Yah, not sure what happened, think I snapped the ass end off the John Wayne Pain Train somehow and I got it hoseclamped on. Non drive side since Ohio, drive side since Brooklyn the other day. Well just goes to show. .. STomPPPP!!!!
Long story short, not sure how I'm gonna make it to the stompa summit, but I sure wish I could teleport or somethin' buisness like, maybe some video conferencing , on my satelite...slappy


SkoobaSteevZ said...

For the record, I think it was technically wicked-retarded-hard that you stomped. Not much is gonna stand up to that. Nonetheless, this is a structural problem. Maybe we need an MC TRactor Version that can plow fields for the next round. If'n yer on the Big Gumby Dumby, no problem. Its only 20 or 40 pounds heavier.

Anonymous said...

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