RallyO Ze Dead from R2's point of view....

so yeah, as SSteveZ mentioned, i too was swept up in the rubble that was the Rally of the Dead. i indulged (to excess) all that the Rally had to offer & well, must have crossed that fine line...because i vomited up a whole pile of memories & this is what it looked like.....don't get any on your shoes & go here: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=9238&l=81267&id=1067850299 for all my pix from DUrangoooooo


Rallee O Ded

Well-o-well we had a very nice time with the incroyablement tight Durango crew.
Thanks to Doom, Chad, Bailey, BenZ and the vast array of stompaz who looked convincingly creepy, and who were for all purposes dead and dying... to get on and stay on top of the bikes, the music, the ball.
Ya & Rx2 were instrumental and instructional, and together we made for the best DFL Polo POny Team, melting in the sun...

BenZ's roommate is to be congratulated for making it to Vegas? and for letting a certain stompa crash in his room. I explained that I had brought a bag of soot that I would be using as a pillow, so he needn't worry about his sheets getting blackened. He wasn't convinced. His last words before hitting the road at 1:30 AM were,
"Really... wash your face."

Uh, D9. Uh-huh.


Catch ya on the flip sidesuckaz!



So far, despite the fear mongering weather heads, SlowBoken has been decidedly delightful, with nary a flake of the snow I'm told is arriving everyday. So last night in Kansas was perhaps appropriatley, the most raucuous weather yet. While I crossed the time zone watching lightning off to the south east I failed to notice how much lighning there happened to be to the north west. Upon setting up a fairly minimal camp next to some hay bales I called Ivin and remarked on the 360 degree lightning show and stars above. Of course that didn't last long and the wind that proceeded to buffet my wee bivy sack, along with the rain and hail, (but no snow!) was unlike any I can recall, and not just in SlowBoken. In any event it's almost a tail wind and onwards I proceed, with Kansas so far as the most wicked weather yet.

Los Ponys de Chichiquilote

In the way back car culture of Mexico, there is hope. Get yer vert on with a tall bike of the tandemnest sort, replete with skateboard deck and integral ladderwayz. Looks like you could get 4 Stompaz on and inside the frame of this rolling pyramid easily... or maybe 10 zombies.
..and yer defintely gonna be bowlegged after ridin this bici!
Viva la Dia de los Muertes!
Heartz & Skullz,


iponey bloggnz

aaah snap, does this in fact portend that ipone can blog? If so than that's pertty schweet, cuz if I recall correctly, a month ago this here wuz unpossible. Aanywho, I'm not out of colyrado for another 40 someodd miles ~ aanywho all that notwithstanding, if Devon plans on ending a consecutive run of bonedale fullmoon cruiserz numbering somewhere in the 50ish region; because he says so?! then someone better give him a big ol wedgy from moi. That's all have a nice day. Peas m



Well I woke up with the appropriate sun angle, that's to say low and early and being down towards pueblo and all that low elevation goodness, I was actually quite toasty this mornin'. So I gave myself a haircut, dispensing with quite a bit of hair from the top and general cycling cap/headphone/helmet area, (viz. Not the back, crucial mullet sun protector underway) of course the picture does little justice to my mad skillz and the volume of hair floating 'round camp, hopefully my mom doesn't make me go get it cleaned up before my next meeting! alas it appears like 66.6 degrees f with sun, will be the forecast for the foreseeable future in slowboken peas slappy


The parabolic rise of the STOMPAZ.

STarted in 61st, and ended up 25th.
Hardcore data meanin' only that a stompa will stomp 'eh.


Hey, SteveZ here.
There was sure a lot to duck this past weekend...
It helpstohave a stomparilla on yer head. Actyually, its more of a hazard than anything.


4 those who've been-a-askin..... 24 hr photos can be found here:


Rolling out into a new world after last weekend...
Congratulations to the Stompa SS CRew of MHayes, DariNirad, YaYasofer, & the Back of Hollen, whatever that is. DeveRoe and Rx2 were instrumental and invaluable.
The stompaLuv was flowing at an all time high. Yeah, I just said "All time high."

Everyone stepped up to the tall bike/sound bike/singlesteed and rocked it hard. The offering to the rock gods will hopefully be well-received, and BenZ owes me for jerseys anyways. SteveZ wrote a guestbook entry to Will and Judy explaining the finer points of abdominal modern art, though MC says it's not done. So we need to go back and finish it!

Well-o-well, we've all had a very nice time stompin' with a certain MC (aka BICI-SLAP) in the great state of mind: Colorado. (Utah & Cali were purrty good, too)

Alas, leaving the state of Colorado and entering yer own private... Kansas?
..and Brad conceived a round-the-state counterclockwise circlin' turd. Beautiful. Brad, yer on the hook for what will always be known as the Great Turd Analogy. Oh, yeah. Yer in trouble. Look at that skullbunny and stare it down.

I offer to flip the lever again, and flush the dang thing. into the rest of the country? the world?
We're back to Original Plan to meet up in Hoboken.

