the PDT approacheth, and you should start sortin out yer wardrobe. . a light bright shirt without any drawring on it that will get all the pertinent info written on it through the course of the weekend. . bring it, and bring a watch maybe too, if you like

bring sleep before hand, but bring your bag/pad

bring bike for trailz

bring it, whatever you like that is



one month until the PRoDOPrZtour in tellyride, be there or be square, friday night yoga rave, 4:20 am start. you oughta be alive on sunday
this is a need to know event. all stomparillaz r invited
the only required and supplied dope is water
and you better bring an MTB,


The Trophy!

Thanks NiRad!

-rollin' post completed with left hand only


BlockHeadz Grass Bike POLo Tourney in Glenwood!

This video is only one minute, twenty seconds...  and then BLACK.

Thanks to Chuck, Stefano, Craig, Dan, Earl, Bill, Zack, Seth and William and all of the stompaz!
Boy, that was some good bike polo.


Jackson Goldstone is a 5 yr old RIPPER!!!!

Jackson Goldstone is only 5. I'm 39 and still can't do most of this stuff!!


XTRA stomP

The HoliShift tour sure is friendly-ful and after a rad cruize after a grand ol evening at the first friday festivities in carBONEdale we continued to not NOt discuss the transformativly lovely

then this mornin we wended our way down to the GREat and Glorious Gear Xchange where the whiny neighbor buisnessz' pushed the airstream around the back and there we be leisurely loungin in the hot hot sun under the canopy talkin long bike.

And Manana we are going to park the long trailer at the sopris park off stage slightly and riden up to REdstone to swim and rock out, check the parade and so on and so forth.. 10 ish depart means 9:15 meet and purchase. . . NIrad says so, it must be, ..



Sure likes to STOMP