Fixed Gear Bike Tricks by Ines Brunn on an Artistic Bicycle

When does something cool become a bit sad? NEVER!!! Things that are cool only become cooler the farther you stick them out suckas!


Insight into what you missed..............

so yeah, it's obvious to me 'n' vanilly that none of the so called stompaz showed. i have to say that you truly missed an all time best event. The thursday night SS ride was a cemetery crawl through town and into the night, culminating with a stop at Mr Smilie's grave. ( Mr Smilie had been collecting and repairing bikes for needy folks for several years in Durango. He died last year, and the local riders have taken over his collection, donated piles of usable and fixed up bikes this summer, and have started the new bike collective co-op which will be rolling in strong come next summer. ) finals that evening included the traditional thursday SS pub crawl. Friday nite was the premier of two videos following the KDUR Hop-off. The first was a tribute to Durango Devo, the local rider prep club, the only of it's kind in the nation. The second (the headliner), was the Mallethead premier, a documentary of bike polo and the scene. Both were over the top homemade films, with excellent film quality, music, and of course comedy galore, not to mention some sweet riding. Post films was a late nite at Colin's new pad, which has to be seen, and is definitely the hot spot of late for riders, drinkers, artists, crackpots, and the like. That brings us to Saturday morning, which came much too early and had us all meeting up, dressed up, and rearin' to to ride all day. The post below has a good video montage, and what you don't see, you would have had to be there to believe. Something like 47 riders, as far flung as Tucson,San Fran, and Portland. But you're right, it was too far to come over from Carbondale last weekend.... ANYWAYS, good riding, camaraderie and the like all day long, interspersed with PBR and High Ten, go figure. The finish, well, um, finished, then mass ride to town, where we all split up and napped, ate, whatever to get ready for what?, another nite out? So there we were, at the Summit, free admission with your race card, to see four bands, two of which had come in from the West coast just for us. Awards, music, booze, repeat. Something like that. As for me, I was lucky enough to have a flight out at 6am the following morning, so I was glad to be in bed by 2am. Sunday was a bike polo tourney, which I sadly missed, but would have been a good end to one of the best experiences of a lifetime. But you're right, it was too far, you were too tired, and Goddammit, nobody made it out to the Doper tour...... Yes, yes, good excuses all around, I suppose. I wouldn't have wanted to share the fun anyways. But you fuckin missed it. Anyways, as some sort of consolation, I do have a picture of my trophy that I made for the event, which is also a lamp, and I spent a good part of 10 or more hours making it, and it was up for grabs, but now, NOW??, it's a prize for next year, when it will be handed down, brought back from it's perch upon Scissom's shelves, to be re-donated to the Rally. Because THE DEAD WILL RIDE AGAIN, and if you know what's good for you, you'll be there, 'cause you only live once.





Weeellll actually STMP radio will not not be alternating this week , rather,
so yeah, up and on, be theerrreee mon eve 11-1 tues morn 8-10


to much stompn' around here people, what
do you think they'll say?!

Just in case you wondered where all the racket came from,
the Stomparillaz Electronical Engineerz are responsible fo sho


Need 4 Speed - pt 1

I'll post these in installments. Watch out for part II...ii...AAAAyyyyyyyyyyyAAAAAAAyyyyyyyyy






help stompn' world wide by bringin' battereez of the D variety to HQ 2morrow before the cruizr ride a ANDOR havin them on you out of the ride for deadboomboxez andor bringin' boomboxeZ with radio capabilities ... .siiiiick thnx m



If n yer on the blog well what the fff get on the stmp radioooo? kdnk.org uno w . w. w. w.w.ww.w..w DUH and call in for costume ad-vice on a tele-phonoo 970 963 2976


Welll that WUz Easeeee!

Yup no problem, theze jerzeeez r so hot they can't B avoided..
well this bum wuz spotted and he actually already payed but WHAtev!!!

