PDT Rasmussofawn tractor pull

iiii yup that's right folks, despite years of anorexia and epo michael rasumssofawn dances like bambi and climbs like pantani, only he's a doper. sad really...

PRo DoPErZ TOUR '07 Tractor Pull

The PRo DOpERZ TOUR may or may not have taken place in carbondale recently, most racers are believed to still be breathing. heavily.
Here the young mc ben cooper proves his style.

pdopaztour meltDOWN

Stomparilla and Pro DOpER SteveZ suffers a catastrophic drivetrain failure during the tractor pull; hard to recover from something like this, especially when you're not even as drunk as you're gonna be.. crap


Full Moon Dates - The Old Farmer's Almanac

Full Moon Dates - The Old Farmer's Almanac

whatev 8 o'clock next one on... 10.26.07 sucka

Floyd Survives PDT with bloody nose

That would be Floyd Landis there, who had stolen an airplane in a ill advised attempt at direct marketing, and crashed into the PRo DOpeRZ TouR suffering a bloody nose. No seriously though, the last 11 minutes of helmet cam footage i took were of the sky and they were taken while i was passed out under a pile of bikes and now i can't find the camera so i guess that's kind of where it stands at the moment.. anyway .


The Sweetest

I don't do much surfin but for all the geeks out there this is by far the best and funnest website ever. Also the best shop in town so they say.......


Gerhard Richter

jvt luvz paint me2


YOU KNOW SCOOOOT used 2 be a bici mechanic now hez a ipod mechain!!!!scott harris
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5:15 pm (6 hours ago)

this is something that you might like, also had a discussion with Michael Hayes, so forward this on to him and any other Mac/Ipod users who might want a little more music management.

Senuti - www.fadingred.org/senuti/

It lets you take music back off your Ipod and save it on your hard disk, in case you have some stuff that was 'given' to you that you'd like to keep. The nice thing is, it is made to run under OSX, so it works right off the desktop with a few small Itunes alterations.

See ya

ps- god your brother is such a fucking punk.


SheeSHEHHH Ckkaaabob

SOOOO herez the THING< GOlly gOSh GEE isn"T LIFe SWeeeelllll? First OFf, Will and JON are juusstst sooooo DREAMy.. POlitiCAl ARt doesn"t Escape the factoidaloid that the PErSonAL IS PoLiticaAL and the POlitiCAL IS PErSONAL and the personalpolitical is pretty dammn funnny!!! *%

AaaaND SPECiAlIzeD came out with a 29r fulllsusssr so i've heard, well that legitimizes it, WHATEv!1 BUt what DOes is that MIKE SinYARd is riding from cali to vegas 4 interbike...on a DOUBLE Decka' TherEz a StUMpy 29r full sus on the bottom, (the couch where he sleeps) and a Specialized racin' trmac on the top! *?

and. DEEERHOOOFF, you bettr not mISSS it, cuz they ROCK , you know LIKe WIth ROCKZ?! and since they' haven't given away nothin' free 4 too long on there web site they're given away a 'album' n itz sweeeeet get it soon 4 itz gone!! *^

researchabitez.. *% http://www.bladesofglorymovie.com/home.html

(P.S>> you can also print the full res vs. from the website o' me, it's preetty much a christmas card>> http://www.max-cooper.com/gallery/main.html

*? http://www.specialized.com/bc/SBCBkModel.jsp?spid=33437

*^ http://deerhoof.killrockstars.com/

ohyeah PPPPPPP.s aand the PDT was perty sweeeet


Dan Deacon on NBC

Saw this guy perform a few days ago.... so good.


Xena Warrior Princess - Teaser Trailer Xena Vs Gods

i wuz born into a world you may not understand. The MOthA FUcKin PRo DOPErz Tour BITCHEZ IS everyones still alive? jesus i hoppe so. they turn you into a weapon, and then they want you dead, by your own vomit covered hand, jesus. pdt 07.


Talleetall Byykzzz

Just how tall? World record tall.
Viz, it can happen...

