ViZ... EcouteZ...

Lots of tiny pony questions... How was it? What are we gonna do? You doin' OK? When are those confounded jerseys going to be here? Where's all my stuff? Does it hurt?
Did we all really do all that? (It did seem like 2 hours of pure fun)

Answers are coming, in the form of bici...

Howz about a tiny pony polophony fair this fair evening?




"just in case they were'nt blown away by my dog paddle, want to show 'em i can sit up & beg too" thought SLaPpy
soundz like our boyZ had a Blast @ the SSWC 08 & r bringin it home to dURanGO for 09, let me kno if you need to borrow my dog training book so everyone's ready to impress next year on home turf & no, leg-lifting is not an acceptable trick....



Duran Duran GO

YaClops safety!

West Coast Report... via Tiny Pony Express:
Stomparillaz, in conjunction with the Durango contingent are proud to announce that SSWC 09 will be hosted by none other than DURANGO< COLORADO!
That means preparation and nebulousness will come together as never before, and of course the month of August will need to be set aside for STOMPIN>




(Originally submitted to the Valley Journal for publication on August 21, two-double-o-eight)

....By the way of the winds, my friend Max is skipping town. He's mostly everybody's friend, really, so he'll be surely missed...sorely missed...slappily missed.

In a short while, Max Cooper (A.K.A. Slappy Stompa) has made an amazing mark on the people here. Now he's flying off to the N.Y.C, to spread more of his Max-a-lopin' love. Flying by bike, that is, and swingin' through Cali on the way. Hi Ho. Don't worry, though, this aint no O-bituary. As Max put it in a recent blog post, "I'm very excited for some longD swashbuckling, but I be missing all of you and the greater bonedale-land alll ready, and I certainly won't be staying away any more than need be, SHeeesh. .. . ."

Aside from being our friend and an every-time-happy-fun guy, Max spread some amazing art, and bikes, all over the valley. He helped behind-the-scenes in a thousand events. He exemplifies a passion for life and creativity and raw human power. What he will be most never-forgotten around here for, though, aside from his way with the ladies, is the Stomparilla Brigade. That, is, the Carbondale Creative Cycling Collective. We've seen and heard them on their funny-big-party-race bikes, cruising with the full moon and all the other moons. Indeed, most of us have been a part of the Stompa Movement here and there. The motto has always been: We will not not stomp.

So what will happen to the Stomparillaz now that Max is headed out? In a word, notmuch. The Stompas can ONLY grow. Perhaps a Brigade will be formed in Brooklyn, as there is one here, and in Durango, and Hong Kong, and Helsinki. I think Max would be the first to tell you: The Stompas do not begin and end with Max. They have always been here, and they always will be. Max is simply a messenger...a goo-roo...a chosen one... picked by the Xtra-Stompa to rally us forth.

Yes, the Stompas grow each time we drive a bike. Each time we go out, in the heat or the rain or the snow, and sweat. Every time we draw on a wall, or dance in a parking lot, we are Stompin'. When we willingly enter the "pain cave", savoring it's darkness, to come out again, stronger than before. We shun the BS, in favor of what is real and funny and alive-- every time we do what we love, the Stomparillaz gain strength. So we will continue to not not stomp. And rest assured, Max will be out there, somewhere, stomping with us when we don't not.




HIyo party people, thank you all so much for such a good weekend, endon, and just for the record, all one needs to do is look around and see how much goodness there is here, to know that coming back is crucial, granted visiting is different that entrenchinging, whatev. . . tomorrow at 4:20 some stompaz, including myself, will be departing, so yeah, gotta lil but to do before then, HA!, but thanks, thanks for playin'. . . xoxox slappy


Cool Kids

Bruce Willis and Slappy visit the Capitol

A new 'Merican hero goes on a VisionQuest with tiny Ponyz and finds The Big Bruce right here in Colyrado.


Ever'body rested and ready to send off our man in style?

Viz, the back of SteveZ's streetstompa
Oaktown Chinese Restaurant T-shirt.
When you're in Cali next week,
come by SSWC and ride bikes, won't you?




Playing music on a bike: That's outrageous

Bigg loudd sounddbikes! Will they be rivals or allies? Will they understand a word you say SLappy?? Placate them with paintings for the garage. Impress them with fun facts bout T&T (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trinidad_and_Tobago). Teach them the handshake..


since this is what you can look forward to @ the tIny DonkeyZ? GudBi-bYe-buy Slappy prty, i've personally decided not to attend - but all u other sTompaz bring cash for paintingz &/or haircutz & have a slappalicious good time sending the infamous one off into the wild blue Brooklyn yonder


The real reason Slappy is leaving Colorado

Longmont, Colo. -- A man claiming to be a police detective tried to get an adult novelty shop to give him free X-rated videos, saying he wanted to make sure the performers weren't under-age, authorities, said.

He made tree tries within nine days last month and was turned down each time. The store manager called the police after the third try.

Authorities said Monday that the man showed a badge and left a business card from the Longmont police "Age Verification Unit." Cmdr. Tim Lewis said there was no such unit.

It was inventive on his part, I'll give him that," Lewis said.

The business card didn't have anyone's name on it, but the store gave officers surveillance video of the man. Police are looking for him.

The man was last seen wearing a pink and red cycling jersey, baggy shorts, and Air Jordans.


what kinda quarters are they now? a dirtbike in the back of a sedan with nary a bicycle or any other pack-rat treasures to be seen for miles, except the bikes we were riding by on when this picture was snapped...sigh

Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[sahy] verb (used without object)
1. to let out one's breath audibly, as from sorrow, weariness, or relief.
2. to yearn or long; pine.
3. to make a sound suggesting a sigh: sighing wind.





this look, designed by TimZ Catfish Tompson, modeled by Slappy, will be available for a minimal donation of 11 PBRs & a wad of cash @ the ByBiMax Prty - be sure to bring your hair with if interested in obtaining this cutting edge style