STompaZ Go 2 the ROdWEoOO

Why does this goofy bidness have so many hitz? cuz its rad i guess


DEADFEST WAS A DONKEY FEST OF THE UTMOST SOPHISTICATION! ALL YOUS WHOSE MISSED IT SHOULD BE SAD.3 days, 48 racers, 7 stages, look for the upcoming more documentation to upcome. ARRRRRYA

Remaining JERzzzeeezzzzz

You want one, that much was apparent when you blushed.
There are some left, going quickly i might addd,

4 left, one spoken for moments ago... ok so get it together...
100,000,000 in cash but likely as not we could work out a payment plan , initial fee $66.666
or soooomethin' .. anyway email moi stomparillaz@gmail peas m

When in doubt

I thought you might like tis quote for your blog,from an old book
called The Household Guide from 1897. Bike riding was relatively new
then, but had many followers: >.>>>>>.... THankS MOM!

"Bicycle Exercise
To get the real benefit a bicycle can give, dont't race, or attempt
phenomenal distances.
Walk up the severe hills, i.e, those (depending on the person) which
cause the slightest inconvenience in breathing.
Avoid going with riders who are stronger than you, as you are then
about certain to overdo.
Sit erect.
Wear loose woolen clothing.
Go,if possible, into an interesting country, so as to have occasion
for little detours afoot, off the road, and so vary the exercise.
Go alone if you can,and not with someone who will not stop and rest
when you feel like it."



Well rumor has it he's moving to carbondale, so just be on the lookout ok?


just found this sweet big ol' painting on the computrr don't know who made it someone at the whitney bienniaalalal in 2003 maybe

River Crossn' Bici race

Click IT! readit MORE IMPoatante come race yer bike
Saturday Nov 10th at Dos Gringoz booritoz before 9, sweriously... m



Sometimes being "married" can make you feel old. Thats not always a bad thing... is it?


SSWC foootee foote

Heere's some footage from a while ago when the world champion was crowned in scotoland? rEmember???


MOab 24 hrs Drunk Cyclist encounter

punks gotta get drunks

iknow your tired, but it's mandatory, so get on it!

Click on the image for a close up poster of your very own!


stmp radio 2nite 11 -1 i'm tired tuneinonup kdnk.org

I know U have PHOTOZ

2hundred4 hrs of moab

What can be said? The STOmpaRilllaz! in moab, absolutely, unequivocally, VIP. holy crap.
Anyway 3rd place SINgle RIGID was critical to our overall victory as the most raddest crew there, and by there, of course i mean there at vip HQ in teh sandbox.. so yeah, more pictures on the way. And I'm pretty sure the Freightliner XTraCycle will be holding the course record for some time to come.. AYAYAYYYAYAYYAYYYAYY!!!!




They're IN and THEy're HOT! new jerseyz


fmc # 41

yeah yeah

Rally of the Dead

It is now less than two weeks away, and whilst you may be tired after Moab and whatnot, your attendance is required and it is quite mandatory that you all attend, costumes a must.

the thing weve been workin on is around the corner.
come and see the magic with a friend or two.
thurs is a group ride, fri is a movie premiere and rider sign in,
sat is a sweet stage race and a live music awards thing,
sunday a polo tourney
bring it


Howell Chessler WEDDDINGG!

yup, big time. Justin and Anna are fo REAL!!!!


tuesday boozeday



What Does it take to be Dead FUCkiNG LASt At the PRO DOperZ TouR? Well here under a tall bike next to one of the prize vehicles (to be destroyed by the victor), a DFL contender remains PAsSED the FUCK OUT somewhere in the middle of stage 3. shortly hereafter, said contenders' mother arrives to ascertain what precisely is wrong, she is informed that this is how YOU WIN THE FUCKING DFL!!!!



This Ol' thing was made by Ivin when he was living with the Coooper Boyz in VT one summer. WHitie was subsequently sentanced by our mother to a good home, away from ben mainly. He was found to have lots of shiny grit in the tansmission (more)

PDt Binga Hillclimb

indescribable pain, searing victory, etc. etc. the Pro DopRz Tour Binga Hillclimb back yet again, ooowwwww cotttonmouth

We all have seen the picture of Max acting too cool next to Slick Willy, but this is too much. Have some respect for Ole Blue Eyes Max, this is just unacceptable.