I'm Bruce Willis

I'm Bruce Willis

Why you tryin' a hurt me girl, don't you know I'm Bruce Willis?

Rich man poor man beggar man thief / Bruce be that doctor merchant and chief
Jeep Cherokee man I'm a native of these streets / Bruce a kill men / Jeep a kill beats
I cut my teeth like Bruce / Keep my peace like that Bruce
Walk on glass? / No Shoes / Kill a man? / No noose
Ya'll can find me on that 9:00 news / I'm draggin' out them rocks bigger than Tom Cruise

I'm Bruce and yer nothin'

You can't stop me / Roof of Nakatomi / People say they know me but those people don't know me
I roll up in that limo / Kill all of them Euros
In that ventilation shaft shoot out that window
I roll / Solo / That logo / That ringtone
I bone / I creep / Mother-fuckin' piece of beef / That Jeep a freak
Tweet tweet I'm a goose I spray my seed / You can't kill this juice yeah please believe
Sweet in those sheets I ditch that rubber / Yippie kay-yay mother fucker

I'm Bruce and yer nothin'

Dat ain't no po-po! Dat Carl Winslow!

Dear John / Your wife is all alone / And you got your kids at home
Oh John / Will she ever use the name McClane? / Will you ever show your pain?
Oh John / You will never die / You will always rise rise rise


trail of tearz

Well the trail of donut tearz and broken dreamz was ridden on sunday mornin at
mtn fair.. the porcupine rim bike race departed on schedule, depsite the abscence of a number of stompaz and their bacon. This one, despite another 4 am bed time, was on the first climb (only climb) of the day with a box of donutz on the back of the xtraxtra. As the leaders approached the cattleguard I set off up the hill dispensing donutz, (and leaving a trail of broken donut tearz), and generally harrassing anyone who looked stompy..

like these gay cowboyz... (neither of whom was willing to take a donut on the climb and/or puke)

Eventually we did need to get to the Champz Elyyeszez, and have some bacon so the MTn fair bike race concluded once again.. maybe next some wacon bacon may happen on the top.. needless to say this one was real nice anyway. .. m




Fucking A this is pretty crazy! On monday, my brother was hit by a car flew 50 feet through the air and landed managing not to break any bones. He did hit his head pretty hard and had to get it operated on yesterday but seems to be in fine shape. Be careful out there!


Stomp it to the limit (a true story)

Real stompaz know it's like that. You got to push the freakin' envelope. Fall down. Get up. Fall down again. If that's not happening, Stomp harder!

tiny ponyz

hihosilver,,, so the juice mission was pretty successful, drop the ol' man's car off over in Hotchkiss and then pick up Apricots and juice and ride back over mcclure to bonedale...
except that part where it was all PAIN!!! no it was fun, pretty much.. Darryl rode Bradz LamBertonni with a triple and spun his way to glory on the climb with Darin and I digging into the lower reaches of Cadence while towing a trailer.. And, note to self, don't fool yourself into stopping a mile from the summit for the usual stompa doping control, beer break, etc. cuz then you have to climb again... snap.. and descending mcclures' steep side with a trailer and twitchy legs, and no particular memory of needing to use brakes going down hill, well it can get fairly death defying, when the big B's juice is sloshing around at about 60 mph and the trailer does the ol, whoo whoooo whoooooo hooooly shit. . . good times.. and above is a basic map where you'll find me in September/ October.... peas slappy


sup0a secreT

Hey der stompaz, , so here's a supr secret plan..
Sunday morning of Mountain Fair in Bonedale, the Mtn Fair Bike race happens, maybe 8 - 9
SO last year we were waiting at the top and made people spin around a bat..
This year, the Wakon Bacon breakfast ride will be waiting on top.
Those who wanna race oughta. but there will be some stompaz, not returning to town
until riding a big ol sopris lap of some sort
so yah. . slappy

Capitaaal mF linkz / peakz

A leisurley Stompa Stroll - 27 hrs of delight
Capital peak extrordinaire-e

thanks too Roger for gettin the Pictures up and being so gosh darn cute . .and thanx 2 SNorky for knowin what's up, down, and all around. . and for not bein' afraid of this Stompaz unruly, amateur, erratic beahvior in the high counrty. . .xoxoxo slappy


Gearx Stompn for Dancerz tiny pony dance party

thanks fer comin' out, sure was fun, see ya next time. .




