poppin and hoppin

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The PDT location


the PRO DopeRZ TOUr 2007

It's on bitchez, sunday aug 26th be der..



Whooooa man could this man lay it out,. probably one of the last times Damon rode a bike helmetless was on the g'wood cruizer extravaganza and he hit a speed bump no hands in the dark and smacked his head real good, none the less it gave us all an opportunity to reevaluate things like the fridge, and personal safety, and stuff.... The Stompaz are cold cold rollin out his way in a matter of hours, fond remberance + the good stuff + memorial action, it's gonna be good ...


Seeing in B&W

Coun ting on the masses of Stompaz to fill in the color...
Arteest Bikes are on the block.
Whadder'ya workin' on?

morning ride

So there is the likelihood of a road ride tomorrow, Saturday mornin, up to Asspen to break-fast and check out Brad RReeedNelsonz art show... leaving HQ at 8:30 ish coool

Gear Xchange Company Vehicle

The Gear Exchange company vehicle on it's inaugural evening of riding. An Xtra Cycle S.U.B mounted on the back of a S works Stumpjumper, circa 1993, A nuvinci cvp hub seems to be running the drivetrain, and obviously the surf deck is installed. Sweeeeeet ...


Gear X thursSHNAY

HOLLLLLLLLAAAAAA gearXchangzhoouuusssss
Ya'll Snigle SPleeederz are invited to the GEar XCHAnge on
THURSDAy Evenin the ride will depart from said Xchng around 6:30 ish
SS encouraaagggged up red canyon to some scouting trail we'll be a scoutins
i don't know maybe you'd like to bring light IDUNNNNOOOO
ANyway thats all probably ride in rather direct order to the BRuispub
ok seee you there mcmcmcmc

testing, 1 3 5, testing....

just putting it out there.


Much love from the west coast.

Good work all who participated in the procession. Totally appropriate, kind , and totally Damon. Sorry I missed it. Hope all is well. (or at least improving). I love you all.
Max take care I'll call soon brother.

Memorial Processional (STompN')

The Procession rolled out of HQ yesterday morning in fine form. When Damon arrived last spring, I had just spotted this sweet Panasonic 'Grand Touring' bike out behind the Defiance thrift store in Glenwood. He went and got it and rather quickly, thanks to Ajax Bike and SNort, we converted it to a fixxee and got some better bars on it. An absolutely appropriate steed, Damon loved the Panny immensely and the Stompaz thought it appropriate to take it on a processional ride. The Street Stomper, boasting not only his boombox and a bag full of whatnot, but also a fork mount, capably towed the Panny up to El Jebel for breakfast and back. On our way out of town we stopped to read the fresh Stomp memorial cairn in the middle of the bike path made by Barb. With a couple of Damon's playlists' on shuffle and a leisurely pace we'd like to think that Damon enjoyed an excellent Stompa Procession.



Damon demonstrates how to make it happen for the camera, clown style.



If there > ever was a fellow who could get on afterwhile the gettin was goodGOoD
thanks for gettin on after it here with us > > m >



Stompn' in Peace Damon Wallick 1975 ish - 7.9.07 so much love


Bobby D

Who wants to go see Bobby D? M. Hayez b'day (belated), Kim (Jim) as well, and we'll be heading to Telluride for the Bob Dylan show on July 21st.. rsvvvvvp

Bikes R the ENEMy

Where is Darren? Where are the FLat TOps? Where Am I? Well the fact is, bikes are the enemy, there just so DARned Cute, infernal combustion or otherwise .. Went up DOtsero way and up into the Flat tops in search of Gear Exchange super Model Darren Binion, but I was too slow and he was peadling too fast.. none the lesss this lil pond was perrrty sweeet and an awful good spot for straight up sleep out-a-stompn'...


Little Stompa Secrets

I guess nobody knew about Tino's other little problem. But it's not really a problem that you were a child star that was pimped out by your agent, is it? Gosh those are nice shorts. Perfect for summer Stompin'...



www.kdur.org FRIDAY 1-3 MST



It's hard, I guess, for some people to handle the Boss but that's probably because all that time they were trying to figure out what they could do to be cool, listening to an American Icon of such significance was decidedly not cool. That's too bad. It's the 4th of July, hopefully we can listen to him all day long.


Bat For Lashes - Whats a Girl To Do



Hello helllloooo, thanks a ma-zillion for cold cold stompin all weekend long, the saturday night festivities were a delight for all, exspecially the cops , who were where?? Anyway just because that was the Justin n' Anna goin' away party doesn't mean it's gonna stop, I mean they're still here right?! And the keg hasn't even been kicked yet, weak.

So the schedule for the rest of the dayz.....

Tomorrow, MOnday Stompaz Road ride will take on the festive air, Riding to El Jebel for the 9:10 showing of Die Hard 4 !@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The ride will commence from the greater Anna and Justin land-area Cleveland and 8th... And we'll probably want to be riding by 8:30 for that our on bike festivities don't take the shape of -hammer fest- That being said we'll probably show up to start talkin smack at like, 6:30 so yeah - live free or die hard... that's MONDAY which you might call today..

Wednesday July 4th WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA 'MEricA!!!!! The 4th of july is gonna arrive at no appointed time but we will be spending the hottest parts of the day on our BIkeez riding up to Basalt and up the frying pan to Strawberry rock swim hole where we'll frollick away the afternoon.. returning to C'dale to adjourn for mojitos and The Boss on Michael Hayes' 'porch'... and the view of the fireworks afforded there.. That also happens to be next to the sweetest crystal river swimming hole so if after riding up the frying pan to swim and then back down, you're still hot, more swimming is available... the 4th picknickin' and chillin' stompa style figure we'll try to be convened and fairly organized before noon..

There will also be a STompa radio show on the evening of the 4th starting at 11 p.m.

Thursday NIght Single Speed ride is bringin' it all back home, cold cold riding mushie rock meeting at 6.... and on and on and on and on..

Feel free to rsvp about any bright ideas, like whose gonna tow what up the frying pan on the 4th, i mean should we be picknickin' cold cuts or draggin the grill, these are the questions people, that keep us on top..