you know you gotta grow it out!



XIMS what does it mean...



Not particularly tentative summer Stompn' Schedule con Carbondale Rec Dept.

April 30th first clinic ride, monday eve @ DGB 5:30 SKeeeeilllz

Memorial Day weekendish... Century up INDY pass from 'bonedale and back...

It could be on the same day as the Aspen Race I suppose and we could just pull over and Hoot and Holler as they race... either way it's right before they Open Independence Pass..
DGB at 9 (anyone with any potential support vehicle drivers? like your mom maybe? call me...stomparillaz@gmail.com...

Paonia Pizza Run... Date? A

Aug 10-11 weekend Stompn' back over INdy to LEadville to party at the race and ride around in circles...

We ough to pick a date to for SPring BReak in the Desert...

ANother late summer one that we ought to combine with a sweet concert at Mishawaka up in the Poudre Canyon above Ft. COllins would be a camp out stomp off up from Steamboat on bikes and then longboard / cruiz down the sweet gradual 30 mile descent on the other side ending at Mishawaka for a show...whew

And the cross bike cruiz up around the gypsum ruedi eagle basalt cairo triangle....

ok so anyway we'll see ya m


Leather Too (Alaudidae cry)

Charge the tomato, add lightning and mad,
decrease the band-width
and frame it.

Go in tomorrow the greys and blues,
plus under a relic the hidden lark
(always in the wind
but caged and away
from the rain),

All inside some not-god's rock humidor
and the pages
(in hardback bolted to a thin cable
an inch or so from a meter
in a pendulum of sorts),

Release easily from the spinal cage
sitting conjured
on a wound.
It sits and annoys
while away running,
the very thing
that can forget
(deriding and servile
not the prosperous
and creatively empethetic),
ops to cavil over cruise.

Wrap it with the red wire.
cast ass or ketchup
Fun breathes casually
and coasts,
or perhaps swings merrily
forgetting to forget.


SAW opening

Yeah the first Opening of 'aart' will be soooon
March First Friday be there.. m



Oh yeah

for the archival amongst us read what Gina had to say in the valley journal backback a ways..

Squig Stompa

THis Guy is Doin Swell by the by.. chemical warfare ensues currently and that fantastiStompn' attitude would appear to be holdin up. Lookin like a pretty significant amount of time needed to STmp them tumorz. Anyway if anyone would like to get a hold of Senor Damon post a comment with your vital whathave youz and we'll get ya'll in contact.... thanks m
but that's what

Weekends don't exist

STMPZ support Big Weekends and who wouldn't???

Concernin STompaz

Are there Lady Stmpz?

NO Duh
And do they cut hair and draw
n stuff? no duh and how do some stmpz survive? Water of course?!
and haircutz

Stmp on the AIR

SOOOO the STmpz live to stomp another day..

STomp RAdio Coming Up. KDNK has a new mixing board and sweet big new table, ought to be Sweeeeet. I was thinking that perhaps in the future that stack of cable on the new board could be the actual music players, you;d just slide a cd into the cable or maybe a record or a tape?

Anyway STOMPA RADIO will be on the air monday yup that's that 2MORROW MOnday Eve from 11-? at NIGHT Double header the following Tuesdaymornin' from 8 -10 a.m.

KDNK.org 88.1 ish in the valley you got it...

ANd would it or would it not be a rumor that the STmp DJ squad could be djing Black NUgget ladieZ night this coming thursday? Well it's not not a rumor and you probably ougght to tune in stomp on by -cuz there may well be some bid-ness this thursday at the nuggettt p.p.s bring vinyl >>> bring thrilla on vinyl

read stuff



Stompa G

WEll-o-well, that was all just fine... Stompaz continually refining and redefining stompin'.

Since you're here, you're stompin' right now....




Does anyone speak portugeeze?



Damon is on his way and it's dark here.

Painting for Isla

Really, If you make a painting for someone, what more could you ask for than a response like that of Isla to her painting?


