solemnL ProCessionaL

twas not truly a dirge


Yeaaaay Scotti is too hotty,
too hotty to trotty
so he's low layen low in D to the Rango.

taken it easy for all us sinners

hows the knee scott?
and things?



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TRUE TRUE TRUE all summer long


Quick note to say hey and I'm here and all that. Important note that myself and illyvanilly have locked up the 9am-3pm slot (WHAT??) on the local StompaSouth radio. So if you're bored and lonely and think your ears can handle the audio assault, check it on KDUR.org - Click the big button that says 'LISTEN' and follow the instructions. And it's not my fault if you get fired for dancing at work.


As For the Racingg

Well yeah so bikes cango ahundred whatev. So there were some Stompaz out there at the Catherine Store Time Trial , the first race of the AspnCylcling Club Town Race Series, a definitive down valley move to start things off. Uhh Huh, yup it was sweet get on ride real hard. Which fits somewhere into the carbondale creative CYCLING collective / We will not not stomp philosphical tenets.. except that alot of times some people can get a little extra focused on the CYCLING aspect and thaaaattttsss great but i mean really how many time trial helmets can people not not be joking about?

SO where the STompaz can be of most vital use is by creativley counter/acting the extra serious commitment to Cycling by being extra Creative in our commitment to the Collective activity we call stompn' which can so reguarly take place in the vicinity of biiikeeez

etc. and hows about weather permiting a ride this Friday night to something of note, like bowling or cheesburger or a movieburger .. aanyone? aaaanyone this secular valley can be trounced simply by getting on yer bike and stmpn'.

AAaaaand print this here form out. sign off on it and lets get to STompn' in creative splendor for 100 miles this coming May 19th

Alright alright oh and SIngle PSeeddd rides THURDSDAY THIS tomorrow today thursday
5:45 mushierockee seeyam




Wednesday, May 2, 2007!


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Don't you wonder where it will take us? I do. NOT!. I repeat for the sake of the dinosaurs, Gas powered bicycle? don't be scared you crunchy granola keifer leftist karma monger, gas comes from the earth, duh, its natural, we will not not not not. GOT IT!?



Took the govener off two nights ago, Damn.



what is stompn' again?


want to ride a fixie? I do. Teach me Girl.

One of the greatest things about life is that no matter how much you love something, someone loves it more.

My last day on the wall I went with a friend who ripped it up like none I'd ever seen. When I finally caught him, I huffingly puffingling gave him props. Suddenly another skiier flew over our heads, landed, and was out of sight in an instant. Did this really happen?

Life, and love, has many levels. Our mission is to reach higher, always remembering we have never "arrived".

Search for "Crazy Bike" on Google. Watch the Google Video at the top of the list.
Can this be real?

Yes, it can.


Either or

Im always checking for posts that are neither informitive nor uninteresting.
'But even after admitting this, there is no catharsis. I gain no
deeper knowledge about myself, no new knowledge can be extracted
from my telling. There has been no reason for me to tell you any
of this. This confession has meant nothing.'


singlespeed ride

Hihi, any single speederz out there? well for whatever reason>> bikes have one gear and it's about time to get the Single SPeed Stompaz Group Rides-a- goin'.

SO this saturday is Red Hill clean up day... And this Sunday Afternoon we're gonna give it a go for a group single speed ride up... RED HIll, don'rt worry, we're gonna be installing the chairlift on saturday..

So , I dunno last year we did them on Monday eve's at like 6 ish.. and it was sort of the thinking, try and follow me here... Bike Mechanics have a propensity for single speedin' (cuz they're broke, can't afford gears, whatev) And So the thinking was, time the single speed rides so that the mechanics can make it, viz. later.. so Sunday would give us the opportunity to get out longer, but I'm not sure the hours of the various bike shops.. So A Little FEeDBacK? ANd if People would be more likely to make it out on another day of the week, lets figure it out, i'd love to get all the Single SPeederz in the valley out, WHOOOHOOOOO

SO lets shoot for 4:30 on Sunday, meet at Dos Gringos, we'll roll up Red Hill and see where it takes us, it's in Swell Shape..


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Amidst the global turmoil and unfettered rampage the concept of a "fair and willing opponent" comes into question. Billions of federal tax dollars being poured into an unjustified conflict and when its all said and done, how many soldiers does it actually take to change a flat? Save money and time, mount a rocket launcher to your bicycle TODAY!


STMPZ van paintin

Hey anyone want to paint this van? me2 anyone in the van painting biz? me neither
sweeeet who knows rattle can? the tape is apparently peeling.. whatev anyway it's on the docket for bright ideas paint jobs


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Have you ever gone stompin on a bright and sunny day with all the little stompaz ridin up and down the bay with there hands on the bars and the bars on the ride all the little stompaz do the illy vanilly glide


I can't not stomp!?

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So if I were to stomp you from altitude? would it still hurt so good?


Brussels, Belgium
June 21, 2005

As a Diplomatic Security special agent, right, keeps a watchful eye, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, center, walks away after being greeted at Ablelag airport by Belgian cycling great Eddy Merckx, left.

So we have conclusive proof that cycling and diplomacy practicaly go hand in hand. Why not crush , like, every record and then go meet the secretary of hot ladies gettin it done. Sheeeet!

I can't wait to visit the new Iraq and like, ride crit laps around the green zone.


Stompin' with a message...


How many meat-heads with A.D.D. does it take to screw in a light bulb?



Hey First Friday was great thanks for stompn'
AAAARt needs a truly engaged audience and every time that
people look at it like reeealy look at it well, for one
they're probably not at the SAW 1st Friday Opening cuz it's a dance party
BUT they are moving along the art as much as those making it
keep looking keep makin keeeep stOOOmpIN! m


Stompaz Crack financial team goes over SwampStompz
annual report.





Woooooo ook ok so WHO read the full mooon cruizer rules and regs?? Cuz this seemingly
harmless ride took a significant number of different turns and completed a more or less totally new route.. And it was preeetttty sweet luckily there weren't too many fragile individuals and the energy seemed pretty much oonIT all night long.. followed by stomparadio double header

so yeah what exactly is the significance of this fullmooncruiz route change? who knows
there is certainly a collective energy rampin 'round here and it can be diagrammed zigzaggin through the gas pumps

but aaanyway