sum doperz

somebody oughta tell floyd to take a deep breath and let a lil stompn' cheer him up
or not
dopeN isn't quite the end of the world, in fact your recommended to keep stompn' regardless

Too Bad Soo Sad

Been a fan of Danny Schecter the News Dissector for a while now and was sad to read todays post about the dissolution of the 24 yr old GlobalVision project that has attempted to bring more transparency to the news. The energy disperses into other websites, amped status, and global vision but without the physical base and financial backing. Onwards and upwards and backwards and downwards and round and round and down and down, Thanks Danny


The taller they are...

I keep telling people that you have lots of time to think about how you're going to contact the ground when you fall off the tall bike.  It was bound to happen, too.  I mean, I was trying to wheelie it...  and I don't do wheelies all that well on small bikes.

But the will to avoid serious injury is a strong one...

As stompaz around the world observe daily, there is always time to tuck and roll! 
(and ripping the SZ vest of doomdom is of course, unthinkable)


sowFWESH y sewKleen

new ninnner ready 2 party


nytimes turned the boombox down

Looking for relative silence? Visit museums of unpopular subjects.

ok, turn it back up..



Thanks to all the thuggn Puggzn, (and norml bike tourn) stompaz out there on tour last couple few days, 'twas so glorious, can't wait till next time. .



Onwards and upwards with da stompaz', amazing amazin' effort by NiRAD in winning his first solo race, Fruita18hr on his SS w/ a smack down stompatron of laps, besting the next closest (geared) solo racer! and off to meat the durango PUgzn iz Thuggn crew for a bit of a desert tour, hiphiphooray can't wait to see some pix


BicipoloMalletz Design Studio

That oughtta do it!


This is Skuke, aka Payton Wong, our bud from CA, who came and visited us when we lived in Japan.

One time, when Payton and I were working on tightening the bearings on my hub, I asked him how much to tighten it.  He said, "Go until it won't turn at all, then back it off a bit."

Here, he's rollin through the Grizzly Peak century in the Oakland Hills.


YEsterday was looking up. After a morning court date in Delta to deal with a speeding ticket in my friends rocketship i was back in tride and Stash asked if I'd care to join him and Pete Garber for a ride in Cortez. Yup, lookin' up. Beautiful day for shreddin at Phil's world. Three steel 29'r hard tails rallyin' around. Upon stopping at one point i mentioned discovering a crack in my old Niner frame and Pete looked down to see a Huge crack in his Soma Juice. Downtube juncture with headtube, above the underside gusset all the way around to the other side. oh snap! Well having forgotten, among other things, my helmet, I also didn't have a camera to catch the expression. Then a matter of moments later, riding around to meet Pete making his way gingerly back, I started to here awful creaking noises, although I was gradually climbing and didn't experience a big impact in particular, reaching down to the top tube where I'd broken my last SiR9 and just put some tape on over my front cable guide, i felt something. Proceeding to shred I couldn't really ignore the noise and after a bit I had a look under the tape. Same crack as last time, running around the top tube from the front side of the front brake cable guide, with about a centimeter of material remaining intact on top, which of course is plenty. Oh SnAp! Well since I didn't discover the last crack until i got home I figured I'd ride it and see if the entire top tube sheered which it didn't, so aaanyway. WArRaNTY!!!!! maybe they'll opt for internal cable routing this time. Good thing I've got an xtracycle race this weekend and pugsley tour next week and a big hammer for niner dis-assembly.