-- 'This process is really out of control now. The bottom line is the comprehensive bankruptcy of the United States. The Republican Party under George Bush will be known as the party that wrecked America (release 2.0). Painful as it is, Americans had better get a new "Dream" and fast. It better be a dream based on the way the universe actually works, which is to say an operating procedure run on earnest effort and truthfulness rather than merely trying to get something for nothing and wishing on stars. We might begin symbolically by evacuating Las Vegas and calling in an air strike on the loathsome place -- to register our new reality-based attitude adjustment.'

this guy is great, ah crap . slappy



Danz Photoz

Dan and co. have there photoz linked right on the right. .. and Roger will be getting it together stat as well. . p.s. here's to the hottest game of tiny pony polo yet. .. schweeet see ya slappy



The Revolvelope

Good for circling drains. And for going left. Forever.


Whaddaya say about a new StOMparilla Jerzeeee?

If'n you would like to get involved, please do, we'll order 50 at least at around $90 a pop and perhaps if a million or so people want one, they'll be less, and perhaps you'll start spotting them up the road world over. . m


Hay you feelin froggy? wanna jump? well Pre Ordering the jersey is pretty crucial, aand it gets your name actually on the jersey too. . so Paypal Scooba Steve at novy@sopris.net some portion of the estimated $90 for the fresh goodness. . thinkaboutit, what else costs $90 that doesn't last forever? huh? yup. . race cut men's or women's s,m,l,xl,xxl,xxxl,xxxxl,xxxxxl,
no actually we're pretty much too late so we have to see if any of these folks can actually make them real quick and then we'll know what sizing to look at. . but you know. . guestimated. .
thnx m

next time a beloved bici gets stolen from a sTompa we'll sick this donkey on them...


Let it be known, whowouldaguessed, themSTompaz may or may not actually be a ble 2 co m municaTE, sorta

I Stomp You Stomp We Al Will Not Not Stomp...

Yes, Steve. I am Jacked In. And While I am Not Not Stomping, I am Not Stomping with the Stompaz up the Pass of Independence on the Day of the Same Name.

I am Stuck down here in the Hot as Fuck of Carbondale. Which, Generally speaking, is not a bad place to be stuck in the hot as fuck of. Went out to breakfast on the Xtra, in the cool of this morning, with the little guys, they were playing the Star Wars Main Theme on Aspen Public Radio, so we blasted it. I plan on taking the Tiny Stompaz over to the Fire Station on the for the waterfight-- maybe check out the Bluesy Lady in da park later.

Not everyone can just pedal up mountains whenever they feel like it (Or can they?_)

So while everyone here naps, I sit and imagine you-- climbing up in your rag-tag peleton-- flying your little flags -- with your musical bottles and whimsical retro costuems-- a faint smell of Dirt,Scabs and Bacon in our wake. Kicking ass up that hill and playing righteously in the patches of snow you find. Then sailing down frolicky and fast, a tiny bubble of PBR balanced within your bellies, your tears of joy blowing back acrosss your temples and filling up your ears.

Bring some snow back for me eh? Did I mention it's hot down here?

The moral of the story being that while we will never not stomp, some mountains we must save for later. There will be things we must do. But whether we be sick, too tired or busy, or just old and frail-- there will always be Stompaz out there getting it done. For Us, for themselves, and for the Great Pedal Stroker.

Say Hello to Him for me while you're up there. Happy Indefuckinpendence Day Lopaz. .

July 4th is followed shortly thereafter by July 5th, which is, so they tell me, the start of the Tour de France...
I will be moving out of my current residence every morning pre-dawn to catch the live coverage. I'm sure someone's still jacked in, somewhere.
Where to go, what to do?

