STmpZ Help each other, come on up you're gonna die

Daniel Richter


F.M.C redlight GREENLIGht

First Groundhog Friday Full MOoon Cruizer RIDE is THIS FRIDAY!!! YAY! Anyway the stompaz will be there, ( and for further clarification, anyone who's there would hopefully want to be stompn', be a stompa, whatev) There are of course a number of things going on.

Ideally Nelson will be playing 'Groundhogs Day' all day long at Dos Gringos Burritos. (it's really groundhogs day even though its cold and it's colorado so who carez really? other than about bill murray?)

And then it's First Friday February 2nd so CCAH will be, as usual , instigating the gallery walk action. And for the record, true blue Stompaz will hardly refrain from the free food/art aspect, quite to the contrary, We WIll NOT NOT Stomp. ok

AndAAND IN a positive turn of events the STompaz proposed and passed a propoganda program to change winter FULLMOON CRuizer Rides Start Times from 9 p.m. to 8 p.m.
>cuz it's cold and dark< SO anyway we'll be meeting @ Sopris park @ 8 p.m. more or less on the tail end of first friday gallery hours... aaaanyway

From there we have once again (the Stompaz), proposed and passed, a.) a microphone b.) and it's being put to use as the arbitrater of the game REDlightGREEN Light.

So if anyone is interested, listen for REDlight greenLIGHT! you know stop

go of course the contingent riding fixxed gear bicycle with their superior track standing skills will be playing each other but it's gonna be sweeet and I can tell you right now that come summer Sue (age 84 tricycle rider) will dominate the whole slow race/red light green light thing, so we need to practice while Sue quite reasonably spends here full moon evenings warm and comfortable in Carbondale..... unlike some STMPZ !

SO come on out Stompn' is F.U.N.


Xenu Day International just so happens to exist in the same time/space as the STOMPARIllaz(enu)? Phat Thai Valentines Card Making Party!!! 2.10.07 Holy Canollee, well DJ STompaZ will certainly be playin' lots of scientolgist music, Beck mostly..

Saturday, March 10th is Xenu Day International, coinciding with the birthday of L. Ron Hubbard. Events are currently being planned for San Francisco, Carbondale, and Seattle.

On Saturday March 10th 2006, all 5000 scientologists across the planet will be celebrating their own version of Christmas. Drunk aliens, stopping traffic, handing out propaganda, preaching the gospel of Xenu the Galactic Overload, will be there to greet them.

Thanks to <> Jacob Appelbaum for the tip!
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p.p.s Scientologists Are Stompaz! whew

Are We Stomping?

Well of course. Stomp what you can when you can where you can. If stomping is a decisive act regarding your office bound work, like riding your bike there, then you've stomped. If stomping is learning something new outside of the normal 'learn something new time' so be it. If you're stompn' without bikes then the stompaz would surely be interested because to date, we haven't found anything else quite so sweet. We will not not stomp is vague because if one has any interest in stomping they need to determine what it means for themselves. There will be organized Stomparillaz events as a manifestation of the 'We will not not stomp' policy. But the point is, do you want to stomp? do you want to be a stomparillaz? awesome Well then do it. Show up, don't show up, ride a bike, ride a donkey, be creative, be conscious, stomp it. Stomp something stupid out of your life tomorrow. It's not easy, then again, no one ever said you know it's just stompn' no big deal


Stompa Radio

and once again Stompa radio on KDNK sunday night 1.28.07 8-10 p.m.
streamin' world wide www.kdnk.org


Come on over

Can you ask your mom if you can come over?
We're going to be at the KDNK radio station Sunday from 8-10.
2nd and Main Street, Carbondale Co.
bring your boots.

Enter Ear

eight to ten (8------10) pm.

STOMPA RAD radio. open your ears, take out some take out and ease on into your inner.
sic up and listen.



The Full Moon Cruizer ride has it's own special energy and we're gonna stomp along with it until the rest o time... that being said we'll be working on some of our sweet skills next time out (First Friday the 2nd at 8p.m. Sopris Park) We was thinking about some games to play, like... RedLIGHT GreENlight and maybe some skidding contests..

ANyway just a heads up for whomever might be interested ....

Stompa Radiooo

Yup the Stompaz is rockin the radio... AND we Want YOU to Stomp... If you want to come and rock whenever we're on, please do, KDNK Carbondale Community accessss radio.

We'll be on MOnday 1.22.07 from 11- 1 at night

Thursday 8 -10 a.m. morning bid-nessss

Sunday 8 -10 p.m. in the NIGHT Time

We Streamin' liveeee http://www.kdnk.org/

Phat Stompn'

YOYO yeah we gots lots too dooo Phat Thai and the Stompaz making Valentines cards on the bar It would be delightful to get as many scissors and glue sticks as possible. Say for example that in the Stompan frame of mind we bring what it is that we can bring be it, drawing supplies, gluein' supplies, snippin' supplies, and most of coursadley, content supplies, color, shape, design collage etc. We're gonna make valentines cards for pretty much everyone and anyone.... m iss U s MC

Rivver Crossssn' 2

Hi Sure hope to see Ya'll out heere STOMPN' m



Stompa Radio will be starting an alternating MOnday night radio show on the 22nd of January from 11 - 1 at the night stomp whoopp our stompa official policy ; I'm the Slime mr. Fransesco Zappa


Stooooo mPn

Stompaz is Stompn don't be pertfraid just a lil fryin in the 10 days since 2006 whooooop phat thai sure was swell anyway keep your eyes and ears alive stompa radio on KDNK at some point(s) futurly n shit