Remedial Skating Party

The Stomparillaz have been cold cold rollin' out at the Rodeo Rink in Carbondale for a while now and the ice is choice!
We love gettin' the stomp on out there and figure THURSDAY night is good one for everyone to brush up on their skills. Skate around some cones, skate around the Meadow Blaster, and try and figure out what edge pressure, body position, hand stands, and general stompa fitness have to do with Skatin'.

So come one, come all, be prepared for some hot chocolate (bring a mug if you've got one), and some remedial skating cuz it sure is fun. (how do you skate again?)
$1 rink fee
$1 rental fee
$1 hockey fee-- (for future reference the stick selection is pretty minimal, bring them if you've got 'em)

There are rental skates and while the ability to return said rental skates rests with the Stmpz(10 p.m. ish), the ability to rent ends at 8 p.m.
Family time is by consensus earlier rather than later. Get the kids on skates early and they'll be stompn' 4life in no time. Later on the Stmpz will be working on the Pairs Skating portion of the program and MAYBE even after that there might be a little Ol' Stick and Puck...

Never Fear, the Stomparillaz will be putting on skating parties all winter long and we hope to see you soon..



StomPARIllaz wil be hosting the first ever DRIVE YOUR CAR TO WORK DAY. Car pooling is discouraged. Hummers are greatly appreciated. Due to recent events I think that President Bush should really be supported in his time of need. Can you see the pain on his face. We can call it is a DRIVE TO OIL YOUR BUSH. It is very important that everybody does this on the same day...EVERYDAY.



Oh yeah NOBIGDEAl just in case you were wondering what a stompa might be up to at midnight.. well some stompaz might be out at the C'dale Rodeo RINK laying down ice like it werrn't no thang getting ready for a winter of STOMPA skating parties.. yup yup NBD see ya out there stmpz

FULLL OF moonz

Well gosh, that was just swell. The best winter full moon cruiz turnout EVR. thanks for thinking about stuff like cruizin when its cold and stuff. Thanks NELSON @ DGB for HOT Chocolate and Barb for toting said vessel.. See you SOON. stmpz


Respond, you know you want to

I WANT YOU. And I want you feedback. Make posts. Make haste.

Remedial Dance Class

Ok everybody the production needs to keep rollin. The Remedial dance class is coming up. Excitement needs to be harnessed and there is only one way to do it, a united stompa front. Pass the word around. Invitations are on the way. Dos Gringos can probably only hold so many floundering stompers.
Maybe you are a women and your man won't join you on the dance floor, maybe you are man and you need to find your groove to get that lady. Maybe you got stompa booty that just won't quit.
Lets see what this can do.
I am sorry is this english, you bet it is.


Heello, thanks alot you bunch a stompaz, the STompa Summit was delightful and I'm really glad you all came over.
The response thus far has been quite amazing and the momentum ain't gonna stop...

SO pretty exciting news. As you may or may not know I'm now working part time for Woodsie/town of Carbondale getting the skating rink at the rodeo grounds ready for a winter of STompn'. Regular skating parties are in the works but first, ice.

Anyway I was talking with Woodsie about the Stomparillaz, very receptive no duh, and he wants there to be more STOMPN' in conjunction with the town and the recreation department. So since the Stompaz are Ssooo good at thinking ahead... We need to pretty much map out, to the day the town stompevents for next summer...

yeah SO anyone who wants to come over to STompaz HQ, THE closest house behind city market... At 7 o'clock before the full MOON cruizer on TUESDAY NIGHT, then we can start to make funny marks on a calender and try and get that stuff figured out, (just for the record I have a fairly serious problem with planning ahead so this is gonna be really good for that but I NEED YOUR HELP real BAD)

What are the stompa events that are advantageous to do in conjunction with the town?

Competition type stuff where insurance is neccesary.. where making carbondale's collective cycling capacity apparent and available to the greater population is a good idea, and ones where drinking beers are not an integral part of the riding experience?

Babyz Mommaz Charriotz of fire Drag Race potential dates??? June? multiple races?

West Bank Time Trial (Woodsies' idea, sweet) multiple runnings, begin with individual, hill climb, team time trial, cruizerTT, segway open class, rollerblade? babyz mommaz obviously

this is of course where our predetermined venue

MTB? donde? perhaps this summers stompa mtb race time is devoted to building the venue??

MTB time trial

MTB short track? short track summer 'cross at crms??

