jumpoff hotsauce party draws drop jaws swingin doors mop tops run away hop hop. OeOeO

kdur.org 9.19 durango fridays primetime 1-3 alll summa long kidz


HIyall, so surely someone had thought about the xtra boombox machine, the truly bumpin bike stereo, more than me, but I have thought about it alot.
ANd this weekend is time to build it.. Aron Mayes, always an inspirational stompa cuz he's been the one making alot of the fly-est rides around town, namely tall, long, and funky bikes you may know.. And yet again he has arranged the final piece of the particular LOUD bike project; a set of 6x9's

So hopefully all the great minds available, can get together in the ImmmEDiate future to help construct this very LoUD bicycle.. Perhaps this Friday Eve?

A wooden speaker box / xtra cycle people hauling back rest / BOOM BOX / transmitter?

This thing will ideally be a simple modular box that pops onto the back of the Xtra cycle with maybe one or two inner tube retention systems and an ipod cable dangling out.. it would be nice to get a mike'd up for DJ bidnes. Ideally Phat HEad will be rapping at stomparillazart opening june 6.. and tricerahops

And soo, not knowing whack about crap about electrodiodeizoners perhaps we can collectively answer some simple questions.

which battery




What should the speaker boxes attempt to be shaped like?

How to power the transmitter and the car amp on one battery?

Who's got some plywood.

and howz about some .. .. uh cable?

powda day

memorial-izin powder all day long.. some stomparillaz go right after it with the ski day.. navigating a most joyous route of the great and glorious Red Hill. .
Full route rendered us all pretty sorry, but when we got back to the ol hq after a hundred? maybe 14 miles of singletrack it was hard to not want to get after it and ride with Darin back down to Glenwood.. tail wind not withstading, it was mainly the his Xtra cycle loaded with his single speed that made it such a good idea.. and we were treated to a cocktail at the Binion residence.. but yah mushie is skiing swell . .


x country

custom fork with integrated rack

power generating front hub, disc brake 700 c x 38 c

xtra with rohloff internal geared hub and mid way chain tensioner? sounds good to me

drop bars, sti road shifters, aero bars, tetris


solar paneled back pack to charge boombox and blog rox


check out the longtails on this site. .




so the sswc is a lovely loomer looming off in the distance, aug 23-24. . . and .
if things go accordingly stomparillaz will rock the socks directly OFF.

here R things that could happen.. Jeff Britts' Short School bus could be a runner, conveying a crush of peoplez out to Napa CA, where by the way, we need an hq, fo sho.. hmmm OR NOT

the grreeenline customization plastic protocol could affect to have us loaded, and I mean, loaded up custom purple/olive bags.. .
full of stomparillaz cycling caps, made out of real human heads, and we'll trade them for stufff


AAand So Ben is gonna ride the retrotec with a ghost ring onezy and he better not crash


In one episode of 'Cheers', Cliff is seated at the bar describing the Buffalo Theory to his buddy, Norm. I don't think I've ever heard the concept explained any better than this.

'Well you see, Norm, it's like this ... . . A herd of buffalo can only move as fast as the slowest buffalo. And when the herd is hunted, it is the slowest and weakest ones at the back that are killed first. This natural selection is good for the herd as a whole, because the general speed and health of the whole group keeps improving by the regular killing of the weakest members.
In much the same way, the human brain can only operate as fast as the slowest brain cells. Now, as we know, excessive intake of alcohol kills brain cells. But naturally, it attacks the slowest and weakest brain cells first. In this way, regular consumption of beer eliminates the weaker brain cells, making the brain a faster and more efficient machine. And that, Norm, is why you always feel smarter after a few beers.'

Her comes your nineteenth nervous breakdown. . .

And what else, oh yeah, I am gonna give my number to the fastest stomparillaz there, probably won't be me, and then I'm gonna run "neutral support" on, ideally, a tall bike xtra cycle 100 spd, on course.. watchout for poisonoak...


he made it in the 70'z

ask alot of question S CARbondale is skipping, it's skipping, it' s skipping i like em all skips a out skips gotta be somewher e you never noticwed that omg you were totally there




Too late for this sheeit, stomp radio at 8 a.m. tuesday mornin'

KareemSchwinnAbdulbecane is a smooooz cruizer.. not quite smoooz enough though, probably just misusing the jordanz..

actually the pain is prevalent once a usual again.. hooray
no road ride para me this monday' but alas, the double header cruizer ride plus polo practice this evening, preperation for thursday, and a commute tomorrow. that'll do..

And in my quest to get as many bikes as possible, attached to people, Vanessa, has on the occasion of her gradumatation, become a fixxee with 2 brakes..

And last but certainly not least; M.I.A.

Was much more than just off the hook, in ye old denver at the filmore. the most powerful meld of hip political art and hop that i've yet seen, solid

aanyway see you at the double header cruizer ride tuesday at 9


BIci POLO bonedale styleee

Well thAT sure wuz FUN!! wanna do it again next thursday? sweeeeT

bicycle polo ireland

Very Nice to meet all you people..