Luckily this year there is a Dopers Only category...? the ones wearing pink, of course. We'll see who wins, and who spontaneously combusts.

The day took on a sublime quality at Independence Pass. The physical exhaustion, the dizzying effect of the beers, the rareness of the steak strips, and, of course, the nearness to the Heavens combined to form a sort of spiritual Magic Carpet. The civilian passers-by could only bear witness to an inscrutable and undefined religious event. They were clearly in another country now. Cheers to the three jolly blokes that actually elevated into our state and appeared to be happier and fatter than engorged sun-bathing marmots. Watching one of them recline on the trailered snowmobile, draped in the nation's proud flag, raising his Pabst to the crystal sky, drunk with America, I realized that we were not only on the highpoint of Highway 82, but on the highpoint of Freedom itself.

Thank you to the drivers of the Yukon of Blinding White Salvation and to the weavers of the Magic Carpet

the answer derived while enjoying some QT in the pain cave seems to B>> bein' in there with a lil help from yer friendz, with some amazing friends, some damn fine STOMPAz!<, new and old, as yet unnamed and otherwise, StOMPn' along, well the ol' cave becomes quite agreeable, some would even say PleaSant?! WHoda guessed?! aand as per always and forevererer, thankS so much, it is an honor and privilege a duty i perform 2stomp with all ya'll, maybe we could do it again sometime?

From beginning till end, this fourth was truly incredible (except when I
was in the pain cave on level 8 and I dropped my flashlight and thought I
would never get out). Luckily light came in the form of a Red, White, and
Blue PBR can; a glorious symbol of what America has to offer. It was an
incredible sight to see the stompa pack mashing and mushing in the spirit
of an ever strenghtening amoeba morphing and absorbing people as the
journey pushed uphill. Top out and drop out. The Party starts with hoops,
music, grillage, fruit boots, sleds, skiis, snowboards, liquid
libations... all those cars and motorbikes coming and going to where?
When the place to be was here and now! Some strangers realize the
pinnacle of their lives would be the stomarillaz party and the amoeba
strenthens again. Chaos ensues and time leaks away, back on the bikes to
witness the insanity of 40+ mph speeds and a unstable 50 lbs extracycle
pickin up mphs. THrough the Asspen and onward. It felt like the pedals
would never stop, and they never should. For me, the longest ride of my
life so far, the longest day on the same damn seat, my first group road
ride, the deepest exploration into the pain cave, renewed spirit from
great rides and great vibes, and luck enough to spend it with great
people. Special thanks to all involved for my renewed love for the simple
tool we call: bicycle.

Well as you yourself know all too well, attempting to not not not stomp is just a bit to complicated, so stomping will probably occur from sometime around polo tomorrow until about monday if'n i had to guess.


DeAr 'MErica, it is a fine crop of work that gets donelike each andeverydAY, by these fine yung stompaz, thanksabunchamucho4computastompn Colllettte! m




tehethetehhhahahahahah the answer derived while enjoying some QT in the pain cave seems to B>> bein' in there with a lil help from yer friendz, with some amazing friends, some damn fine STOMPAz!<, new and old, as yet unnamed and otherwise, StOMPn' along, well the ol' cave becomes quite agreeable, some would even say PleaSant?! WHoda guessed?! aand as per always and forevererer, thankS so much, it is an honor and privilege a duty i perform 2stomp >xoxox slapppy



This is Renee Lopez, who happened to be at the intersection across from alpine bank in g'wood the other day, sunday maybe? Well he was riding StaceyZ bike, it's true, and perhaps it was my pink stompa jersey, but I got pretty fired up, although seeing Renee's tattooed hands helped to keep me calm. .Aanyway he was sorry to have bought it from a bum in carbondale and fairly sad to see it go, 'very light' you know. I gave him his 35 bucks, since we were right across from the bank, and he kept his lock he'd gotten at walmart, (although he left Stacey his horn) and I told him to come to the shop and we'd find him another bike. So Stacey is reunited with her lil road machine, and Renee didn't kick my pink spandex ass, which was niiice, and a stomprilla whip wuz recovered!. . .slappy