Ice cold StompiN!!

Short vid of our adventures from last nights romp up Sunlight, Novy in front and Adam Carb on his tele's and sittin' in back.


The only Drops that matter

BEst Drops eva'


Takin the best of care

Slippery Ride to Carbondale!!

So this is the aftermath of a slippery commute to Carbondale last night, housesitting for Korba and Shelby in RVR and I guess the studs work super kick ass in most applications unless its a sheet of ice and you start sliding, just be ready to hip check the path and hope you laugh as hard as I did last night!!! niRAD

Extreme Catapult


Read a Book (Dirty Version)


HAppyHolRDaze KB XOxOX


Glory BE


World Record Highest Dive (Dana Kunze 172 Foot High Dive World Champion)



TAanks to Melisssa fer the real nice instructional blading book for xmaz


Mr. James KunstlerZ' forecast for 2010! don't miss it!


holidaze photoz from TRyde



NEWYEARZEVE STompN n Tellyride


Man these Black Keyz made a sweet album wit the RZA among otherz!


ISIS "20 Minutes/ 40 Years" Official Video made by palz from skool one of whom, James is stompn tride fer the holidayz

Downhilling Tech

'To ride a turn like this it’s important to remain loose on the bike, keep an eye on your exit point and let your instincts take over. If you panic and stiffen up, you won’t be able to move around on the bike and you’ll force the tyres to break loose.' bikeRadar


Avalanche homework


xoxox SNorky

Happy Holidaze Snorky
Boards of Canada - Everything You Do is a Balloon


Duder Nabs Nude Cyclists, Releases Them

This bodes quite well for SSWC2010NZ:
Senior Constable Cathy Duder of the Wellington, NZ police picked up two naked men on a late night bike ride in a New Zealand town but let them off with a warning: put on helmets.
"They were wanting to experience total freedom," said Duder, who stopped the pair about 10 p.m. on a recent night in the beach resort town of Whangamata. She told them: "You may experience total confinement. You should head home and get helmets."
Public nudity can attract a charge of offensive behavior in New Zealand, but Duder said she cut the two men a break. "It was dark and there was no one else around. They were jovial young men who had not intended to cause offense," she said. She described the two as "happy young men in their mid-20s ... they appeared to be as sober as two judges."




I'll give you a topic, PdTt, discuss, discuss

When wuz yer first day on SkiZ?

Skotty 2 Hottyz' wuz just last weekend


Manx Missile

tour de france finish 2009 (stage 21)


Slappy Rim Truing Service available!!!

talking about this last night and wanted to post it so everyone could see Slappy's truing technique. niRAD


A hardy troupe of upward mobiliserz had an inclination at Sunny DeLight last night.. BRNz, HollenBak & NiRad & Sz made it a 2-hut night.  Sean, Tim and Tim met us up top.  We put bladez on our feet, which helped us descend in fine fashionne.  Traci was there, too?  We think.

Wednesdayz.  Its becoming a bit of a habit...



Adam Kimmel presents: Claremont HD from adam kimmel on Vimeo.

Saturday night WhOMpWHomp in T-Ride

they got a snice free album 2 download 2

STompa SKI PArty!

Ski Party (1965) Trailer

titanium cojones required


Greetingz TeamTitaniumStompaZ,
please watch the instructional video (link attached). We will begin our weekly training rides down the El Jebel/Basalt Mtn hill progressing to Indy Pass training sessions in May 2010. Uniform measurements need to be turned in to my office by April 8th 2010.
Coach R2


You can dream it

from brain of g

puke fest

havent seen that much snow collect in yer lap on the chairlift ride in who knows how long, sheesh, now i just gotta get my tele boot to align with my realigned leg, , i knew they didn't bolt that thing back together quite straight.. aaanywho pray fer snow


Need one of these at every GearX and HQ

So sad

So sad Brad doesn't loOK at the interweb anymore, his neighbor doesn't seem to be supporting his wireless appreciation so much these days..

Ah well, it's probably better that way, see you on the fax side brn

you has bikes?

here's a backyard somewhere, sure wish I knew where!!




Black and white stompa stickerz arriving in the year 2010, preparation and timing always and fo-eva

xtra xtra

While everyone should of course ride an XTRAcycle as much as possible
They should also drive toyota corollaz', which isn't the case, instead there's the suv.
The corolla though seems to be the basic premise of many an xtra, and that's cool, that's cool..

