they made us all proud

stompaz kinda killed it this weekend. won the single speed rigid class... by an hour. Our very own Nirad had the FaSTEst ss lap of 1hr10min42secs. that's fast ya'll! here is some eye candy.


Remember to Wear a Helmet Folks

Just did a sweet front flip.... well half of one,
but it was big...guess the ole fork didn't
wanna be kicked anymore.

A dude stopped to see if i was OK and I nodded cuz
i couldn't breath. He wanted to know what happened
really because not to many people go that huge on
fixies around here....... I pointed at my fork after
I saw that he had some bike racks on top of his
ole suburu.... he understood.

Then a crossmonkey out for a snowy ride rode up
and acknowledged the lovelyness..
Helmet cracked in half.
I think im gonna be alright.....may have cracked a rib......not

I know im preaching to Jehovah's  favorite choir here boys
and girls but...... Remember to wear a helmet......
Hoooray im alive and feeling good!!!
It felt like five soft hands caught my head
just before the ground arrived.




Well, I WAS born on 9-9... and it WAS my birthday this year.

So, I made up a fairly weak, but nonetheless effective, extortion scheme to commemorate SSWC and rock a sweet triangulated carbon fork on my 9er.

I have to say, Atomic Blue goes with just about anything. It could'a, would'a must'a been designed by Stompaz, check the unique form and color scheme!

Will have to compare notes with dave Hagen in Duranggo.


So, got new rubber for the 36'er. The tread looks a bit more chewy, and I get some extra clearance for free. Good thing they are 100% legit tubeless on big dumb unicycle rims. Moab should provide an ample testing ground this weekend.


Peeertty litez

Them Perrtty Lightz sure are nice to offer their new album free for download..


The Radnestest

So these guys rule, the lost coast STOMPRZ, they rode their single speed pugsleys with their mini alpaca rafts, then they'd blow up the raft and put the disassembled pugz in the front and paddle through some ice floes, then repeat..

and we ended up there via http://www.epicdesignsalaska.com/

and https://www.alpackaraft.com/

ok just think about it alright, goose bumps



So for the record, Melissa doesn't have an Xtra cycle of her own
but she lacks nothing on the STompN front and we left Emilys' Xtra partially assembled by the cars.
Melissa had already decided to burn less diesel by joining us for the weekend instead of driving to San Fran for a swapmeet. Then she decided she could burn a lil more by driving back and forth from T-ride a couple times before heading out on her inaugural xtra-packing tour. Well we left her a trail of Coors cans and she grabbed ahold of that Xtra and dragged it across three river crossings in the dark before stumbling upon our first camp at 1 in the morning. We had spent the evening walking back and forth across each river crossing endlessly with about 5 people carrying each bike.

She then proceeded to unpack her costume collection and act as our camp counselor, rolling cigarettes and jumping in the water naked.. pretty much setting and Xample all weekend long.

INcluding a strangley accurate shot from across the river with Dooms' .22 through the LUVsafety cross on my helmet which was waiting in vain outside our camp for Scotty2Hottys' hoped for arrival.

Aanyway, the bullet is still in the helmet, the weekend is still feeling fuzzy, and the snow is falling in telluride.. thanks M, 'twas swell

I just couldn't resist...

I felt this needed some Sharpie clarity.


What a LOovely weekend

Except for the MooN bestowing us with super night visionWhich helped to get us to camp number one
Melissa did subsequently make it to camp 1 solo in the dark across the river with an xtracycle.
We crossed the river countless timesAnd we climbed up to a portal

From there we could see down to camp

And up above was an old chalet

All in all, about the sweetest SSWC decompression weekend imaginable

more documentation to follow.. thanks everyone



SnovY, as you can see, there are safe and true options for rotor tat avoidance and embrace-ment
and you have a froggy rotor somewhere..