Of the SOoooul

Communication between the factions sure has become harder to comprehend...


Barb painting while thinking about Damon


Dear Media Contacts and Friends.

With regret I write to inform you that Jim Kunstler's lecture for Tomorrow's Voices - to have taken place this Wednesday - is cancelled.

BUmmmmeerr.. Ah well.. there is an X show that evening at the Belly Up and Rumor Has it that STeveZ might have a ticket or dos available... anyone interesante?


whoa. one o f my favorite painters.. and this James Channel Icon

From: jameskalm , , well it's just great aanyway look


fmc gooodness

dunno where that full moon came from, whatev

spring break tele lopen

mike van tassel treats objects like snowomen , , , ,maaan


I've been trying to post this video off youtube with no luck for some reason.. aaanyway.. check it, it's about one of my favorite painters and it goes through a retrospective talking about the work, sweeeeet



yup seems that the new stompaz HQ is ready and waiting..

Whew, the afulation is deafening

Anonymous Projetor said...

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huh... so this is a blog about digital projectors in portuguese? oook i think i get it....


clusterfuck nation

Manao oh man i've just been so excited about this guys blog and now he's coming to speak?!?!? sweeeeeeet

Jim Kunstler

Start Date

End Date

This speaker, hosted by Tomorrow's Voices, will be at 7 pm at the CRMS Barn. Contact aoforbes@crms.org for more information.

b there

March 28: De La Soul Grammy-winning hip-hop group best known for its contributions to the evolution of jazz-rap performs a free concert at 8 p.m. at the base of Aspen Mountain.



eight ate oooo clock at sopris prk wit yo gear , brent is gonna be
running for trustee on his proch prior to said FMC. . and some stompaz better bring , , , it
and some fixxes, i'll probably just carry an extra sooo ya slappy


See all y'all suckas 2nite!!!

Dan Uggla has a low batting average

This is a baseball player from Kentucky. His name is Dan Uggla and he's damn ugla!




If anyone shows up to do a century at 9 p.m. I'll be there to do another one.. wheeew and if there's snow, we take sleds.. sheesh

yah i miss kimme, she ran support last year in her bur-gundy sube
picked some guy up from who knows where and thought perhaps they have his spoke in asspen but i think i took it

and tino climbs with no hellmet
and you should printprintpressprint

may 10

let's ride bikes before then thouough


xtra stompn'

hy there, so this saturday could stand as a logistical xtracycling date night.. .I'm gonna be straight stompn' down to the Gear X Saturday mornin' on z xtra cycle, and if anyone wants to join, probably leave the house around 9-9:30... and then anyone who wants to get involved at the gear exchange is welcome to stop by at anytime.. towards the end of the day things will undoubtedly start to head south.. and after work there will be some xtra cycle stompn' around g'wood with a bit of a session as senor steveZNovy's afterwards... so that's the story, don't worry, you don't have to respond, noone did to the offer to race, but hey you're all signed up! SO How about thAt!! hahahh xoxoxo slappy

Thin of ho muh fun we wil hav!

I'll be in town monday, tuesday, wedsndoy,thursday,friday,saturnday,sunday,monday, tuesday, wedsndoy,thursday. Un Du Trois four five six sept huite 9 dix elven days with all of you!

Sparkle time!!!! I'll be rolling out on a sweet red Sears and Roebuck with cross tires and the worst saddle ever. I love you...Go to college!



Pretty much took the cake for best web-thing i've seen in the last couple days of extensive web-a-loping... http://stuffwhitepeoplelike.wordpress.com/

#87 Outdoor Performance Clothes


aaaaaah snap

oh yes, oh yes indeeeeeeed, Xtrastomparillalopaz or somethin' is the name of our 18 hr s of Fruita race squad, 6-8 person with a STompArillaZ required posse racing plan, i.e. pacing recommended by team members or pals... ok this computer needs cpr... may 2-3


Thingz R tiggght

Whhheeeeeweeee ain't thatr the truthr just got back from hotchkiss via z cooper, it hurt, least i got to sleep over


aaah crap

"This, of course, leads to a deeper question as to whether the USA is actually a serious society or just a nation of hopeless, greedy clowns? Are we even capable anymore of distinguishing between purposeful activity and the art of the grift?"

aaaaand i don't think a 7 lb road bike is gonna help either



drop drop drop keep a keepa droppn'



whyi ndeeed

why oh why would the music be loud, the tape rampant, and the people sorta dancin'? I dunno , just seemed like a good idea at the time.. And off goes Lizzie, proudly charged with quite a host of records.. always nice entertain in this 'ere valley.. aanyway happyhappylope


yup, at it again ya'llllll, managed to stomp about
on ze big feet for a bit at the bachelor party,
pretty sure they need to be mounted tele,, but none
the less, given that tele skis are purported to be the
new rollerblades, what does that make big feet?