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Sweet bike ball vid on Gullys blog. .thnx jvt

NIice NytimEZ sunday mag article

Put differently, mechanical work has required me to cultivate different intellectual habits. Further, habits of mind have an ethical dimension that we don’t often think about. Good diagnosis requires attentiveness to the machine, almost a conversation with it, rather than assertiveness, as in the position papers produced on K Street. Cognitive psychologists speak of “metacognition,” which is the activity of stepping back and thinking about your own thinking. It is what you do when you stop for a moment in your pursuit of a solution, and wonder whether your understanding of the problem is adequate. The slap of worn-out pistons hitting their cylinders can sound a lot like loose valve tappets, so to be a good mechanic you have to be constantly open to the possibility that you may be mistaken. This is a virtue that is at once cognitive and moral. It seems to develop because the mechanic, if he is the sort who goes on to become good at it, internalizes the healthy functioning of the motorcycle as an object of passionate concern. How else can you explain the elation he gets when he identifies the root cause of some problem?


Days recap at the Giro


Head over to John Gulliford's site and check out

das iss good




So a long time ago in the land of honaloo, Yaya and I went on the NoFear mtb ride in VT. Since we were the two youngest people we attacked the crap out of each other and hung out for the rest of the summer. Yaya was the name given by the long time leader of the No Fear ride to David for seemingly obvious reasons.

At the end of the summer when I left for Anderson Ranch Yaya expressed his intentions to visit 'ol Snowmass and the Ass-pen. Of course JVT was visiting immediately due to his proximity, but Yaya made good, staying at the ranch with me on multiple occasions for a couple of weeks; helping to cement my reputation as a reprobate with too many free loading friends.

In time, Yaya saw fit to move to the RF valley and get after his various pursuits, STOmpn and makin' stuff. Much of his woodworking background was rooted in the craft and formalities of wood and he was able to setup shop at the Britts in 'bonedale.

Then the Anderson Ranch eschewed the usual internal protocol for choosing residents, (when his relations with me surely would have backfired) and Yaya was selected in the first round of externally judged fully supported residency programs last winter on the strength of a certain bad-ass treehouse among other things.

Lo-ng story short, his work has progressed a lot in the time I've known him and his commitment to color, creativity, and doin' stuff Real Good warms the heart of stompaZ world-wide; check out his website DavidRasmussendesign.com, and act real nice cuz his chairs are wicked sweet and maybe someday we can all be lucky enough to plant our asses in them, or stash our weeeed in his cabinets, or get him to build a rad hidden record player coffee table, or whatever. .

Strong Work YA!


I just love it when they say things like this

"The twelfth stage of the Giro d'Italia was really tough and I rode at my limit," Sastre said. "It was a time trial in which I rode well, I had good sensations which allowed me to suffer and to contest the stage at my maximum."


Sure was a nice SPACERACE

Photo album of dissolving photos from the SPace RAce in Duhrango last weekend. .


How To Dope.

First, when your skinny ass friend says lets go ride the front range in the morning, and also you like to sleep, it can be a good idea to eat breakfast right before bed. I like rice noodles and almond butter sauce with chicken broccoli and peppers. When you've had your fill, that's when you start stuffing you face with noodles. Don't let up even though your heart hurts. That's not your heart its just a lump of noodles at the top of a twisting tower of partially digested food. Now, hopefully you can take a dump right when you get up because it is important to wake up, dope, and be on your bike as soon as possible. If not have some cold brew espresso on hand to guzzle over ice.... that'll get you moving. now its time to get our dope list in order.

Pre ride dope:
All natural whey protein(mix it in 6 ounces of keifer(probiotic dope(nice)))
Emergen"c" Classic doping product invented by Rasta-leprechauns in the 1980's
Bong Hits: Milk them yellow. If you ride hard enough they will last your entire
ride guaranteed. It's no joke that if you are giddy and doing funny impressions
while you ride, you ride harder and better. More fun=bigger ride.

