Luv Safeness

Mssr. Le Stompa de Slap wuz kind enough to scratch out a new luv-safety logo:::
Two versions that got some mods: one for the jerseys, and the other for the neon sign...



Whoa was that sweet. . another glorious day of STOMPN.. en route to bonedale from tellyride STompaz demonstrated once again where timing and preparation come together, shuttling a vehicle to ride the Raggeds trail from the top of McClure. Eight friendly stmpz in all, and no camera, perfect day with a minimum of downed trees, plenty of up as well as down, lots of rad singletrack, and best of all, a trail that almost none of us had ridden and a shred alert till the cooler. After that, we dispatched the cooler contents and packed eight bikes and riders into one rather mid size truck. And as a bonus we stopped at the magnificent YaYa tree house on the way back down the Crystal to check it out. Onwards and upwards!


Maybe a day late, but worth every penny

Just a couple of sewn together shots that prove the fact: White Crack kicks ass, especially at sunset. Cooper throwin the poses. Next trip will be cooler for sure, and Margaritaville will be established for a fully enjoyable layover.


New T-Shirts are in!!

Come on in and pick up your new t-shirt at the Gear X, robots dreaming of bikes!!



All downhill from here at the top of Bridal Veil Basin, where Scotty2 won the bacon chocolate bar for impeccable hill climbing. Granted, the top that he reached first was a trick top that looked down on Ophir and we came back to the Wasatch trail saddle, but he won, despite Justin bringing the ruckus all the way from Silverton

Timing and Preparation come together at the PROdoperZTour with the 4:20 am prologue road race acually taking place at 4:20 pm on Sunday; Scooba on the attack Pugs.

The ladies comp was fairly convivial, with Hilary taking the big W through her ability to supply us with the most important dope throughout, lasagna.

Scooba negotiates more sweetness album here



Well sometimes you stomp the STOMp and sometimes the STomp STomps you. Sometimes STompaz have to STomp so you don't have to. No worries


Oh CanadiA!

Had an amazing visit to Cortes island in the British Canadian San Juan's and did a sweet ride with Ryan, on his loaned 15+ yr old Rocky Mtn rental bike, so killer, here's Charris standing on it nailing a sign for a new trail that Ryan (in the V1 pro ) and company built. They're building trails all over the logging properties so as to directly engage the logging companies and fight the clear cutting plans. More trails and an event seem to be on the radar, STompaz would do well to get up there and get after it. . . peas



HawkN wit da BUNNY, had a couple sweet evenin rides wit da bunny hawk been sooo snice in seattle land, off to canadia we go