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BlockHeadz Grass BiciPolo Tournament - July 10

BlockHeadz Grass Bike Polo Tournament

Saturday, July 10th in Glenwood Springs, CO.

9 teams maximum.

Entry Fee - $15 / team early, $20 day of event.  e-mail bicipolo@greenlinearchitects.com to register.

Round Robin for seeding in the morning, 10:00-2:00 down by the river, below the GWHS track.   Then, 2:00 SIESTA.  (lounge in the river, or head over to the hot springs pool for the afternoon)  At 6:00 we start the tourney at Sayre Park.  At 8:00, the lights come on, and we play semis and finals under the lights!  Lights out at 10:00 PM.  Finals will be called at that time if necessary.
Teams will be of 4 people.  1 sub is allowed per team.
Seeded double elimination bracket.
Games are to 3 points.  Must win by 2.
Semis and finals are to 5 points.  Must win by 2. 
Goal size is roughly 5 ft. wide, with cones!
If'n you can't reach the ball with a mallet at the goal line then its too high and no good.
If'n you play the ball backwards through the goal, you must relinquish possession to the other team.
The field is roughly 40 yards by 75 yards.  Dirt and grass in the morning, grass in the evening.  
Teams may play goalies if they want.  It seems to be a good idea when you've got Chainsaw bearing down on you constantly.  But sometimes, it limits you on offense, so not always a good call if you play good position!
Contact allowed:
Stick-on-stick, bike-on-bike, man-on-man.
Ref your own game.
We start the ball in the middle and face off.  Teams must circle their goal after scoring.  The opposing team may advance the ball as necessary immediately after a goal.  i.e.: "Comin' HOT!"
Foot down rule:  If you put your foot down, you must get out of the play and do one full pedal revolution before being able to play the ball again.
Respect the player with the ball.  You may not run him off his line to the goal.  You may stick check, from either side.  You may get out in front of him, but no T-boning, and by no means should you contemplate any head-on action. (I know you know this...)
HELMETS are required.  Face-guards are strongly recommended.
There are great camping options available and host housing will also be arranged.
Costumes are of course, mandatory.

e-mail bicipolo@greenlinearchitects.com to register.



How was bike polo last night?


Laahd, don' take away my stommPARillaz!

Check out the last line of this WuTang lyric...
Coincidence? Foreboding?  Or just good planning? Most likely, I was just out of the loop, and Wu Tang had as much influence as Joanna Newsome in the naissance of the brigade.


Have you been tak'n your pills?

Look what just arrived via pony express from Doc Heaton, our SLC polo Therapist!
We'll give 'em a try, but they are so small...
Maybe they go down easy?


Grass Bike Polo - Dubble Illumination in G'wood

Bicipolo for all...
Stomp yerself into the spotlight this Saturday at Sayre Park in Glenwood Springs  6-10
Come early, 5:00 ish and BBQ with the famz.  We play until the lights go out.




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