Yah, not sure what happened, think I snapped the ass end off the John Wayne Pain Train somehow and I got it hoseclamped on. Non drive side since Ohio, drive side since Brooklyn the other day. Well just goes to show. .. STomPPPP!!!!
Long story short, not sure how I'm gonna make it to the stompa summit, but I sure wish I could teleport or somethin' buisness like, maybe some video conferencing , on my satelite...slappy


STTTOMPAsuMMit 2009 - be there.

STOMPA SUMMIT 2009 - a gathering of like-minded folks who LUV bikez & Bonedale. We will smash craniums together to come up with some planz for our coming year's StOmPaCalenDar, concerning:

>> >Bike Polo, Full Moon Kruizers, Bike Week 09, 24 hrs of Moab, 18 hrs of Fruita, other Local Events, races, scheduled rides & get togethers, stuff the D-Boyz may be hostin, proposed Bonedale Bike Co-op, SloBoken NO sleep Spring Tour BRKln, NY to VrmT, Single Speed World Championships, aka SSWCD9, in Durr-hango, etc, etc, etc...
Monday 2/9/9 6pm
GreenLine Architects
4th Ave. Bonedale
Full Moon Cruiser to follow at 8pm

can't hold a candle to ScOObaz....


actually this was a good way to kill 20 minutes out of the thousands of minutes my broken foot is forcing me to face, back side down, foot in air, on a couch, beer in hand, pill on tongue
and well, ......safety 3rd ya know ;-}


Sweet SPecialGuyz anime fro jvt

SLOwBoken Spring Tour BRKLyn 2 VT

HAy there, so i thought a lil preemptive plan-in' might be in order. I've spoken with many of you about the SLowBoken warm down group tour, Brklyn 2 VT, and it seems we've settled on some general timeframe. 4.20.09 is out, due to the predictable cold, the first weekend in June is in. . ought to be real nice. .So for some, it might be too many big events with the impending SSWC09 on tap, could be tough,. I dont know. . BUt the idea being, beginning of the summer, its possible, who knows. . Just gettin the word out there and seeing if anyone is down. .

SO basic premise, fly into NYC with touring bike and/or rollerblades around JUNE 4-5 thurs /fri. Prepare for departure, rock out, ride around, puke in a dumpster. Rollout sunday morn slowboken style. . Ride to VT 225 mi in three days. . frollick in the woods of vt towards wed thurs, those touring on big kid bikes can put big tyres on and shred some VT mountainZ

Departure could happen from Albany airport, the closest airport to the homestead. . a convoy could drive and drop off return fliers there and or we could hit it on the way to driving down to NYC were people could fly out of the usual. . . or never leave again, whatev

and for all the hammerheads, we could certainly ride back down. . .

Soo aanyway theres an idea, maybe it happens every year evermore, who knows, somethin to shoot for now, howz about those school-type folks? Is early June feasible? etc. etc. be well xoxox slappy

The Corndawg - Testify My Love

Corndog 2nite


Montana born freak with dead on southern style who runs marathons, airbrushes t-shirts with pink panther & taz drawings, does medical experiments for cash, and knits sweater covers for his guitars. One of those great guys that every touring undergound band has met or played on a bill with & always has a loose & epic tale to spin about rollerblading from NYC to Baltimore, driving a race car, drinking grapefruit juice with Rick James, or some other such thing.



good timeZ

I luv bikesnob

the warmth of a motorist in flames induces a feeling of modest pleasure.

from the comments



Well I think I can thank young Whitey for the new Stomparillaz visitor package. First off, he correctly saw that the Thorax 20" bike was THE hottest whip at BBB. Brian the mainman-ager didn't know that. in fact he wouldn't buy it from whomever was selling it and they just left it. Whitey realized the value, opening my eyes to the same. Then ChrisBowlock deserves credit for stepping up and offering to give his special lady a ride home on the back pegs. Well once it made it back to the spot, the Thorax was officially the freshest addition to the STMPZ BrKLN fleet.
Whitey is again responsible for the other part of the STMPZ visitor package; lodging. A couple tie down and rope to string between the two pillars, a hammock, thanks whitey; and we have not only transportation, but a spot to sleep for any STompaz in the neighborhood. ROck on!