HElllo BIke PEople,

Bonedale bike week is off to an inauspicious start, no wonder; why precisely would you not not burn gas given an opportunity?
Carbondale, great and glorious as it may appear, to no particular concern of cars, is real flat like, which is simply delightful for
utili-biking, and by delightful I mean full of great bike path, and lacking much climbing amongst most commerce. As the National Bike Week cruises along, Bonedale Bike Week is according to schedule quite nicely. Free Coffee care of those cute Bonedaleianz, Grana, Backbone, etc... helped propel my delightfully snowy holland hills commute this morning. Bord By Design declared complete success before, during, and after the construction of said BIKe POLO mallets Tuesday Eve.. And SO here's where Bonedale Bike Week gets a little tricky.. It Turns OUt, bike polo may well be the greatest game currently known by any StOmpArillaz, dare I say in the universe? The Bike Mechanics amongst the crowd immediatley got to playing and continued to do so until sometime around 11 ish, when a silver volkswagon jetta communicated with the squad in the city market parking lot. Darin Binion of Gear Exchange fame was informed by the fellow driving the jetta that someone had complained, (about bike polo apparently not the fact that our Xtra cycles could demolish his jetta in lots of tests); "The cops will be here in 5 minutes, just warnin' yah" Upon hearing this amidst heated BIkE POLO, I was quite curious if the Cops had heard of Bonedale Bike Week??

They had not, nor did they seem to have much interest in the Great and Glorious Game of Bike Polo, but HOt Damn I sure do.. They did want our names, I invited them to ride their bikez out to Bike PoLO Thursday NIght out back of CES off of Weant .. They did claim to have bicycles, perhaps we'll see all ya'll out there... Oh Yah Wednsday Dos Gringoz party SKID Lessons / contest >>>
GotTa go! ChokING... slappy
Reply to all



Yah I'm not sure how much i can stress to you all the great and gloriousnessess that makes up a Durango Single speed event, Passion Productions, Durango Cyclery, et. all.
Aaanyway, my bro and I at the rally of the dead in 07, sweeeet. So yeah, get down there for one of these before you're dead.. sweriously.. m


Wuz anyone more glad-er than me to not ride 100 mi on saturday? Boy o boy, riding tall bikes in a slow parade race around bonedale were enough to put me in the pain cave. Maybe I fell off and forgot. who knows, anyway, sorry for all the snow bitchez, lets ride bikes some other time.. NOT!! BIKEz R The ENEMy!



I am in a state of remiss, for many minutes now.. This Bonedale Bike week sure did sneak up on me, but it's here and STompArillaz ought probably to drive individual hummerz to work everyday this week, I'm pretty sure it's national bike week or something.. aanyway if you so much as think about burning more gas than absolutely necessary than you're probably gonna get a charlie horse. And you should Be here as much as possible this week..

MOnday night - basic maintenance clinic at Ute city cycles, in the event you know how to patch tires, and like road bikes you should join in the Stompa Road ride at 6, Dos Gringoz..

TuesdaY!! 6 p.m. at Brad'z shop, we're gonna build Polo malletz, we need SKi POLES! and other stuff, but bring ski poleZ! And 1.5 " or 2" pvc if you got some..

Wed eve,. Kick off Party at Dos Gringoz, skid contest out back.. yeah. you should probably wear a helmet, and your rollerblade pads...

Thursday. Bike Polo behind the CES, off weant, the old elementary schhool, fixxes and tall bikes will be playing, but bring whateva you got..

Friday, cruiser ride, ride in movie..

ok see ya. oh yeah and free commuter coffee every mornin from 7:30 - 9 at 4th and main.



monday night road ride. ok jeeesh


This I ask of U

If the Stomparillaz are NOt not the most raddest Xtra cycle Racin' (sTOMPin') Team in the Universe, where is the competition? No se . . . xoxoxox slappy


jumpoff hot sauce


www.kdur.org friday 1-3 9.19/9.39


!8 Hrs of Fruita


So yah, too much snow up INdy pass to make it,, so the ride is 'canceled'? reconfigured is more like it.. This saturday we'll be getting involved in the Dandelion Days Slow bike race in C'dale, that is, running it.. Then the All species parade on Tall bikes @ 11 and then at 12:30 we're gonna go on a ride somewhere, road, from DGB, maybe up Reudi.. so that' the story.. see ya.. slappy



If yer stompin and you know it, say "Ay, ayeeeee!"

xtraStomparillaloperz are hereby defined as those who can unequivocally, quixotically, declare a quizzical long-bike race-but-not-a-race success, no?

Aaron rocked the Stompa world as the "Great White Hope."
Collette flashed red and red again and again around the lake.
Roger DID NOT not stomp. (he never stopped grinning, either. Must've been the pink jacket, or maybe the TriceraLope-a-dope)
Adam had that hair comin' out of his helmet... yikes.
Yaya slipped onto the course, and tripped on a mushroom (or was that me?)
Darrin just flat out smoked 'em (and the trees)
Calla KNEW she could do it! (thanks to Waldorf)
and Slappy, Pappy, McmcMC,,,, whatev, was spot on, as usual.

To the perimetric Stompaz out on the course, thinkin they were alone but weren't.
Thanks for the yeehahas:
Dave G
Mike G

A Stomparilla rolling on a roll...


Calla laying down some G's in the bank of banked turns.

Next time... Boom boxes will be secured tightly to bikes, and power will be generated by yer legz?

Great & Glorious

WhOw. So the 18 hrs of Fruita, is probably the greatest bike race in the universe. It is unquestionably the greatest Xtra Cycle Stompn' race in history, and hopefully you can all get involved in the future.. Pictures will be coming up throughout this future, a couple just landed on the Gear X blog.. aaah man.. thanks to all... see ya p.s. monday night road ride 6 p.m. at DGB