Hoboken? Fond memories: I got my jacket stolen there in 1982. yep... Y'all were learnin' how to walk/talk/stomp??

Rally-O-Dead will go on, as will a lot of other stuff on bikes. BenZ, Doom, Chad, Bailey will be assisted.

I got on the supah-tall bike this morning for some post-apocalyptic stompin' therapy. Always works. Workin' it out, Ponderin'...and off to the down-south of Mexico for a spell.

BigStompaLuv to all.



hay aalright, just taking the opportunity to enjoy some indoor company and the like here in Frisco Co with Tim and Jenn, friendz o' Eben and Jean. And it would seem that I'm listenin' to a MANtis radio dj by the name of DJ PAYperCUT who may or may not be DJ VARgolas playing some off the hook latino funk bidnesss. . aanywho just so yah know. this stompa was eventually swayed by one pBRNz analogy that i would be a turd unable to be flushed out of Co if i proceeded west and south and a bit east, basically all the way around Co to durango. and so i didn't. and easterly i head, bound for pueblo and kansas in a couple dayz. . so yah i'll be back for sswcDUHrango09 so that will work. .

STOMPaz o moab. .strong work, couldn't have been more pleased to watch the realtime progress and watch ya'll get spanked by a girl, (and the usual cast of Ut bums who always win single rigid) and VIP it so strong and I B especially pleased that a gift painting was gifted to the fantastic souls who put stompaz up in such vip conditions.. so that's some strong work out there. i'll return to gaze upon said painting and stomp moab again sometime in ze future. .hopefully with a full contingent of tall bike racerz or something. .sheeesh peas m

humm-SO many to choose from, best Moab memory? Blastin into race staging w/35mph head-wind on the tall bike, BoomBike/StomParillaz abounding

DOUBLE CLICK on this fancy little sTomPa collage to c 24hrz of Moab from my psylilly support-crew point of view..... fun & more was had by all.


24 hours of STOMPIN'

Stompa ScubaSteve, our unoffical offically great leader of our pack of delinquent bike lovers never haters pbr drinking representation of STOMPARILLAZ in Moab. There sure are a lot of minutes in 24 hours. Although i did not race, Deveroe here, i surely put down a few hard pedal strokes while riding my xtra loaded down with camera gear for 18 of the 24 hours that i was out shooting, supporting and general mischief.

More to come... If you are lucky.


1-month 0stmpn'

aaand I'm almost back where i used to beee. . Yup, Slappy from SlowBoken here in Ol' ColyRado once again. And I guess it's cool here, sheesh! SteamBoat SPrings, specifically, at the Chateau Orton, a friend o' my Pops, and a devoted cyclist, who, as a matter of fact, has been kind enough to host some StOMpaz more than once. This particular visit though, I'm quite a bit more grateful for, due to a fairly real desire to soak in ze tub and streeetch on ze yoga flooorz. (Versus shredding steamboat on BIgfeet at the age of 11 and going powder cat skiing on a Stat 6 race board, spending the bulk of the time upside down; not nearly as grateful then).

A month of STOmpn' as of October 7th, and in Wyoming was I, aboard the John Wayne Pain Train as per usual. Due to my appreciation of the smallest population, (Vermont being #2), and a far grander scale to be sure, I was most pleased to take some back roads through Wyoming. Yellowstone, not being one of those. Atlantic City to Jeffery City, quite a pleasure, and given the Easterly bearing, the only significant Tail wind of SLowBOken Wy. Upon heading south through Rawlins, epic side winds were rather constant, and when returning to dirt again along Wy 71, quite often of the head wind variety.

Full on, out of the saddle, in the drops, swerving, uphill head wind, stompn'. Boy oh boy am I one lucky boy. At least that's a good thing to remind ones' self during days in the ol' pain cave.

Wyoming to Colorado was performed in a day, although by dirt road the border was not specifically marked and it seemed people were still flying Wyoming flags long after my WY tourist map had supposed a border occurrence had occured. IN any event the final 30 mi of my journey to steam boat were a matter of elevation loss, (having gained plenty from said border-land), but not "all down hill as the helpful shopkeeper in Columbine had informed me. And of course, with a head wind, non downhill down hill is pretty much just another thirty. ANd of all the lovely dinner guests to join me in SteamBoat, pBRN as he's apparently now known or DustyKNeez, was sufficiently easy to cajole into a sleep over, with fine steaks enjoyed with Mia Fulton of the greater RF valley; PBR and Zissou screening post hot tub etc. etc. All in all, pretty sweeeeeeet. .

There doesn't seem to be a longer and more ridiculous way to peruse Co than by surfing the western slope to duhrango for the rally of the dead, perhaps when I find a map I'll flip that coin. Tomorrow seems a good one.

STomp on to a certain band o stompaz. they're currently in 2nd at moab, despite the long standing SS rigid team having revamped with a supposedly less tiresomely fast crew, (including a lady whose whuppin stmpz no prob) but in 2nd they seem destined to remain. Excellente. .

