ni idea

this was the cops way of warning the neighborhood to fire danger in its many forms


The future-- in four parts

This is probably the most amazing article in Bicycling magazine in 1992 too bad Justin and Anna are moving to the land of the skyway and they don't like bikes... click on them to read the pages.. duh

Oh dear lord baby jesus

So anyway Justin and Anna are leaving and we're gonna party down on Saturday like they're comin' back!!!! even though they better... Anyway come by there place on Saturday eve with whatever it is you like to bbq or drink while watching the bbq whhich is no to say that we wopn't be rollin out naked, wait a second.... Anyway come by there place at 780 cleveland right off 8th and the bike path in bonedale @ 6 p.m. and come 9 we ought to be ready for the full moon cruizer ride yeeee ha And don't think that this is gonna be any old full moon cruizer ride, cuz it ain't no sireeee p.p.ps this also can stand in for the bachelor party bachelorette party, going away party, wedding if you're not gonna make it to kentucky, whatev it's gonna be rad so be there saturday june 30th 6 p.m. peas

Been Home

Inventory of the stuff in Vermont that no longer had a place in the barn.


road ride monday evenin'

Helllo rubberroadieezz, so the word is around that we could get more people out if it wasn't a hammer fest? ok ok I didn't know it was a hammerfest.. but that's a good idea, SLOW DOWN, and lets go ride on monday night, 6 pm at HQ right behind city mrkt c'dale.. and we won't be hammers festering? ok ok Route ... all down hill? how about it?
I don't know which route how about down to gwood and up to sunlight and then back over dry park? It's mostly down hill right? Or out to redstone and up towards coal miners daughter, right there next to the coke ovens, ? Questions comments, hammerz? Ok and see you laterr M ax




Ya (ya), It's true that hovercraft require the most energy of ANY vehicle, except the helicopter. So, do you we think we've got the legs for full flight? Or are we just floating a few inches above the ground?

some guy named Jay-Z still has the rights to "HOVA."
So, in the traditional mannner of Stompen, I have suggested a convenient and tangential alternative...
...need a little more back-up vocals and lot more time off the ground...)

track what track who track why

Arrival in the great and glorious nyc is guaranteed to be mas better if there are bikes-a-waitin'.
As for the steeds of Mr. Ivin Ballen, they needed but a little work, like a new bar, one of them funny little conversion types, and to not be in the 52x16 gear but the 42x16, and a new seat post, and for the rear cog to stop unthreading, and some air pressure, and potentially a re-dishing of the front wheel, and a tighter head set, and a nut to hold the non drive crank on after it fell off in the first mile, and, andandnand and it's a runner and sweet, the Raleigh Capri, 53 cm of pure steel with 27" tires bigger than most tractors' and crank brothers downhill pedals, and the nice seat. So Ivin and myself made the delightful journey from williamsburg brooklyn up and over the bridge and up to the Met to see the Neo Rausch show, the painting above is about 9 feet wide, and back again. Deeeelightful, straight stompin' about the city, only real concern is when threading traffic that the loop of strap off the side of my bag is gonna get caught on someones mirror and rip it/me off... no problems as of yet.. peas m


Records, records, and the wheels of steel

Just spending a little time reflecting on last weeks SS ride here in Durango. Since the meeting place is held in strict confidence, I will not be divulging much information on that.....
The start of the summer, we had 14 or so riders, and it was officially claimed a record of attendance. Next week seemed like it happened again with 16. The last few weeks were around 20. Last week, there was alot of speculation and whatnot, and it seemed like the longer we lounged in the street tipping cans back, the more people rolled up with silly little shifterless bikes. The ride started late, was fast and congested and more than a little silly, but the final headcount was 27, which was , I think, a record.
Speaking of records, this little stompa is a bit sad that I am off of the radio spinning status at the moment. Due to my current work schedule, the airwaves couldn't accommodate me anymore. I will hopefully return to another spot in the evenings making auditory mayhem for those who would listen. Stay tuned.
Enough of that, if you need to get out, and have a bike that makes you all giddy cause it doesn't shift and goes real fast still somehow, then get on down for the Thursday night social hour. We only skid sometimes and there's really not that much jumping, and if you really wanna you can sprint up front with the other billygoats. The tragic part of it all is that we really only ride singletrack, and beer drinking is highly encouraged, unless you got some whiskey............ S*


Aaaah the future

life is bright; one hopes you're finding, bright light and so on >> bright lights of the future
circling quickly, too quickly .. The details are not worked out for the ride to telluride for bob dylan july 21st but it looks like a go... Coming soon is RIDE THE ROCKIEEEEZZ, like next week, they ride from somewhere to glenwood on the 20th i thiink and then from g'wood up to aspen on the 21 st, thursday, were i here i'd definatley go roll strong with 2000 peoples, see what they're up too... next week And apparantley the monday night road ride isn't for hammering but people just like turning around, and the remainers just happen to roll kindof sqwiftly, and thursday night single speedin' is probably too hard... and june 30th is the next full moon, that is of course if the last one was june 1st, which may or may not have mattered to the 279 people attending, and june 30th is a Saturday night, so we should probably think about napping, whatev,,,,, rollling strong

thinking about dates for the carbondale2bonedale 200 miler maybe early august?

and a ride proposed by Darryl, drive with stuff to the top of McClure pass and lock mtb bikes to the trees, drive down to the anthracite camp site, set up camp and then ride road bikes back up to the top of McClure pass, swap bikes and mtb back to camp>>> who's in? cool

ANd fixxn' for breakfast is this friday 6:30 a.m. at DOs Gringos, anyone gonna make it? not me, i'll be, hopefully, fixxn' for breakfast in brooklyn..



Sardy field opens itz runnwayz to the stompaz
preparing for takeofff with the perpetual flagflippa BRN


I'm on fire ready to Dye

Some one call the stompaz. I think these kids have spray paint. Thank You GearTEK for keeping our neighborhoods safe.



Gonna be doin an Arteest talk at SAW on Thursday 6.7.07 at 6p.m
with some urban/night ss riden afterwards
All questions about abstract painting will be duly answered


Fixxn' 4 breakfast

Fixxn 4 breakfast is a great way to get your friday up and stompn'
Not this friday but the next one, we'll be out after it. 6:30 at DGB



Hey, anyone wanna ride bikes?
PDT formerevererly known as The Pro Dopers Tour will
commence in this near future and we must MAKE IT HAppppEN