Sweeet BLOG

"""  from a blog i just found via NewsDissector - Driftglass;;


Hot diggity

Hollr, , sheesh STompn' in broooklyn is no joke,  well i mean it's always somewhat of a joke,  but when the zeitgeist hovers over the studio for a week,  well that's just sllinessss.  Yup some of my favoritest oldest stompRZ showed up,  Christoph Bowlock, dully retrieved by his lovely lady pal, AnnaJ;  straight outta VT they were unstopable, concluding with a ride on the Thorax, a fine looking 20" wheeled mini bike with rear pegs, upon which Anna rode across town as Chris stomped.  WHitey of course, is a goofalope, and arriving from Cali-forn-I-A,  he was quite capable on the refashioned bighorn, monster schwinn,  photos to follow.  Ivin is generally infallible and most certainly behind all the lovely ladies who came to the party, although probably not all at the same time. .    Oh yeah and the craziest Stompa of the year,  one Hunt R,  hitched a ride on some private jet from Asspen and proceeded to get after it, all week long, with an aborted return flight placing him back at the spot for the party no less.  Aaaaanyway, all are welcome  all the time, , I just need a couple naps real quick. .  peas and thanks   m


D9 Deadline

So I know you all have been waiting until the VERY last minute, like me. Just 'cause you got a spoke card, or are planning a sick 1x1 video, doesn't mean you can NOT stomp this creative process that makes you what you are .
Here's my not-so-humble contribution:
Its on the boomstracycle, and will be tattooed on my cervello.




xtra ownerZ?!???

Do you own a sweet xtra? Do you like pizza? Check this out.

D9 in progress

Here's a rare glimpse into the mind of SteevZ.
My D9 sketches... very much not finished, yet. Everyone coloring a D9 stencil? These are being asked of all SSWC D9 participants, of course Stompaz rule unruly in this category...

Let's put this in perspective. Slapp-E made the D9 logo. Our jerseys have the D9 logo. (backwordz and front-wize) D9 is tattooed on our brains, and is being dunn did practically in our back yard.

The entry form for the race is COLORING IN THE D9 LOGO! So, get out yer pens, pencils, and X-acto knives. Cause only we can do as we do. (and, you don't really have to race, you just have to show up for the week)

All in all, the Durango crew has it covered, 'cept for ZStompin'. Our job will be to show up, show up and show up again, in the heartiest manner of to which we've become accustomed. So, what does that mean? Don' know. We've discussed the treehousedanceparty. That's an easy one.

Prizes. We should make up some bitchin' prizes.

What else?

I put it to you, Szchtompa.


Swiss Light Bicycle Infantry for Mountain Warfare


Miriam Makeba - Amampondo

Thanks to Amy!

GUess whose comin'?!?!?!

My nearYest and Dearyest bici from 'bonedale, the raleigh fixxeroo is on the way to you know who!! WHooot WHOOoT. Yup young Michael Rasmusofawn Hayes Esq. was and Iz kind enough to hang onto my bikes whilst the transition continues. . ANd it appears young NiRAd aka Darin of GearX glory has retrieved for package and shipment love, said Raleigh, and is ON IT!!! SCHWeeeT thanks GUyZ, hit me on the threeway\\\ for direction,
In Due time another lil ol love of my life will also reappear. . El COoper

Cuz this ol stompa looves rollin' some of them Skeeeny tyrez, that's fer darn sure!


Just in case

Just in case, as some have wondered, there is a sweet pile of stompaz blog photos out there in cyberland, well you can see it here

What a shot

Just lookin at old stompa shots, these ones from DanZ photo album from 7.4.08, , sweeet

CallaBRD and BRN

brooklyn bike y b

this stompa could NOT be luckier to be as excited about the brand new job in nyc, i do believe.



