so why would now be the day for ol' hq to host a dance party after so many slumbering moonz? LEap DAY!! And the leapin' influx of ladies worldwide.. so that's the story, plus about a million records.. come on over tonight, leap day leap year leap along dance a lope partyyy... xoxo slappy


trick questioon

q. can you guess what this pro skiier is doing?
q. which bob?
q. do you fend-er?



Stompin' Nihon Style

At work:

At play:

It's alright now, in fact . . .

More at:


I'm Yer Huckleberry

This is what happened las time I shackled my heel...

[0-60] Ken Block's snowboard/rally bit from DC's Mtn.Lab 1.5


free box

dear free box, thanks for the sweaterz.. whooooWWWEEEEEE

Itz not every day

Not every day, no sir indeed, not every day a 'new' bike comes into your life.. let alone one with your name on it.. but the Gear Exchange is a magical place and whatdayaknow.. I'll be riding this here Cooper road bike. absolutely unequivocally my size, potentially the same age as myself, '81, 8 spd duraaace.. Columbus tubin', holy crap.. knowing somehow that when i gave my road bike away.. (8spd durace beer can red cannondale caad5 with some risd racin' miles on it fosho).--to my brother, another Cooper, knew, knowd', somehow that another road bike would come into my life.. just didn't know it was gonna have my name stamped on top of the fork crown, carved into the lugs, and generally inscribed into the soul, but i suppose that's only fitting. sheesh.. gonna ride it to whence it came tomorrow, the Gear Xchange - luvin' xoxoxo


CAmera has been recovered

and the safari is intact... and a cold ripper aaaah snaappp


no binderz a lopez

so the wave of the future is obviously noboarding./. snowboarding w/o bindings.. daaammn looks sweeet go to nytimes via the link above and watch the video or don't just keep riding with bindings ya big dork...


yeah not quite sure if this is gonna help.. but i guess hhuuuummmmm? it's a fixxee by the by


this was on bradz wall for a lil while until the cleaning people took it down..

I need to make this one happen

Merry Gentleman

We Will Not Not Stomp For Ever and Ever and Ever...http://www.sheldonbrown.com/harris/



pretty self explanatory no? print a couple for yer best pals ifn' yer so kind and happen to be inn the area



Sooo since the sun came out briefly and some hamme-a-lopes have neva' stopped ridin' bikes.. the StOMpArillaZ summer bike ideas are startin' to roll in.. which is nice.. and here are some ideas to start floatin' around in yer friendly lil' head... Yaya is quite intent on doing one particular big ol' tour...

>> 'bonedale to durangolope onroad and off... This idea had been floated last year for 4th of july, not sure when it'll happen butbut.. Ideally the short bus will be in action as the support vehicle.. carrying extra tires for those who wanna ride the same bike on road and off, niner heads probably,, and both mountain and road bikes for others.. and we'll ride road for some sections and off road for others ending up on the colorado trail down in to d-town.. there will ideally be a campout high up in the san juans partying with the durango crew.. so who's in and who has any date ideas? Off road from bonedale to Paonia, stay at Pa's place.. On road from there to Ouray, and off road from their to D-town...

>> Next one is one I've thought about ever since going to the Mishawaka music venue in the Poudre canyon above Ft. Collins to see MMW.. The Rabbit ears pass, accessed from Steamboat, descend s 60 some odd miles at a ridiculously gradual and beautiful grade down to the venue.. so coincidng with a delightful music show, we'll pre camp party on top of teh pass and then cruise on tall bikes, cruisers, xtra cycles, longboards, and most certianly rollerblades all the way down the hill to the vennue for the show.. date to be decided by the band.. whooooooooo

>> Curious to see ifthe Durango crew is doing their rattle can tour again, cruising around co. early season on a bunch o rat bikes, campin' out and f-in' off.. that could be fun to hook hoook..

>> The stompa century the day before independence pass opens... more boomboxes, who wants to do it on xtra cycles?

>> and an as yet undecided big CO tour -- probably on the niner so on road and off, and probably up through the flat tops and things maybe loopin'. aaanyway still thinkin'' any ideas?

So in case you were wondering I'm far more inclinationalized given that this looks to be my last summer in ol' Co. for a while..soo aaanyway

Carbondeale 2 'bonedale 200 miler' / Paonia Pizza run / Basalt Mtn. Bike Out Camp OUt make OUt

ok okok ok sheeesh goodnight slappy


it just gets betta and betta check ze NAHBS pix this one is by Rick Hunter



broke my glasses, bummer..


March 21-30



who here isn't rollin with the pinacle of winter travel easily accesible at their frozen fingertips?
ok no one.. well that's good. good night. - slappy



Sunlight last night... er no wait this was the Eismen hut last week


Welll in this late hour I find my self saddened by the news of Sheldon Browns' passing sunday evening. Any of us who have found ourselves trying to figure out a bike question with this here inter-net have inevitably been drawn into Sheldon's massive database of delightful and endlessly informative information. I got both my first SS mtb wheel, which is still running on the street stomper, and my first fixxee wheel, from him at Harris cyclery in W. Newton Ma.
Suffering for the last couple years from MS he suffered a heart attack on 2.3.08 R.I.P http://sheldonbrown.blogspot.com/ I just hope that some day I'll be able to follow his directions for turning a Sturmey archer 3 spd internal hub into a fixxee 3spd.

It's cold out there people, DJ Paypercut is makin' a mess on kdnk right now, he must have missed the memo about classic rock.. sheeesh skinnin' up sunlight is certainly a good idea, 'specially this evenin' with fresh turns still to be had and Yaya's recent cancer stick habit keeping him from repeatedly attacking on the climb.. my goodness.. aanyway don't let it get to you, just cuz you can't win 'em all..


Cheaters never prosper

Plaxico scores the game-winning touchdown. Ask your Doctor if Plaxico is right for you.