anyone for le tour?

its in like a month, registration is still open

Mas Memorium

Of course as is the case with those Stomparillaz, the memorial celebration evolved into a bicycle celebration, (how many add stomparillaz does it take to change a light bulb? wanna ride bikes?)
And without any particular plan absentee stompaz were retrieved from there places of business and whatnot.. There was unfortunately not enough light and too much adrenaline for documentation of the continued celebration, namely the speed trap over near white hill were everyone tried to get it to read red, ideally 80 mph.

And to properly recover from a weekend, what better than the Monday Night Ride? Nadda much.. Stompn' 4 jesus all the live long day ..

Memorial Weeeekend Stmpn'

There was quite a bit of stompn' this extra long memorial weekend and it has been said that some won't finish now or ever. Lots of important goals were reached and boomboxes secured... ah shit I hope it survived the hail storm..

And at some point a congenial gathering of like minded individuals took place over there by the bike path. Arm wrastlin' laid waste to many peoples futures and a boccie ball did the same for this bird.


I Doped

In the light of the recent wave of confessions, mine can only flower...flower with a bloom of shame.
English is not my first language so i've carefully taken my time articulating this confession.
I have taken Doped.
At the HQ Stmpz invitational Frisbee golf game, I doped. It is not fair for me to have taken the Green Jacket, and i can no longer sleep at night just thinking about it. I must of had 8 doses of the performance enhancing drug PBR, and on top of that, Cannabis Sativa' s active drug THC was also present in my blood. I'm lucky my heart didn't explode.
In another event, The Independence Pass Century I was at it again, only worse. THis was supposed to be a ride too, not a race, I was a monster. I took, One GU, two cliff bars, PBJ, PBR, "sport" jelly-beans, THC, and,well, this is very difficult, the night before, i ate a heaping pile of performance enhancing macaroni, raw garlic and cheese. I am so ashamed.


A what-cycle built for WHO?

YOU KNOW? DuE 2 occupational obligations for the better, Its scotty 2Hottys last show for a while . HES gonna go out on high-8-is in style. the Tri-CERA-hops will also be paying/playing tribute, preach fundamentals. AVANT-CORE


Stmpz Lawn Waterin'

Stompaz HQ, as you may or may not know, has a prodigious lawn. And they tell us it neeeds to be watered. cuz the general value of the neighborhood, at an all time high with the fleet of jacked up tacos in the vicinity, can not risk a brown lawn. Even though the lawn wants to be brown. Aaaaanyway, we watered it.



Well maybe biken is for dummiesz, w hateve monday night road rides are sweet rollin cold cold rollin on BIKEZ see ya thereeer

Stompn' 4 spring

Wheeew A better ride would be hard to imagine. 20 + stompaz gathered at Dos Gringos in 'bonedale on a beautiful Saturday morning to ride 100 miles. Thanks to this lovely valley we were able to ride pristine bike paths all the way to Aspen. Our Fearless Support Squad (of Kimme) was indispensable especially to the spoke breakers among us. And everyone was happy to carry a pbr to the top Independence pass. Exspecialll thanks to Eben and Jean for refueling us on their sweet deck at the ABC and to everyone who stomped it.

Spring Century of STmpIN'


Ssssss riden'

far and away the best single speed turnout to date
here in lovely rfvalley managed to depart from mushylot in good time
up to the top , so here's the thing, it's a single speed right, so the pace is pretty much>> go.
So anyway as the flat tires were repaired and the various controls enforced, we dwindled slightly but managed to find ourselves at the back of the north loop around 8:30? For some strange reason as we rode back through the usual red hill goodness, singletrackrockhoppin, it got darker and darker, but the trail kept getting smoother and smooother? no sense.
And back down we rode on hovercrafts with jedi powers. no serious damage


Spring Roll 1x1

Scotte2hotty and IlleeeVanilla showin' a little team work at the Spring Roll 1x1 stage race in durango. The Stompaz made a showing, gettin' proper spanked. The ss scene down there is epic with a strong showing pretty much all the time. Aaanyway if you're down there stop by the Durango Cyclery and tell them you want pain. Stage 4, after 3 stages of epic single track, was a roller race but the rollers weren't that straight and the beer was, none the less things went off famously and illy and scotte were able to prop it up there for a little bit..


Paintings on the WAY



WEll, oh, well AND a very nice first outing on the big whel bike.. the one with but a gear.
TRackit, 'cause its been shipped.
Directional, and not in the least ineffectual...
Do you believe... In Gyros?



Well it was later said that on the seemingly gloomy Sunday last, the Stompaz were the only people to demo road bikes at Ajax Bikes demo Day..? hard to believe but none the less we shredded some pretty fly carbon rides for a couple hours, minor rain, less minor dirt road, and ultimatley, excessive mud attempts. None the less theres so much drama in the Cdl, it's hard to keep on stompn' like every single day but some how some way yeah demo dayz, see ya next year>

Stmpz Invitational (f) Golf Game

11:11 p.m. tee off this Saturday Eve at HQ Stmpz INvitational Frisbee Gold Game.. I mean you're invited, so get it together. Green jacket to be awarded.


IF AND WHEN in Randango

For those intrestid in visitng, there is more then multiple excitings goings ons,,,can I suggest a little diddy called the RJD2 show at the Abbey theatre on Friday at 10.pm. It will be most spectacular I insure. Tickets are on sale now $15 advance 20 at the door, might get sold out, if you want one call me 508 221 8742 and i will git ya one. c u ther. Tricerahops


Stompaz F'Life

Erik made it quite clear that he would like to ride his bike on his 4th birthday. In fact, he asked for a Bike Parade, and how can one refuse such a request? One cannot.

Not surprisingly, no one came in first. Coincidence that the single speed moyen is the only one they have ever known?

KDUR et al... I need an excuse to head down to Durango. Aren't we designing some wickedly-efficient structure down there between rides?


Skip Work Next Friday

You are all cordially invited to miss work on Friday, since you will need to leave early on Thursday to make it to the first Durango SS race this year. Ninja theme, costumes mandatory, you know the drill. And hey, it's only six stages! I think Stompa might have a chance at the exercise bike freestyle..... Anyways, make some quick plans and get on down here, or you'll never be able to sleep with yourself again..? PS - The KDUR airwaves are now run from 6am-3pm by the southern crew, so listen in if you're bored.


Minin' Yer Vee Hickle

Get out yer pick-axe 'cause we gonna find us some cheap oillll.


things, like wheels for example, are COOL

man you guys should really check out these hot new wheels, and more importantly the advertising campaign... yes JVT, knee feels pretty ok, no pain - but does that mean it's all better? Gosh i hope so but i doubt it. soon as i come up with a good story for my new insurance company, i'll make sure doctor Soandso gets right on it. Feelin good and riding though so that counts for something. Just back from a long half day of work and a 5 mile commute in the rain and driving hail. Good thing i was only wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Maybe i'll change into something dry to wear soon.............