>For all those who like to stoMP i salute you!<>the JWPT and I will be fine.) It happens to work out, and so far I've taken that swell system of public transport out to my Gran's in CT. and ridden everywhere else, Cuz its RAD!

at BBB aka brooklynbikenblade the snow did start to fall on vanderbilt and dean> at closing time the conditions were off the skiddable charts. Luckily the weather had presented itself for my consideration for the brief period when the snow was falling outside the shop. Aand upon discovering a tyre having been ordered for some reason, it was duely mounted. A wicked 29r tyre from maxxis that has a nice set of fairly solid squares down the center bead. With about 49.999 pounds of tyre pressure the front end chillin was at an all time supreme. Light layer of buttery fresh slip slidy brooklyn freshieZ with freezing rain on the way.

Atlantic ave and Vanderbilt well lit by the lounging traffic, the JWPT in 49 degree skid-tastic mode. Dang the Dura Ace rear sti paired with the 8 inch avid bb7 road XTRA rad brakeZ sure love a little slipN that schwalbe 26" marathon tyre ssOsnice. . .hay i just realized that i was actually writing the bbblade blog post on the stmprillzblg, , whatevs nbd

i will admit to the most enjoyable exertion the jwpt amd i have had since arrival in bklyn occured last eve. . post work non shower nappin' in ivinz bed led me to depart studio at 7:36 rollin' over the wllmsbrgbrdge with that fresh big tyre in style. I gave a hoot to the yahoo who descended on the north east entrance as i skdded round the corner but he didnt know what to say HWOOOO. . and circled the east village before fiinally located the walking party, , whom was later equivalent in approx weight to the fully loaded JWPT, for a return trip over the WilllliamzbRG brdge, in the lightlyLovely freezing-ish rain.
Quite fantastical training, I might add, sheeesh

Long story short, big tyre's on the front of long bikes in inclement conditions, are RAD!!!!

Brooklyn Bike Nblade

bike shop alert, , fun is happenin' RAD!



In this here new year, I must confess to having been a bit scandalized. Whilst regaining contact with a fixed point on earth, my cross country ziplock containing drawing stuff and my slowboken tour double issue journal, this is very distressing, mainly for the address' lost of those i met along the way. SHeesh, It can't just be lost in brooklyn fer no reason. BUt I sure hope to find it and ship off my new years correspondence stock well before 2010. whoa

in any event I have also been a bit remiss on my blogggin'. Some friendly folks have made contact through the comments section, vs. the stomparillaz at gmail. .. SOrrrry.

To Attila and Mary in Athens, Oh, the link is legit, to austere to quit
rock rock gracias

ANd to my inspiration, the british couple on the tandem, Alan and his stoker, whose name i must retrieve. . Made the trans 'Merica rout in 80 days, hot Damn! ROcK gracias

and all ya'lll

re stomp

so i know why my xtra cycle cracked clear through. . cuz i rode it on the slowboken tour.
And by rode it i meanSTOMPd so anyway the xtraloperz want me to send it in for a warranty , not gonna happen cuz its rollin STROng sheeesh


SO the Brooklyn Bike and Blade is On and ON. 9-6x7 dios mio, i'm there satsunmon and allegedly ze bike whisperer, which i think i picked up from Devon. .side note, the front dt wheel that DEvon built for me at Fred's Well,IZ super bitchin', but it's also magic, because the SSWC09 spokecard that went in at the well, just came out and is silly fresh. WHoa Aaanyway, we've got some serious stompoligysing to do in the 'ol shop, engineering and so forth, bright ideas mainly. Like a set of Rollers. Which come to think of it, would be a good thing for the shop, ooh, brain freeze

wow i just most enjoyably enjoyed the glorius WEEnus kdnk.org every other monday 11-1 mtn stndrd time show on the internet radio with a swell shout out aaaah happy berfday guyz m