Dope for your jersey:
Almonds, Prunes, Dates, Gummi bears, and Water
If your going real far bring some lunch, or if you want to
really get all doped up, just bring some brownies.
Eat the almonds with your chewy fruits. This is a power-bar hobbit style.

Post ride dope:
Espresso: Cortado's are a fantastic beverage, light milk, no sugar.
Hose: Seriously get your head under that thing, even though your
shivering after your third climb on a hot day, it feels great and
your covered in salt. It will be as exhilarating as that last attack where
you shifted up on your down tubes, got out of the saddle, dropped
your 120 pound friend, and confused a cyclist trying to fix is electric
automatic SRAM-onator with your steal filly.
Dinner: Eat whatever you want jeese


MINE prty

Fun'll be had, fo sho


Travis McCoy, frontman of Gym Class Heroes, has paid the ultimate tribute to his music idols: While on the Warped Tour, which just wrapped Sunday in Carson, Calif., McCoy had portraits of Hall & Oats tattooed on the tops of his hands.

.... I mean, Hall and Oats are swell, but tatoos? on yer hands? Ok.




SOme Real Friendly Brklyn Peeps sent me a pair of custom Carharts, knickered with reflective bands behind the knees, totally rad, thanks to Lena and Brian for not sending cookies, Carharts are waaaay betterer!! Got right down on testing too, that's for sure. Gratzeee



racin' speed bikes (1) whooooooooooooooo
this sunday, ok





Mine Burn

Yer all invited to a Mine Burn Party in T-ride
May 30

I'll be there man

Palz? I hope so.

A taste of SSWC D9 art

There are words of an art show and Zine, here is a taste of some photos i will be having there.

Sure was nice....

If you weren't there we sure wish you had been.

The journey to this amazing place on the "super natural highway" was nearly as exciting as the stay. fred's well, a memory not quick to disappear.


The GIRo is comin'!

Gonna be a good one, the 100th

Giro d'Italia

never know who might win this one, but they do get a pink jersey for their efforts.. and supposedly it's free online at
Universal Sports, sweeeet, team time trial tomorrow

Ryan rides through

Ryan Harwell rode through T-ride from Dolores yesterday, staying at the White house. We had a grand old time, loungin' about and so forth. And we met a pirate, above.. Outsdie the bakery where he succesfully dumpster dove last night for a bunch of bread..
And his whip is sweet, simple as could be with the good-ness, full Ortlieb bagz
Ryan managed the most treacherous section of the day, Hilarys' stairs. no doubt after I'd give him that sweet jersey from the T-ride free box, his bad-ness increased.. mess with the bull, you get the bar ends..
And he sported some luvSafety on his purely genius dry erase board. . Wicked schweet, check out his blog, riding from Atlanta to Alberta..

Yer butt hole is here


wicked Dylan review


The one genuinely unprecedented element of the band's sound is his singing voice, which at this point is a wonder on the order of a wrecked 67 Saab that still manages to start even though the rust has penetrated clear through to the steering wheel.

He's worth keeping an eye on.

Douglas Wolk, April 30, 2009 Pitchfork

BoneDale Bike Week

be a part of it - & get free stuff too.....like this bike donated by the GEarX!!!


You all are terrible on a bike compared to this guy

I seen some Stompaz on funny bikes n stuff, I seen some do a wheelie and maybe a stall. I seen some put art on they bikes and dress all funny. I seen em havin fun and veering into each other. I seen em get hurt all the time. But they all stink at the jibby-jib and the extremo skill set, mostly as compared to the guy in this video. He stomps for real, like really really! Hes like the ultimate stomping freak from Planet Stompula. I dont really understand how it works, but he makes me think about weird stuff when I watch him. I dont even wanna try ANy of that stuff ever. I just wanna go straight to the doctor.



DOUBLE HEADER FOLKS - 1st ride at 9, then lets go for another round when the moviegoers get outta the Film Fest at 10ish....


the team cast

the great white hope
brother s
lady luck

the ringer
the coach
missing some folks, sorry as sorry can be..

48 hours of fruit