SLOwBoken Spring Tour BRKLyn 2 VT

HAy there, so i thought a lil preemptive plan-in' might be in order. I've spoken with many of you about the SLowBoken warm down group tour, Brklyn 2 VT, and it seems we've settled on some general timeframe. 4.20.09 is out, due to the predictable cold, the first weekend in June is in. . ought to be real nice. .So for some, it might be too many big events with the impending SSWC09 on tap, could be tough,. I dont know. . BUt the idea being, beginning of the summer, its possible, who knows. . Just gettin the word out there and seeing if anyone is down. .

SO basic premise, fly into NYC with touring bike and/or rollerblades around JUNE 4-5 thurs /fri. Prepare for departure, rock out, ride around, puke in a dumpster. Rollout sunday morn slowboken style. . Ride to VT 225 mi in three days. . frollick in the woods of vt towards wed thurs, those touring on big kid bikes can put big tyres on and shred some VT mountainZ

Departure could happen from Albany airport, the closest airport to the homestead. . a convoy could drive and drop off return fliers there and or we could hit it on the way to driving down to NYC were people could fly out of the usual. . . or never leave again, whatev

and for all the hammerheads, we could certainly ride back down. . .

Soo aanyway theres an idea, maybe it happens every year evermore, who knows, somethin to shoot for now, howz about those school-type folks? Is early June feasible? etc. etc. be well xoxox slappy


R`squared said...

souNdz pretty special, i imagine you'll have some takerz. we'll be sure to discuss it at the rapidly approaching StomPaSummit, the likez of which your ass will be sorely missed at. But STomP-on we must & sTomP-oN we will.

SkoobaSteevZ said...

one roller blade per appendage, right? does that mean 8 or 10 for me?