride in the pain cave, atop the gondola, and keep on keepin on all the live long day, hooray
thanks for comin'!
See you in Moab for 100 mi of sweetness friday night!


full moooon white rim

that's right

Defending SSWChamp

RAd Ross will ride a 1x1 again, this one in NZ, oh snap go getEM!


Pugz TourN once again

another day for puggzn and hugnn


Quolla-SqreaM-trailer from Tricerahops on Vimeo.

Secret Weaponz

Can you keep a secret?

This could possibly be a game changer.  (still playing bicipolo with it, not tennis or anything)

The shape is optimized for our sport, and the handle is drop-bar style, so no worrying about which way your head is pointed!
It has the signature FC counterweights at the top of the handle, and of course a Jessen Pedersen Strap for not-lettin-go.

B-Black-as-night because its a prototype...  it'll get some spanky new paint if it performs as designed.

The secret?  Its made from firewood.  That's right, 7-11 firewood.

Long STory Short

Champs again, dang , nice stompN

cross season is here


PugZthugZ n' HUgZ

Oh gooody, a PugZ tour tomorrow has long been awaited, and the last 4 days of rain, snain, hail, and snow, are supposin to subside. We'll see how passable the high country is. . Mancos to Durango over Shark's Tooth and Kennebeck pass, and down the coloRADo trail. . or we get snowed out at snowline, wherever that may be, and wander through the woods, frolicking this way and that, don't matta, gonna be sweet. .

yeah, follow D00M



Forgot about these awful fine b-day cards from tricerhops the aspiring photoshoppr
i go by frogamoose as well


just sayin'

'As is always the case, Valencia event organiser Javier Castellar came up with an interesting challenge for his star performer. After having Oscar Freire compete against a racehorse and Alejandro Valverde lose out to a dog team in previous editions, this time Basso was pitted against Spain’s national inline speed skating champions, who also beat the Italian in a sprint.'

Cycling News

Straight Strange

Weirdest thing that's happened to my bike in a while. Roostin' along Alta lakes on Saturday and all of a sudden, Whooo Wha HWaWHA?! Riding along a straight narrow piece of singletrack quickly, and all of a sudden massive front wheel skid... managed to stomp it off without crashing

And just like that my tyre is not on the rim and my tube is all whomped out and expanding. So of course as i go to let the air out i gotta take some pictures too.. And somehow a rock had managed to wedge itself between the rim and the tyre was pinched against the far sidewall with a rock of such perfect size that i had to pry it out of there and the rim was more or less fine. Did i mention i've never really trusted specialized tyres ever since i watched Skotty roll his and crack his knee/skull in moab? Well the 2.3 Eskar just got on my shit list! Planning on getting them sweet stanz tubeless rims and rockin' the Rampage once again since it's about as sweet a tyre as i've ever had on da niner and the new wtb niner tyre 'Bronson' also kicks ass and at 2.2 is pretty much big enough for stompN. . anyway i proceeded to get a pinch flat on my rear kenda nevegal which hasn't been much of a tyre this summer either. . dang give me 4.o or give me rollerbladeZ!


Champion of the World

AWEsome Thor!

Ophir Pass Hill Climb

Sunday Mornin' bright and early-ish, might as well go STomP the Shite out of it. Ophir Pass rises 2500' in three miles from Ophir SE and the annual low-key event may or may not draw snow or be won by runners or bikers. This mornin was beautiful and what ever advantage the Pugz may have had on snow was not to be known. As it was Petey Dahl went up the hill in 39 min and the next one across was on foot at fourty minutes. Snap

Tried to take a picture of this runner when he passed me on the final approach but got this shot instead.
Some radical sprint finishes. I may or may not have been the last one to work on the green blur on the right but when he missed his shift in the sprint and was pipped by the 15 yr old ti Diamond back rider, I took no responsibility.
How to catch a Pugz? try some Bourbon, and get some 4.0's
Cormac talked about his training and race plans a little too much; more doping recommended. Here he is collecting extra points for the wool italian jersey and loop-d-loop of the finishing cairns
Trav trying to loosen up after tie-ing with the Pugz on his Special SS 29r. DOn't worry, train heavy.
on the way to gettin dropped by a pugz with an ihome bumpn, it;s called STomPN donworryaboutit
More fun to race than a single speed, pugZ!