And we still need partial judges for PDT. (not amputees, rather, entire ones who are entirely corrupt!)


Further RWEADINGng

Ben Cooper
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3:28 pm (7 hours ago)
OIC i dint realize that was the big dumby bike building guy who built you a piss mustard peice of extra-terrestr-cycle crap! and he had the tenacity to rob you AGAIN! son of a B im sick and tired of californicaticating. SOMEHWHERE IN FLORIDA VOTES ARE STILL BEING COUNTED! At the awards ceremony next year you should pull the al gore "hello, im max cooper, i used to be your next president!"

Q: Can a boombike be too big? can a stompa be too old?



The PRO DopeRZ TouR '07 this saturday.......

As IF YOU didn't kNOW!, I mean i dunnno, maybe you didn't but you do now, ah humph, etc etc. SHeEESH!,

ALRIGHT, so the PDT is on, you're invited, it's gonna be rad.. hopefully you can come and be a part, race, cheer, party, alloftheabove, whatev

Here's the AGEnDA..

> 1. True DOPERZ are invited to HQ on Friday night for race registration and official Doping INdex Weigh IN + Shake DOWN StARing COntEST = 7 p.m. till bedtimesally

> 2. KICKOFFF!!! SAturday mornin' Neutral rollout departs Dos GRINGOZ booritoes AT 9,(sweriously, TRue DOPERz should be mainlining espresso long before that) Riderz, racerz, and whoever can throw their gear in a shuttle vehicle at DGB.. So yeah neutral rollout, think 3+ hrs of singletrack. yup. (hangovers still intact upon arrival at the race venue could likely be leveraged towards favorable start positions, bonus pts, etc etc.)

>3. So about that 3 hr. single track neutral rollout.. It'll be sweet, and the race will commence at the Cattle Creek Castle at the crack of noonthirtyish provided, the rollouterz have arrived.. Directions are reaDIly available for all non rolloutrerz, on ze blog.. (stomparillaz.blogspot.com, on the right in the lil PDT info section

>4. PDT Prologue - Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3, Stage 4, Stage 5 (have you not been paying attention?)
For Spectatorz and the like.. The grill will be getting it on around Stage 3, in part to keep competitors from fading away like the waifish doperz they are.. Any interested non-competitors may take part in an off-road-one-speed/round of frisbee golf from the Stage 4 area back down to the house/start/finish area..
and of course, the AWards CerEmoney will devolve into a dance party suckaz...

>>PDT CompetitorZ can never forget that all Stompn' is subjective and your score will be a result of many factors over the course of the PDT, on that note, you should probably take a nap; CoSTumez no duh. Single SPEed-rather prevalent, but in keeping with the PRO DoperZ Philosophy of uneven plaYING FIELDZ, not required, like wise, fixxee not recommended.. and over all style points, critical. cool? cool.

*The PRO DoPERz TOUR Subscribes to the 'are you packin' program?', otherwise known as BYOWhatev, the grill will be hot, the ICECOLD! subsidize stompn' BECuz!

*The Pro DOperZ ToUR will be needing a couple of celebrity judges, (with really neat pen-person-ship)
if that's you, email the EsteEMed HEAD JuDGE, the HOnoRABLE HUMP! > aaron@airmadatech.com <

ANy Questions, callll meee 366 0852 (slappy) we're also practitioners of the D.I.Y awards program, so if you have any sweet crap you want to go to the appropriate competitor, diy. ha! seriously though, its like secret santa awards, just thought of that really, but it sounds cool.. weird old crap!! ART is that without function!!!

'''--- Whew, yeah I'm excited, perhaps a couple of U R 2?? Hear therez some DurANgo Crew on ze way, some boOULDER punkz, maybe a lil GOLDeN fellow or two? and off course asspen will represent, or should i say, send a representative.

The PRO DopeRZ ToUR is THE STOMpARillaz event. and hopefully you can come. It's a one day mountain bike stage race with no equal.

