The Stomparillaz 2009 BiciPolo season will go down in history as the strongest showing of a new team in an old sport, ever.
Y'all did great, and next year's gonna be even better.
I got some ideas for improved mallet designs, and some new moves...  I'd love to get together for a snow polo match some time soon, once we've got a consistent layer of the stuff.

I'm calling it good for this season. Thanks everbuddie!

On Tuesday nights, I'll be skinning up Sunlight, so plan to join in. ( we usually meet at 7:00 at the parking lot)
Long live the Stompaz,

We WILL stomp, and we will not not be confused.  Hugz,  Sz


Slappy said...

oh snap, is that the shirt from Pioneer S&M? they're the ones i wanna do the new stompa team kit with and it looked like they had a shirt like that on their website....

Sz said...

Wholly sheet I don't know.
Julia bought it for me at SSWC.

S&M? I do like working with Spaniards and Mexicans.

R`squared said...

yep - talk to Dave Griebling I believe......