SO the Brooklyn Bike and Blade is On and ON. 9-6x7 dios mio, i'm there satsunmon and allegedly ze bike whisperer, which i think i picked up from Devon. .side note, the front dt wheel that DEvon built for me at Fred's Well,IZ super bitchin', but it's also magic, because the SSWC09 spokecard that went in at the well, just came out and is silly fresh. WHoa Aaanyway, we've got some serious stompoligysing to do in the 'ol shop, engineering and so forth, bright ideas mainly. Like a set of Rollers. Which come to think of it, would be a good thing for the shop, ooh, brain freeze

wow i just most enjoyably enjoyed the glorius WEEnus kdnk.org every other monday 11-1 mtn stndrd time show on the internet radio with a swell shout out aaaah happy berfday guyz m

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