Onwards and Upwards, and Peas in the South. . slappy





A word from our SSWC champion...

Dudes and Dudettes,
Here is the schedule for the sweetness. Spread the word. We are looking for
a looking for a title sponsor for the Live awards show on Saturday night. We
have a week before we make the poster. Yep, crunch time.

Rally of the Dead

October 21st Tuesday, Movie Premiere,
Never Forget the Feeling, by Chase Orrick@Abbey Theatre, a film
documenting the 2008 Durango DEVO junior development team, doors open at
6pm. $8

October 23rd Thursday, Tour de Mort
Group ride to awaken the Dead, meet at Durango Cyclery at 530pm
Bring tons of beer and smokes

October 24th Friday, The Zombie Ball and Bike Porn Film Tease
@ the Powerhouse Museum, $10 to enter, 21 and over, doors open at 7pm
with DJ Tricerahops and the Rainbow Machete Skate Crew. Beer donated by beer

October 25th Saturday, Rally of the Dead stage race
Registration at 945-10am at Stoner Park, $6.66 entry fee, (5$ for
Pologeist,) Race at 10amish, event duration will be around 4hours, 1.5
riding. Insured under Russ at DC, Hogsback HC and DH at around noon.

October 25th Saturday at 10pm, Live Awards Show
@ the Abbey Theatre, music and awards, open to the public at $10.00 a
head, Soft Hands from Long Beach, CA and Tunnel from San Francisco will be
playing for us. You can check out their myspaces if you want. After party to

October 26th Sunday, Pologeist
10am at Buckley Park, the 4th annual polo tournament. 5$ a head, will
play till 2pm

So get the weekend off of work
Tell your friends

Is it a frog? or a moose?

a froga MOOOOSE!!


Ooh Say can U seeeee?

Hola yah uuuh you know perhaps when in tour mode off of paved roads, or in caves or something, I'll feel more isolated when meeting people, but out here in slowboken, despite hour after hour of solo time, it seems as if I'm pretty much a perpetual gabber with any and everyone. Who knows, aaanyway since the StompArillaz have been so generous to me, I thought it pertinent to mention some equally good company encountered along the way. In reverse order.

Pinedale, Wy in the midst of a natural gas boom is seeing the hordes of gas workers and their cute lil trucks renting out whole hotels for five years at a time an so forth. None the less, when I visited as a young pup, The Great Outdoors Outfitters were the shop I remember and the proprietors came and visited in Vermont once upon a long while back. In any event, despite traffic diversions and such, the first store I found upon entering Pinedale this afternoon was still owned by Rex and Linda and they were more than happy to put this StomPa up, with laundry, shower, and computing service to boot! And a claimed recollection of my former 3' tall self as well, good stuff.

Jackson (butt)Hole on the other hand is surely exciting when the cliffs are skiable but fairly boring in the off season. That is of course if you've come from the RF valley and are pretty sick and tired of the sole issue a town seems to talk about, being growth and all it entails, when lots of rich people are there to grow it. Booooring. Anyway the night prior at Jackson Lake I was lucky enough to run into one Jack Mctee(?) who'd been out fishn' with two poles, just so the fish would start biten' on whichever one he switched from. Upon hereing the details of SlowBoken and determing similar east coast roots, Maine-VT, he proceeded to ransack his mini van, loading me up with granola bars, bottled water, and a banana! What a Guy. Oh and a generous moose woke me up and didn't stomp me for breakfast. Aaand Scooba speedily sent a replacement tyre to JH too- Generocitiosiousness-est!

And young Cody who hadn't much of a clue what he was getting into, riding his new rather large looking C'dale cross bike from W. Yellowstone Mt to Salt Lake City, had crashed and promptly lost intrest in said ride. He was unscathed and awaiting a ride on the south end of yellowstone and offered up his stash of powerbars while recovering with a cigarette. It of course doesn't take much to get me wound up about bikes, but he asked for, and duly recieved, all the web addresses and pertinent info on converting his bike into a reasonable touring machine and getting the crap off his back that toppled him into the ditch.

It was within the Yellowstone confines that I also met Jack and Monica, ex pat's who'd gone to Canada to prepare for the apocalypse 30 yrs ago and continued to live the dream as far as I could tell. Along with insiting that 27 was the best age, ("25 yer still dumb") they had me meet them at their camp down the road and fed me, well and hailed a young swiss couple to make it a party. I had Jack Daniels too offer, which was well recieved, ("the 'mericans didn't get it all wrong!") and Jack and I chatted deep into the night with the final advice being, "the only thing they can't take away is yer experiences, so you better make 'em count" check.

SOo yah, lots of generocity out here in SlowBoken, and a pleasure all. Seems that most of those I meet on the road are pretty unconcerened along with me about the journey and so forth, were as the contingent I communicate with from afar still may be a bit anxious as to my time line, (need to know basis.) And onwards I be stompn' - - peas Slappy from SlowBoken