Well I think I can thank young Whitey for the new Stomparillaz visitor package. First off, he correctly saw that the Thorax 20" bike was THE hottest whip at BBB. Brian the mainman-ager didn't know that. in fact he wouldn't buy it from whomever was selling it and they just left it. Whitey realized the value, opening my eyes to the same. Then ChrisBowlock deserves credit for stepping up and offering to give his special lady a ride home on the back pegs. Well once it made it back to the spot, the Thorax was officially the freshest addition to the STMPZ BrKLN fleet.
Whitey is again responsible for the other part of the STMPZ visitor package; lodging. A couple tie down and rope to string between the two pillars, a hammock, thanks whitey; and we have not only transportation, but a spot to sleep for any STompaz in the neighborhood. ROck on!

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