While it might seem like a good idea to drive some sort of monster truck, it's NOT!

AN XTraMONSTompa on the other hand, is the perfect remedy to the corolla blues
basic recipie, 69'r dual disc xtra w/ gearz, match the position of your raddest baddest meanest bike, STomp IT
and a Nokian studded 29'r x 2.1 in front is just plain silly

Earrings are in!!

Got a bunch of earrings made up in the last few days and made a display for em to hang on too, it's all recycled stuff that was just laying around and NOT going to the landfill. Fellas come and get some for your special lady friend, cause they're flying out the door, or call me at 970-945-8500 and I can ship 'em to ya!!! niRAD

I'm so over da internet

Not the safest blog for fragile youngsters, but with pix like this, I'msoovertheinternet rules

Top Things that would Redeem Obama's Peace Prize

Start some more wars..

Juan Cole's INformed Opinion

The world has noted the irony that President Barack Obama is delivering his acceptance speech for the Nobel Peace Prize after launching an escalation of the Afghanistan war. Of course, the critique is a little misplaced, since the prize is for a specific policy success, not for being a pacifist.

Still, Mr. Obama was clearly given the prize to encourage him in the direction of peace. It is the tragedy of the sole superpower that it is unconstrained by peers and so can launch wars of choice and shatter international law at will. It can be counseled but not blocked. He was awarded this honor as a counsel.

So here are the things Obama can do to redeem his prize.

1. Get out of Iraq on schedule. We can't stop their low-intensity conflicts, and they are more likely to compromise with each other if we are not there.

2. Resist calls for Iran to be bombed. Such a raid would guarantee that Iran would start a crash program to develop a nuclear weapon, and there would be no way to stop it short of full-scale war.

3. Stop allowing the CIA to operate drones with which to assassinate people. It is illegal and shameful. The US military must be in charge of defending the country by force or we are a police state.

4. Get the Palestinians a state by the end of 2011, even if by unilateral recognition. Palestinian statelessness is the biggest human rights scandal in the world, since citizenship is the right to have rights. This step alone would solve the bulk of US problems in the Arab world and would deal a deadlier blow to al-Qaeda than capturing Bin Laden.

5. Stick to the plan of beginning a US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan in summer 2011. Karzai and the generals will attempt to embroil us in a decades-long quagmire. No one will remember his Nobel peace prize if President Obama lets that happen.


Finally some KNeeDipperz

What can i say, telewhackn' rules all

Powderwhore 'FLAKES' Trailer


snows comin

I meant,, yeaah

Eric Pollard - 08 edit


Eric is so snice


Holidazzle time comes in squirts and spurts for stompaz.. Depending on the timing and preparation, some things just present them selves with gratitude, whenever. Such was the case for BRN at the freebox, perhaps the same one my pink Rollerblade skate bag came from, and he bestowed upon moi a fresh and glorious Rollerblade fannypack, thus filling a rather sizable hole in my life, (no fannypack). Thanks babyJesus, i mean BRD
happyhappy, Holidazzle
sick powder day today too, great bladin'




At the drop of a Hat, Bro Bennski, hopped up the road from duhrango, dragging with him a large pile of snow, and just so happened to get involved with STompRADion KOTO.org last night, and woke up to heaping heaps of freshly arrived freshies. Scampered up onto the hill we did, to revel in the first powder day of the season. The previous snow pack being in such sorry shape that on the blue square terrain of lift five the hordes where stompin the fresh into settling movement all about. STAY Away from the steep stuff, sheesh! It was rad.. then we came back and Ben Photoshopped his way right into the heart, before skipping back over the reopened Lizard Head pass, back to Duhwango for a day at Wolf Creek manana with it's supposed 45" , sheeesh And in Ben's benevolance he hooked a swell fresh pair of gogglez for moi for the holidayz. So snice to see, and it's just gettin started..


