handle yer barz

' run these buy the engineer couldya?' thnx

t hammer time

drawrin by scooooba stevez snovy SSS!!!


El Pirata

The Jolliest of Jolly Rogers, flying on Dennis Hopper, was returned to whence it came by the wind...
Which has precipitated a need for somethin... such as...

El Pirata d'Amor


JVT JVT jVT jvt jVt JVT!!!!

Wicked Sweet JVT Paintin' show, what a pleasure to have such a rf valley squadron show up.. Thanks for all the paintinz' WHooHOOOO!!
This thing was sweeet too, all gutter fitting configured into a nice big form next to Jon's paintingz'


Thanks be to the Most High!

Chris Bowlen is with us all, thankfully, despite a rather ill executed misty flip in his truck this morning, he did land on the wheels. Apparentley he came too while the truck roared off the side of the road, mowing down a 'No Misty Flips' sign in the process. After that he walked out, looked around, and drove it back up the bank and parked it with a for sale sign on the side of rt 100 outside of Killington.. Noo, he's gonna turn it into some sort of backwoods logging monster party machine, that's what i heard.. IN any event, Bowlock has a long way to go on my car tally, but I sure am glad he's still here!! xoxoxo m


Americans Still Getting Water in Wooden Pipes

happy happy slappy

Itza coLAB or 8 IV

The SZ stencil & Skullbunny stencil merge...
The fate of the universe is always at stake, but its good to know that between MCSlap and Doom, the future is bright... well, OK... brilliant.
What kind of contraption of creation will emerge? The anticipation...

Good clean mud out there. Just don't take half the trail home with you, as I did chez Scout.


Dennis Hopper does Frank Booth

G'wood Bicipolo was dealt another luvblow to the head, with the infusion of NiRad-generated goals. Ray, Garrett, TRace, Mark and Linden came by and whipped some ponies around wid us. Good skilz games. NiRad, Diesel, RogR and we had 4 on 3, that don't add up. Whatev. Watch out for that barbed wire...

Pump track down there? I guess we need some dirt...

Yeah, all is well with the physical world... Torquefied crank of a Hopper is a reminder that not only does aluminum micro-fracture, it HolyShitFractures too. Oh, and he needs a new PDT Sk&Xbonesflag....

Our little corner of G'wood, carved out of a river, and ready for tourneystompn.

I AM OUT OF ORDER / Out of my brain next Thursday... so, will need some CBD stompaz to roll out from G-Line. Video fer SSWC?

It makes us smile if it sounds dope.


JVT in Boulder

Where, as a matter of fact, some stmpuhz will be seeing jvtz' painting show fri the 24th..

Max in Brooklyn


Inzpirazionne of Doom

This would be the common denomin8tr for all colorz in the universe.
Color only condsidered, here as McSlapp has the graphix.
Matching cape, fo sho.

Intent is to work with all extant long sleeve stompajerseeeyz:


look alive

Go Fasty fasty, aah well, Boooonen won roubaix for the third time on sunday so he probably learned his lesson. But i still love this shot of Cav snakin his early victory celebration..


Dangerous Hicks Beer Cans of Death Stunt Bike jump

Is this guy is for-real or not, there’s a plaintiveness in his expression and voice that leads me to believe he is. His $4500, nitrogen-tired Huffy 300 tall-bike is a vision of beauty. The video is a bit drawn out but well worth the watch. We can all learn sumthin from this guy.



PErform at yer best. . anything extraneous, remove and throw on the grill, perhaps that will help. Perhaps we can set up some grinding, drilling, opportunities, and remove excess material throughout the race from XTRAstmpRigZ; initially i was thinking tyre tread. SNovrlope is of course skilled in this art. BUt we could remove material in the form of drilling holes in the frame, grinding material off and combinations of the above. Racing naked is always good toooo.

Bar ends alternately need to be added wherever possible. I expressly recommend bar ends at the end of your bar ends. Aaanyway I look forward, to seein' you all go fast. m

Hope to have a floating operation in action, and perhaps some fishing palz for fish time. buhbye

RE hab

HI, Slappy here, Duhrango here that is, and i will be rehabin' in ColoRADo for a bit. Hard tellin' when from where and all that jazz. Right now I am listening to Big Bam Boom on BenZ turntable, which although closely allied with the starship enterprize, still has a needle and spins around. 'Twas sure swell to see some friendly STOMPRZ in bonedale and undoubtedly again, we shall see each otra. In fact the 18hrs of Fruita Water Borne STomP squad sounds ambiglorious. After a while, slpy


G'wood BiciPolo Stabs at the Establishment

Yeah, I 've heard about the dangers of bicipolo. Or was it polio?

There are a few stompaz who'll have to extort $ to pay a hit man to knock me off before I'll take them off the bicipolo list. Actually, the plan is to tone down the colllisional aspect and play more like the pros: finesse, mah brutherz & sistahz.

The official play-by-play: We played, we played and we played. The pitch is like buttah... Out of the way, on the bike path, lots of room, and open PBRs, no PRB.

Diesel rode down from tha CBD, NiRad rode up from Gx, and Sean and Ray, the Republicans, came out. Diesel and I played 2 on 3 against them... Good skillz game, minimal blood, and more beer than 5 people could drink in 5 hours.

Next week in Sopris Park, rolls right into Full Moon Cruiser.



YEPPERS GRAB THAT WHIP-TONITE, WE RIDE. (well, THurz nite, that is....)

b b b b b b b b b b b b b b