South Carolina shoppers will get a second chance to buy tax-free guns. The state Revenue Department sent out a reminder Wednesday of the upcoming "Second Amendment Weekend." The 48-hour tax break begins just after midnight the Friday after Thanksgiving.

Shoppers will pay no state or local sales taxes on handguns, rifles and shotguns, which can tally 9 percent. Taxes still apply to ammunition and accessories.

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skotty2wo said...


Sz said...

After reading the recent post on drunkcyclist, I came to an interim state of mind that suggested we start packin' and make motorists aware that we are totally fucking insane and we will fight back. You wouldn't fuck with a Hell's Angel or an inner city bike messenger.

Alas, now that the rage has subsided, I am back to three basic tenets of reality:
Violence begets violence.
The world needs more love safety.
I can ride on the bike path.

skotty2wo said...

your first tenet being the of the most impact. Why did Ben Kenobi allow himself to be struck down?

BRN said...

you know the modO for deep woods Mountain Biking "GUns not optional". I will fly in Friday and get SUM.