otra blogz

otra blogz having just spoken with a STompA who went off BUNNYhawkN in Seattle, Justin that is, whose lovely wife Anna (alsoSTOMPA) just gave birth to a ten foot tall baby bunnyHAWK named Swift; i was reminded of an old family friend named EM Swift. A longtime sports writer, his blog has an old SI story about going on a MTB ride with my Dad in VT. Checkit. .

As well as the QuollaBaerZ blog where my brobraTRICERahopZ has dropped some real nice tunes for DL. . .

aaaand, i sure wish the aprilFoolN snow stormZ would knock it off in T-ride and we could get back to great and glorious spring weather. . .


Like my Zeal-a-lotz


DOOm gets after it, floating the Valley Floor in a snow storm, with his sweet pink Crit bike for transport. Prep for da tour


Pix from one of the Ladies of the PoloTourNey....



DANg that wuz a schgweeet tourney

awesome tourney, stompaz still have a ways till winnin' no biggeee

Oh yah and Diesel has a magiK stiK and if he was as much of a goal tending punk as FC maybe, maybe mayb

whens bonedale tourney mid june? early july? outer space



SO our world famous SToMpaRIllaZ are off to DurhangoVer for the first BiciPolo TOurney of 20ten & I'm sad to say I cannot join them. But this is a little taste of the tourney we held here in beautiful CarBondale last August - put together by DurangoDevo. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dK_dKmiiFu6Ll
See you all out of the field soon XOXOX ~R2


round table

You want a custom round table? I can get you one by three o'clock

fruita tour

So STompAZ, here's a tour, ,
135 Mi to Fruita I mean seriously NiRad will probably do ten times that in 18 horas..
Sweriously though, if we busted a solid 80 mi or so from G-wood on Thursday morn then camped out in the middle of Colbran way, we could ride in Friday Morn 50 down river to Fruita, take a lil nap and be ready to STomp @ Midnight .. . so anyway there's that We could ride wed eve and spend it longer, who can?

As you know, sometimes the stomp stomps us and if this plan proves to problematic, so be it.
REgardless ThiNK about it, when was last time you snuggled with your xtra?

peas out, slappy


Lest we forget

The sweetness

Timin' and PreperatION y STOMPN

APRIL foooolZ , jeez 11.11 " of glorious sunlight powder and some stompaz stompn away a april foolz evenin' Stars even came out of the storm. . . and in the attempt to be done with drivin' i returned a nice '96 toyoyo and hitched a ride back in a 10 cyclinder diesel vw, which i managed to drive way to fast/notfast enough and got a ticket in delta, just dessert for 4200' mi of crosscountry speedlimit pushin' aaaah jeez time to shut down tellllluride


Good idea.

Highline Lake STate Park,  for our campsite, #27, WEd & Thur BEFORE the Fruita Race.  Turns out NiRad is racing, and the rest of us are chasing him, in a supportive, constructive kind of way, of course.  Like by throwing water balloons from the canoe..

So, get there early...  and set up the tramp.  If any one asks, you're Stevesie G. Novy, III.

This blatant squatting action, combined with some sweettalkin' to the campground host & hostess... (they like pastries)  and we should be good.


Crested Butte FTBW

if there was every an event or place that screams STOMPAstomp! it would be crested butte's fat tire bike week. i'm mean, 24 cruiser race? Chainless downhill? YES! Just a thought, that we all could make cb our home for that week, and show all what stompin' means. it's snowing outside, byebye!