DEAD Middle Man Wins > Race

CRITerium in town > where? is it feasible what streets do we close off Aspen's crit course is pretty rad but ours is probably gonna have an underwater portion similar but different to the AlleyCAT

Night Race? RVR circuit race could be pretty sweet at night twilight race would probably be good

Group teaching training rides>

road pack riding skillz - rolling pace line weekly group ride anybody got a good idea for a day? maybe monday cuz' it's low key low speed learning ride?

mtb skillz

dirt jump skillz

Stompaz Bike maintenance class aimed at various groups monthly?

SO then of course as Adam and I brainstormed the various bike rides to do with the town we also came up with a fraction of the other stompa events, listed below. BUT more pertinent are those that we would essentially want to get nailed down to a day and listed in the carbondale recreation calender, subsequentley sponsored by the town... SO who actually can see that far in the future??

COuld you think about what events you want to do next summer other than stompa events so we can plan around them?

Firecracker 50 july 4th, SSWC07 Scotland, Banana Belt in Salida date?, Leadville 100 date? mountain states? does anyone care? Sure why not.. Aspen Races, sure those are obviously the swerious races in the valley and then theres the STOMPAZ

Poker Ride Carbondale Points Day

Bike Toss Mountain fair??

Bike Polo @ CRMS

Tractor Pull

Carbondale 2 Independence day before opening Century group ride

Breakfast Riden'

c'dale2bonedale 200 miler

dotsero loop

gwood dance off

Arbaney Kittle

Paonia Pizza run

basalt mtn. campn' racen' party
etc. etc.

SO if you can come on over on TUESDAY at 7 before FMC and we'll pretend to map out or futurez 2gether

awesome oh and p.s.

got a bunch of great pictures of the cross race from Elizabeth, anyone wanna put them up on the stompa site? oh wait...

ok bye max


STompa SummmiT

DearHEYLADYeez would yall'kindly make room on your scheduALL for some STOMPN" SOmeday before we're all dead??? Cuz just in case we're gettin' after it THIS FRIDAY. And We NEED THE LADEEZZSOBAD

cuz we're all thinking and we're all doing and we're all making and every once in a while> ItIS great to get together and think and make do togetherwoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo like anything anytimereally

cuz the stompaz r the carbondale creative cycling collective and we're non hierarchical noDUH! and we're not a cult whoever wrote that

soYOYOYOyo, peace and elbow grease. So yeah got the go ahead from Gavin on the STompa Summit taking place at the SAW SHOP , the newest incarnation of Carbondale Creative Colaboration in action, Euclid and 133.

Stompa Summit FIRST Friday 8 p.m.

First Friday is HappenIN’ Arrive by Bike Join the STOMPAZ for the biggest FREE ART opening in CARBONDALE* keep a look out for all the fly rides at all the fine openings on first Friday if you’re feelin’ stompy Join us for a conver-sacion involving the stompaz immediate plans through 20000. The Stompa Summit will adjourn to the SAW SHOP by bicycle, wire donkey, stompcycle, or strollerblade at 8 p.m.

We will be drawing and talking about said plans (anybodyz, everybodyz plans) and who is doing what with whom when and how and stufFFFF WHOOOOwsoooo


Free Art when you make it.

SO look for the stompaz on FIRST FRIDAY and bring it maybe a pencil or something too

Thnkx stmpz


1st Annual Kneez R4 Turkeyz Turkey day Ride

FANtastic, yes indeeedey, as expected the Stomparillaz are on the move. Bound to be a classic, the Thanksgivin' KNeez r4 turkeyz ride>> 9 a.m. rollout perhaps a lil early, the stompaz are still perfecting the ol' timeliness bit.. anyway a delightful cruise up the bike path to emma, bidding goodbye to the roadiez at catherine store. Then some climbing. NO biggie CrazyEyzSTompa was for some reason pushing a 48x16 fixxee w/o any brakes or clips, so no skidding, anyway we haven't seen him since.. The other turkeyz rode with all sorts of gears and brakes and such.
Coming up over dinkle lake without any particular difficulty. The descent on the other hand, was mildly muddy and when Slappy and Roolf decided to hit the singletrack they did so despite seis inches of snow. Nonetheless downhill fixxee snow riding is excelently recomended to any and all stomparillaz... Just lean forward and pretend you're tele skiing whenever you need to skid a corner or anything... see you next turkeyday

Valley JOURNAL wickawicka

WOW, gosh hasn't everyone just had the BEST turkey day ever??? YEah STompaz too, in case you missed the paper, stompaz wuz there... http://www.valley-journal.com/home.php?content=article&article=3148&PHPSESSID=b5a6bba96c0e09aa0e80b77371b9600a

and the hASpeen Daily News featured the Cross Race 2DAY, so that was nice, we'll see how many people wanna race. anyway the word is OUT and the Stmpz are working hard on 'IT'