WhOOOOOOOOOOO Well the 1st Stompaz Phat Thai Valentines Card Making Party was indeed a success. Supplies were proffered and most everyone took advantage of the opportunity to make something. DJ Tricerahops did a fine job of working the kinks out and the Stomparillaz, past present and future, got down on it till the breakabreakadawn.

It has been a incredibly long week for the Stompaz and Saturday night put a definitive and positive cap on all the turmoil that can embroil anyone, anywhere. The turnout was a testament to the all the good action in the area and all the love that we need. Truthfully the departure, this morning, of a key Stompa, Damon, was made a lot more positive by all those valentines. All we can do is keep on Stompn' wherever we are, and for every one of those valentines that was made for no one in particular, know that the love is what powers the Stompaz and we need to direct as much of it to Damon as we can to insure his safe return.




ive done secret blogs before.
yah i guess i stomp,
i fall in rivers too,
and in Colorado.
Late left footed shiva-grinds are my specialty, and your a honky, honky.

We're tryin' to get's afta IT but It's BIG


Yeah so we canceled this weekends' cross race because the damage we would inflict on the already fragile, quite sloppy, trail/cross course SO ANYWAY THanks

Please stop by Dos Gringos if you want some prizes anyway... We'll be there Sunday



STmp Radio Double Heada'

Holy Canolleee Sooo Sweet I tell you What ... The Stompa Radio Squad just finished their first Double Header.. MOnday eve 2.5 from 11 p.m. until 4:30 en la manana . AND THEN 8- 10 on Tuesday MOrnin' WHEW Anyway we'll kind of do it again next next week

That is our official Schedule alternating weeks Monday Night Tuesday MOrn Double Header'


Stompa Furniture

Stompaz are prettty into the whole 'living' thing. Furniture of course plays an integral part of the 'loungin' aspect of 'livin'. And by loungin' we of course mean STOMPN'
The following items are available for construction at your local dump/street corner/wherev'

24 Hour Sunlight STompn'

Well the stompaz' do love to stomp through the night, so it seemed like a good idea to go to Sunlight for the 24 hr race this last weekend. WHooooEE

Lori was chillin' at the top taking number around midnight, and she was quiet happy to see the boombox.

Previously, a little ways up the course, the boombox has generated so much excitement at the Gear X prospective igloo site that the snow hadn't been able to contain itself.

The igloo construction was put on hold at around round two with the IglooBOX and the appropriate rituals were performed, sans roof.

None the less, there will most certainly be stompa support at the next Sunlight 24 Hrs despite the general indifference to actually racing up hill on skins...


Stompa radio 2 night monday 2.5 from 11 - 1 wHOOOO

ANd tomorrow morning from 8 -10 STP

KDNK Carbondale 88.1 ish kdnk.org streamin' worldwide...


Para Exampla

yeah it's cold so stompaz end up stompn right into the nugget or some such establishment.
whence derobed in said establishment do stompaz not not stomp!?! duH!
We get on average about a zillion good ideas on paper for the presses at any given time.
SO just for another example of a stompn' most certainly in need of company see above..


What is Stomping???? Do you really want to know? It might shock you and then you might have a leg seizure and uncontrollable stomping leg. HMMM…It is kind of like having your eyes painted shut and then opening them for the first time to see the world in a new light. Do you want this?

The Bike Mechanic Formerly Known as AdM

Good definitions of Stompin'.
I think we're all in a gree mint.
Stompin' is just bringing the sum total of who you are... to everything you do. Its about creativity & love. It just so happens that those of us who ride bikes do all that best. And, of course, the only thing better than bici are BICI, and then only sometimes.
Yep, that is a fairly concise summary. The Max Cooper Club, well, it may have started that way. It may still be. Who is to say? If everyone is a Stomparilla and some just don't know it yet, then well, Max Cooper is just the first Stompa.
Stomparillas, we don't need to explain it. We only need to demonstrate. Leading by example...

Moi DJ ScoobaSteve