ANY QUEStionZ? (i mean, just ask..) did i forget anything? missU max



so anyway, this was the final decided at sswc and despite my impeccable form it will be goin' to napa ca next year where we will reak unspeakable havoK!!!!


You know you want one.

So it's all the rage, i've been hearin'. You can even win some sort of contest and get yer own.....

Also, anyone in for a quick little full moon White Rim ride on Friday the 28th? We'll be done by morning, I promise.
Call or email for the details.


back on the attack nucker!


Well actually this stompa ain't in scotland no more, so the midgies, (tiny tiny awful annorin' mosquiterz) are not so much a problem, here in Ivinz hotel rooom in london, but alas, the uk is just swell.. 'twas imperative as could be for me to get the F OUt of the greater bonedale land area for a while, and now i wind my way back.. which by way of a zero frog emitting aero-plane and a ride to boulder.. where i'll... build my bike again? and ride to bonedale with elise? heyzues i'd rather not really, maybe on my hand crank unicycle.. but alas if anyone is willing and able to give a ride from boulder back this weeked YOU juST CAllll meeeee!!! WHooooeEEE

and such forth.. don't know if you heard but the PRO DOperZ TouR is forthcoming!!! HOLY CRAP its gonna be rad get yoru shit togethere BYOWhatev we're gonna rock true stompaz meet for th eride there.. saturday mornin the 22nd at hq or dgb prior to 9 and we'll take the high road over mushie redhill to race quarterz ok see you alll soooooon m


SPink Joisey

What is it about pink that stompaz love?

As Irrefutable Evidence we present the Official Neew Joisey Dezine-

...and a big pink teddy bear hug for our sponsors:

Stomparillaz (duh)
Green Line Architects
Waterfall Studio
StompaRadio - KDNK
SCoR1 for the Stompaz
Sol Energy
Fenton Construction
Downvalley Trash - DVT!
Chris "So-Lo oH-No" Beebe
TownCenter Booksellers
Airmada Smart Homes
SGM Engineering
Ajax Bike & Sport
Golden Bike Shop
Damon J. Wallick, BMF
Rainy Day Designs
The one and only Gear Exchange
DJ TriceraHops
JVT Enterprisez
Dos Gringos Burritos



Stop Supporting Evil Bicycle Accessory Corporations

Its all gin and tonics from here gentleman, but now we brew our own gin , and instead of quinine, we muscle through the sobering pains of malaria. Dont let the corperations win people. Its not to late to save your terrible, terrible, reputations. And yes, there's a light on my bike, but i don't know how to make a light so shut up. Stupid heads.


SSWC in th' NPC

i've done all the stompz proud, i was dubbed 'you've been robbed' after the competition to host which i won by a mile, (roller track sprint/whiskey shot/dance contest) but sswc is headed to napa, ca for 'political' reasons) but i got good and sauced and tagged the shit out of the place anyway, and we've been doin the right thing here at the world cup.. good to hear about the jerzee sure is good to see the stompaz rollin right along it has been absolutley fantastic for moi with a little r&r and such, sleepin in the woods crazy dreams, ridin about etc. etc. it is a little wet and rainy here in fort william but the downhill is today and we're pretty much camped on the track..grease slide more like it
so yeah i'll be back soon thanks alot peas m


Team Players

I now live with three pro frisbee players, one of whom is my main man from b-town. I came home the other day and the Knife's "Heartbeats" was playing in the media room. Turns out it was HBO's "Entourage," which bores the hell from me. But more importantly, check out this wheelbarrow that the team made to carry their temporarily disabled comrade on their annual camping trip.


200 bones

Some might think it odd to ride a bike 200 miles in one day. No big deal for a stompa or two. September 1 turned ot to be a good day, to get it on, for the annual stompa trans bone'dale, aspen, leadville, minturn, g-wood, bone'dale tour. It was black, then bright for a while then black again with some glimpses of pink. Well, we'll be gettin on it 'gain next year, i yi yi yiiiiiiii