Any buddy ready for SSWC D9?
Stompaz hereby challenge the Malletheads to a tall bike polo match.
I'm problee headed down THURSDAY midday, the 17th, back on Sunday or Monday.
Tryin' to ressurrect the boomstrasoundbike...
Yaya, let's get that PinkKlein up and running.



Another Stompa Drops the T-Wheels

Eliot A CarbarillaLopa, "WATCH OUT NiRaD, I'M COMIN' FOR YA!"

Tour de PARTY!!! FAT tire style

So it would seem that this event is made for our people. tons of crazy bike lovers riding circles with loud music and off the wall costumes. SO! who's going? The Gearx crew will be there for shizle. I hear we have rooms at the Armstrong Hotel again, which was rock solid downtown fun. The way i see it there is no reason that every stompa should not be there. If you think full moon cruizer rides are fun imagine cruizzzzing with 6,000+++++ silly bike lovas!

Call us bike lovers at 970.209.0854 if ya want to make a mob squad out of it. ka kaa!



Team StoMpaRitaZ rallied for the Susan G. Komen Ride for the Cure this past Saturday in Snowmass/Aspen. Total course was 104 miles w/ an elevation gain of 8883 vertical feet. 3 of us completed our 1st centuries & were a little stoked to say the least.




DANG Right!

trophy sweetness, from Scooba Stompa to MAlletheadz and beyond.

BiciPolo Successcz

Yeah, it was sweet. We had 9 teams and played a double elimination seeded tourney. Malletheads, Buff Pleasuredome and 2 FC teams came out and we put together 3 stompa teams: SkulBunneez, StompaFiash, and LoveSafety. As you can imagine, Malletheads won, but the FC Belfry boys gave them a great run for their money in the finals. They were up 4-3 or something at one point. Going Down Swinging had Malletheads at 3-0 as well in one game! They got 3rd.

We had two ladies' teams, Buff PleasureDome and the All-Kitten SpokeStarz, who played each other a couple of times. It was Buff PleasureDome who prevailed!

Thanks to all the stompaz who made the extra effort. Its soopersweet that such good energy can be harnessed for the sake of an art form... the stick and bike and ball game.

Practice in G'wood tonight. NiRad missed the tourney, so he's gonna be itchin' to play!

See you in Durango, if not before.



What is SSWC?

Well our fine friends over at Outside Mag can help explain here.... At least from last years perspective.

But the real question is.... why do the Italians feel the need to host their own race on the very same day as the most amazing race bike fest in the history of no gears? YO NO SE! maybe cause they were sore losers at ms pac man last year. Would you like some cheese with those tears?


Hewstun, we got rotation.

Shooting started on the SSWC- D9 StompaVideoominous beginning to a movie about ominous beginnings.



I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!