Four O July impendencE plaNNIN'!!

Four O July impendencE plaNNIN'!! Please get ahold of me with bright ideas and stuff that i'm missing, we want everyone to STomP Happy for four0july, so yeha yeah thnx! slappppy

Load your Stompa Pass party gear, (snOboardz, rollrbladz, leisure wear, water, beerdogs, steak etc..)
at Polo or HQ on Thursday eve, POLO at 7 pm at the CES middle school, maybe BRad Can bring his truck. . Or at barber drive and city mrkt bike land after way after dark

At GEar X Friday MOrn
IN Devonz truck which will find it's way up from the GEar X to the top with lots of gooodieZ!!

or at DOs GRingoz . .
iN Bradz TRuck From DOs Gringoz which will do so as welll!


FriDAy MORnin - >> Time is but a number, or a butt number . .. << timeline

Leave GEARx in G’wood ‘round 6 am - This is of course pertinent to some of yer favorite stomprz, Darin, MikeyG, and Devon, and whoever els wanting to do a 130 mi day would do well to confirm Glenwood departure place and time and such, if you're so inclined, via the Gear Xchange tele booth - 945-8500

Leave Dos GRingoz in
bonedale round 7 am - and given the immaculate time keeping capacities of certain said stmparilllaz, that number is carved in stoned SEVEN A.M bonedale ROLLLOUT, cold slow rollin'. . i mean there really is nothing more luxurious, (for a stompa), than a 2 hour bike path stroll to warm up for the century climb wHOOOOHOWWWOOWhoo.. . aaaaanyway

get to the INdy Pass gate round 10
Get to the top of ze pass sometime after Noon!!

Coook dogs, drink liquidz, Shred GNAR!!!

Depart the top
round 2 or 3 or when the lightning says. . 4 o JUlY!!!!!

stoked 2b pumped, xoxo slappy

Guess WHoz BCK!

Yup this guy, is definitely probably maybe back in bonedale by now. . and maybe he'll want to do the stompa road ride. . leaving his shop, 1952 delores, at 5:30 and meeting at the SUnlight bike path bridge in g'wood at 6:30, riding up to SUnlight and then back, sounds good right!?!?! i know seee ya there. . m


YEr INVIted!

Stompaz will depart the Gear Xchange
via bicicleta @ 8 am on Firday July 4th
Bonedale Stompaz will be collected at 9
En ROute to INDEPEndENCE PASS, all otherz
R advised to ride downvalley until U interrcept

Upon Arrival Atop INdependence Pass
Guns and Roses will continue 2 ROCK
and The SHUTTle! Shall provide us with all
that is Holy for ‘MErica
Hot Dogz, Beer, Rollerblades,
Frisbeez, Shovelz, SNowboards
And BABEZ!!!

Shuttle Service will Exist for All, availabel for loading at the GEar X around 8 and IN Bonedale @ 9-
Things 2 Bring - Steakz, BEeerz, SNowboard stuff for building a kicker, ANd HITTIN IT!,
Rollerbladez, A Lawn Chair,
Sunscreen, a helmet YEr MOm, Blue Jeans



kdur.org 9.19 9.39, fri. 1-3 tricerahops



Yup, Fatherz Day in Glenwood was delightful. Something like 200+ racers showed up for the inaugural Glenwood Spring Criterium. Racing went all day long and I was able to channel my inner Phil Ligget along with Jeff (Bob Sherwin) Mozingo, and we were able to set the tone for the race; Namely irreverent uninformed mispronounced on air smack talking, you know, the usual. The GEar X crew rolled out, along with a certain BOOMbike, and held down the tightest corner of the course, witness to a number of crashes, and I only had the urge to puke on them once during my race.
It is always nice to be involved in an inaugural event, especially when they put you on the mike, and the crew is there making a racket. It just helps to ensure that stuffy conservatism is not the order of the day, and given how many middle age white men take part in bike racing, that is a valid concern. As it was, everyone was all smiles, and the future of the Glenwood Criterium looks reeal good.

Next year there is full commitment to a CruiZr Crit and more spectators ought to be there hootn' and hollerin'. . m


BikEz in G-wood


Yup, I'm already pretty pumped 2B stoked about the bike racing this weekend, but upon seeing that the event interweb connection is glenwoodSPINgs blogsnot!?! luvf it. and supposedly i get to be z announcer? sweeeet. .PAIN CAVE!!! Alll Sunday Crit RAcin in GWOOD!! STOMpn' with the BOom bike and TAll BIkez and maybe some POLO mARco!! WAKen BACOn Ride will take place in the bike race vicinity. . GEAR X will Be Open some times and then CLosED, or MAybe JUSt CLosED!! HA see yA There!



Callin a Punk B***** a Punk B****

The Stompasphere did breach slightly upon BenZ's tumble off the tall bike. I knew he was not himself afterward. He thought I was Tonya Harding. Or maintained that I was, anyway. The scary thing is that everyone seemed to agree with him. Tonya is defiintley the punk beeyotch of all time. So, I'll take that as a compliment, and OK, I'll cstop calling you Nadia Kominici? N.B.: as Tonya, I did nail a triple axel... sucxkaz

Is there really a resemblance?



carz are coffins...

i'm stickin to the rio grande...



The Answer Hyper Lite Bar end utilizes an excellent expansion sleeve system for ultimate bar end goodness and the Scott At-4 brings the full aero goodness to the off road kingdom


It 'twas pictured, full of pictures, and it was to be; a good time was had by m most of the people most of the time. Upon departing the super secret dance spot, I myself was in a fairly foul mood, attempting with great difficulty to push the boom bike up and out of there, assistance was forth coming and my mood returned to the elated place. Not for long though. Tall bike driven by 1 Ben Cooper was in the unfortunate position of boombike outrigger for a loooong moment, and Ben went pitching off the tall bike, off the bike path, and into the ditch in the dark. One of his buttons was pushed apparantley, since he hasn't been the same since. Alive though, as hopefully most everyone is. thanks for coming, thanks for all the paintings that are gonna be in yer houses' now, and thanks to the SS Troopa for the HUGe Battery that powered that boombike in perpetuity. . xoxo slappy



Hay, who wants to come to the party?
saw shop SToMPArillaZ Art openin
friday night

followed by a cruizr ride to dance

gotit? gotit goood


me oh my

weelll,, nothin like a little pressure to get the game goin'.. Yaya was most instrumental in stage dos of the xtra boombox program this eve, with valiant chopping and hopping all around, SHape was taken, and things are looking good,. In the interim, between 1firsT FridAy and now, lots of stuufff to do. .but that's howz i likez it.. aanyway, we need a car stereo head unit, just about anything will do, you go somethin? ok callm e on my 2way.. .(1way). . peas , slappy