D9 in progress

Here's a rare glimpse into the mind of SteevZ.
My D9 sketches... very much not finished, yet. Everyone coloring a D9 stencil? These are being asked of all SSWC D9 participants, of course Stompaz rule unruly in this category...

Let's put this in perspective. Slapp-E made the D9 logo. Our jerseys have the D9 logo. (backwordz and front-wize) D9 is tattooed on our brains, and is being dunn did practically in our back yard.

The entry form for the race is COLORING IN THE D9 LOGO! So, get out yer pens, pencils, and X-acto knives. Cause only we can do as we do. (and, you don't really have to race, you just have to show up for the week)

All in all, the Durango crew has it covered, 'cept for ZStompin'. Our job will be to show up, show up and show up again, in the heartiest manner of to which we've become accustomed. So, what does that mean? Don' know. We've discussed the treehousedanceparty. That's an easy one.

Prizes. We should make up some bitchin' prizes.

What else?

I put it to you, Szchtompa.


slppy said...


SkoobaSteevZ said...

Long as you pick'em and you train 'em, OK, one puppy and one bunny each.

beth said...

did someone say treehousedanceparty?