Hot diggity

Hollr, , sheesh STompn' in broooklyn is no joke,  well i mean it's always somewhat of a joke,  but when the zeitgeist hovers over the studio for a week,  well that's just sllinessss.  Yup some of my favoritest oldest stompRZ showed up,  Christoph Bowlock, dully retrieved by his lovely lady pal, AnnaJ;  straight outta VT they were unstopable, concluding with a ride on the Thorax, a fine looking 20" wheeled mini bike with rear pegs, upon which Anna rode across town as Chris stomped.  WHitey of course, is a goofalope, and arriving from Cali-forn-I-A,  he was quite capable on the refashioned bighorn, monster schwinn,  photos to follow.  Ivin is generally infallible and most certainly behind all the lovely ladies who came to the party, although probably not all at the same time. .    Oh yeah and the craziest Stompa of the year,  one Hunt R,  hitched a ride on some private jet from Asspen and proceeded to get after it, all week long, with an aborted return flight placing him back at the spot for the party no less.  Aaaaanyway, all are welcome  all the time, , I just need a couple naps real quick. .  peas and thanks   m

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