In this here new year, I must confess to having been a bit scandalized. Whilst regaining contact with a fixed point on earth, my cross country ziplock containing drawing stuff and my slowboken tour double issue journal, this is very distressing, mainly for the address' lost of those i met along the way. SHeesh, It can't just be lost in brooklyn fer no reason. BUt I sure hope to find it and ship off my new years correspondence stock well before 2010. whoa

in any event I have also been a bit remiss on my blogggin'. Some friendly folks have made contact through the comments section, vs. the stomparillaz at gmail. .. SOrrrry.

To Attila and Mary in Athens, Oh, the link is legit, to austere to quit
rock rock gracias

ANd to my inspiration, the british couple on the tandem, Alan and his stoker, whose name i must retrieve. . Made the trans 'Merica rout in 80 days, hot Damn! ROcK gracias

and all ya'lll

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