vers z money LEBOWSKI?

Is there some sort of  soiree? or vhat? 



Hello Everyone:
Registration for the Single Speed World Championships 2008 in Napa,
CA, USA, will open on January 1, 2008, at 12:00 a.m. pacific standard
time (AKA: California time). We will post an on-line form for people
to fill out and email to us soon. Again, registration does not open
until January 1, 2008 at 12:00 a.m. Any emailed registration forms
prior to that date and time will be deleted. We will leave
registration open until it fills up, maximum riders will be 350.
Everyone will be emailed letting them know if they are in or out. If
you are in, there will be instructions on payment via PayPal.
Registration is $35 U.S. dollars. If you don't make it in, we still
encourage you to come out and play that weekend anyway. There will be
lots of rides going on all over the Bay Area. More details about the
race weekend will be posted soon. Good Luck! Please forward to
friends that might be interested and please post on blogs and
websites, if applicable. We really want to inform as many as possible
so that everyone has a fighting chance to get into the race. Thanks.
Curtis, Ken, Jeff, Andrew, Dennis & Mitzi

email: info@sswc08.com



yup,, merry x-mas and general holidayz- come on out to the
rodeo rink in 'bonedale for broomball this evenin' and esp. thursday 12.27 for StompaRillaz Skatin Party & Conflict resolutionary stufff... hope yer all still in love with stuff--



LuVFUel FuelLuv

brad has a 'new' sweater vest-- it's perty sweeet- he worries noone will take him swerisously, asIF!!!!



seems but a snap ago that young ben cooopr wuz just scurryin' around lookinTROUBle well he gradumatated from Fort LEwis College with a BA in Theatre and i gave him a painting to mark the ooocccasion..

aaaaaanyway he'll be gettin involved with the new yearz musical chairz puppetterz DJ experience at SAW so thatz nice aaanyway lots to do between now and den..

1. Get SAW invitez- get one to John Oates

2. Get FuelLUV Stmpz screenprint screen reprinted print-session

3. STompa Summit

4. FMC xmas cruissr ride flyerz gifts etcetc

5. xmas?

etc. xoxoxoxox slapppy


sssupa secretz

KDUR.org stmprillaz regional aero-radio comin live outta durango.. wih scotty2hotty entertaining one mcsquared snaaaap friday 4-8!!!! KDUR.ORG

sliippy SLAPPPY

AndOR you could give a shit about brooomball but a. yer stoopid ridiculously form fitting 100 yr old skates could go missing last winter while making ice b. you pretty much have nothing better to do other than huge xtracycle skids on the ice with a POLO malllllet, broom this beeatch... and or THURSDAY night REmedial skatting aaassiiffany PunkSBIEEETCHEZ will be able to pull any double headerz with out fartin' in yer sox xoxoxoxox


Happy Aniverstompalicious

December First Friday was stellar. Why is it that ridin' fixies and cruisers and extracycles around in the dark and the slush and ice with work gloves and PBR and hoopin and hollerin' and skidding and boogien' never gets old?

Because the Stompa is forever young motha fucka!

Individually, we may age. But together, we will never grow up.

Still, behind the Slappy DJ stand in the Old Saw Space covered with newsprint being drawn on by Bonedale hipsters to 90s beats-- somewhere between the Sensimilla and Somebody's Bourbon-- we realized something.

We were celebrating the first birthday of the Carbondale Creative Cycling Collective -- AKA
The Stomparilla Brigade.

So happy birthday you bunch of good for anything pedal strokers. May you live long and strong and die a slow, instant death. Like moss on a rock, you're nothing but green fuzzy love-- eeping for a ray of sun and a drop of rain.

How 'bout another Stompa Summit?


stmpz dj alert ____ ---- go back to sleep.


1erst fridayayAYAYAYA!!

Dear YOmommmmaz, First Friday it is, last one of '07 if not the universe. SAW shop, you may have heard of it, studio for art and stompn', will be havin' an xtra special BARB?danceoff in the studio formerly know as 'barbz studeoo'. .. andAND Maxafrogamoose'zz paintings will be 'Pay What You Will.' - with a rather funny looking apostrophe algorithm purporting to the reserve, in memory of a certain 'BMF', "sometimes you stomp the stomp, sometimes the stomp stomps you." peas out m


Everyday Normal Guy



DEaRest STOMpArillaz

Deeearest STomPARillllaz. .. salppy here livin' on borrowed time in 'ol brooooklyn after engaging in a bit of strategery in not getting on a certain big silver bird bound for 'bonedale
and it would seem that it may or may not been prescient of ze future aaaaanyway see you all xtra soon n stuffff