PAYaaa tension

datesing? after input from some key Stompaz the calender has been specificified see the corresponding postz for more information about each of the next stompaventz. stmpz

11.23.06 TURKEY DAY >> Bike for Turkeyz ride 9 a.m. @ AJAX bring a cross/mtb or a road bike and plan on 1.66666 too 2.223 hours THURSDAY is TURKEYZ DAY

11.26.06 The River Crossn' Bike Race Registration from 8-9 ish at Dos Gringos on SUNDAY morn bring your cross bike and or your MTB and race HWOOOOOOwhooop

12.1.06 STompa SUmmit come to Critique L mass at Sopris Park at 5:30 on FIRST Friday on YOUR BIKEASTOMPAZILLAAZ and or look for the STOMPARILLAZ out and about on first friday and put your bright idea jeaNZ on cuz at 8 we're headed to STompaHQ to figure out what exactley we're gonna do with ourselves for the rest of time. awesome.


DGB no duh

SHout OUt to Nelson and his Gringaz for rockin' out. Stompaz in the house, whooot whoo better be ready for next time, Stompaz Dance Lessons Party, anyone know some dance instructorz of the stompa variety? super call me...


On the Eve, oh no wait it is the 2 weeek anniversary of STOMparillaz, pretty rad iknowright??
Anyway it if our goal to act as the Creative Cycling Collective of Carbondale ought act! FASTsucka!

So the STompaSUmmit is gonna COnsider the CAlender, you know, THE FUTURE and how we gonna do it? Obviously the general staff rollin around Stompa HQ has tons of swell ideas for group rides, dance parties, bike building time, collaboration projects comin' out the ears.etc. etc.

And we want Your help getting these ideas off the ground, and onto a bike WHOOwPOWWooo

So the Stompa Summit will commence after First Friday Dec 1st at Stompa HQ around 8 p.m.

Look for the STompaz on First Friday, look for the bikes, ride a bike, raise a ruckus, make somethin'
We'll be there. So BRINGIT whether thats yoself, or yoself and a big old sketch book full of bright ideas of things to do, whatev. Stop by AJAX bikensport if you got aaaany questions... seeya stmpz

the River Crossn' Bicycle Race

RACEin' is FUN!! Come Race your bike on Sunday the 26th Registration at Dos Gringos Burritos from eight to nineish9 9 a.m. Registration fee of $5 open to creative bribery.
and then we'll roll over the river behind CRMS, (race to take place on CRMS trails along crystal river rd.) anyway we want to limit our car use over there. SO riding from DGB will be, what we call, STOMPAprotocol.

At the venue we will have a racers meeting detailing the fragile nature of the trail system and how to race for the cause....

A race consisting of four4 laps to commence around ten if we're all happy.

B race of three laps after the A racerz

Kids and Cruizerz race of 1 lap completes our mission we will return to DosGbooritos for awards and the like

awesome. stmpz



STOMPARILLAZ would like to invite U to bike for Turkeyz, turkey.

9 a.m. on TURKadurkaDAY we will be departing from the greater Ajax Bikes-DOs GRingosbooritos- land Area. nine a.m. MTBcross Bikes and or ROAD BIKES

so we roll out and maybe we keep drinkin espresso or maybe we have a skid off whatev think of the turkeyz

We're gonna roll up the NEW bike path before it is ELKED off
at some point the roadeez will head up into missouri heights
and the Croatian stompazsquad, viz. mtbcrossBIKES are gonna head up over prince creek hit some jumps maybe and go kill some TURKEYZZZZZ

9 a.m. turkey day AJax see ya stmpz


Mourning Rides

Bright idea jeans; soo as an example, this morning a posse of tres hombres rolled out of 'bonedale at 7, (some by the artifice of the deraileur, others by the strength of their will) fourty minutes later they sat down to huevos rancheros in basalt, rolled out and were back in action at 9.ish sweet. As my pa likes to say, 'you always feel better after a bici ride', and this is doubly true for a morning pre-work ride. What will be even sweeter is when there are 15 breakfast riders cold c0ld rollin' yeeehaa sweet storm


Dos Gringos Movie NIght

Come on down people cuz. what else you gonna be doin' on a friday night? other than straight chillin in a one piece over at Dos Gringos, drinkin' brewsarritos and, as per usual the STOMPArillAZ will be rollin' pre/post whenev no big deal

riden' bikes in ski boots is hard

11.17 6 p.m.

Winta' Full Moon Cruiza ride

12.5.06 wear a one piece sucka
Stomparilla Brigade of 'bonedale UNitE!!