Oh yeeeah

So, 18 hrs of fruita, STMPRZ participate in the race on xtras, perhaps as two teams of 5, and we all ride there from bonedale, en mass, camping over mclure en route to coal bran, and arriving in fruita, either early, or at 12:12 pm


Yah so u may have heard, the PROdoperZTour is a long way away, 247 days give or take a month. Gonna be in Telluride, gonna be good. Gettin it in order in my braincave.. came across a couple hundred yard drive way thats closed and hasn't been built on, since it's on the side of the fairly steep east side of the town canyon,, perfect tractor pull venue, whoever is on the tractor pull if the cops come, just bomb drop down the side of the mountain..
Skid contest down by the river. . bingerHILClIMb starts as a group climb around the BoomVAN, which will be boomin it's way up mill creek road in neutral mobile binger boomer hill climb mode, then up eider... uuuuh trying to envision a final stage where we all end up passed out in a field, probably in a pile like Where the WildThings R, and probably a ROAD stage, it is the PDT afterall
Oh and wherever this STreet STOMper is, it'll be in Telluride for the PDT, raced as one of the fixxee relayz' and the winner will take it home.

winter go downhillNOW

I luv g3 skiz

Dem bunnnyhawkz so snice


I sure hope he makes the finals.

Mssr. Bridges was 49 when he played The Dude in the Big Lebowzki...   He's 60 now, a mere 100 years older than SteevZ?


Well, upon return, I think this last lil bike ride may have been one of the most immersive and deep pain cave visits i've experienced in long time.. Drove over the pass from t-ride and pulled over near Rico to start.. Nice reverse tailwind for 20 mi or so into Dolores on a lovely Wednesday, reasonably temperate; while staring at an eagle across the Dolores river up in a tree at one point, another eagle dropped in from behind and flew next to me for a bit before perching up in another tree. Upon rounding the corner towards Mancos the wind all of a suddenly got real friendly. With my wide disc-niner rear rack and panniers on the Cooper I was in full sail mode, clickin' the big ring up and over the risers and arriving in durango with time for a shower a nap, some dinner, all before Ben started his party at the abby theatre. Which went well, especially the whompwhomptakincareofbizness part and 5 o'clock in the morning is always a pretty good time to go to bed at benz i guess. Combining timing and preparation for a leisurely sleep deprived take off I settled into 20 degree weather and a ripping headwind for the next 6 hours or so. Luckily i got to start with a nice long climb up 160 out of town. So much for the big ring. Luckily I had totally spaced any tools or the like and had my seat a little too high on the ride there so my knees were good and stretched and sore, no aero bars to hide from the wind, and as always, you don't need to have fun to have fun. Had a piece of cake at the Absolute Bakery in Mancos to make me feel slower. After making the turn up the Dolores canyon hoping that wind would be cooperative ( it wasn't) and the sun went away, I started to wonder just how cold it was gonna get, and where exactly I'd parked. Along came my pal Juju, just back from getting an Alpaca pack raft in Mancos, and he gave me a lift for the last 15 mi or so, which would have been pretty cool in the dark; that was just fine by me, 13o mi of semi loaded riding for a dance party, yeah it's called STOMPN. xoxoxo PainCave!

Diesel Electrificationne

Its always hard to miss a Full Moon Krooze with the Stompaz.  There so are many stompaz worldwide,  I think more of us miss the FMC's than attend them.  Expatriotz just have to piece together their own little FMC, in some form...  and we ride with them.  The full moon can be stomp'd from wherev.
Thx to Diesel for progressing the sport with pyrotechnics.  If the lights don't flash, burn some rubber!  (or send 10,000 volts through the thing, just for good measure)
By the good fortune of advanced robotics, the boomstracycle is self-healing, and lives again to bump another day.  (night)

The solar charging system, though, has seen its last days of converting light into sound...
Are there solar panels designed for combat?


Coool Cooper Tourin'

Been so long since i changed the rear tyre on the Cooper I forgot about one of the sweetest bike bits there be.. Velo Plugs from Velocity via the gearX! Instead of rim tape, little red plastic plugs that go in the spoke holes of your rim.. off for a lil cool tourin down to durango for BTricerhops show tonight, gonna bypass lizard head pass, don't really need a 10k+ pass with a chance of snow even though i changed tyrez too a 28rear 25 front, still gatorskinz, not studded.. mmm cooldSTompN



in the unlikely event that you STiLL like bikes, perhaps you'll be interested to hear about

SSUSA – February 6th 2010 – Tucson, AZ

I cannot forecast to you the action [at SSUSA]. It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma; but perhaps there is a key. That key is the [SSUSA rider].” - Winston Churchill (in spirit)

The first 100 people get in, may well already be in, don't mean stompaz will be to sad about STompN in!


turkey time