I found religion. it's a 29er

This just in from Jamey Evans, AKA Sid. (Vicious)  He is a federale, and one of our front line front rangerz:
I saw the water turn to wine right below my hands and feet.  The conversion of this pilgrim was very quick.  One ride is worth a thousand words, and two rides (on two different full suspension 29ers) is worth two-thousand...uh....dollars actually.  Which is roughly what I dropped this week on the 29er that will carry my smiling arse the next ten+ years.  I have joined the Chris, Novy and Brian 29er bandwagon by getting a Salsa Big Mama.  Thank you gentlemen for showing me the way.  My long autumn of test riding bikes came to a lovely end with this new, wonderful toy.  I've attached a picture of the new baby. Novy--you'll really love this part.  I just happened to be wearing the Greenline Architects jersey while test riding and the guy at the shop asked where I got it.  "I got an architect buddy in Carbondale" I said. "Steve Novy?" he asked!  Yep, this small world had Adam Williams helping me look at the end-of-season deals at the Golden Bike Shop!  Quite a hoot.  Adam knows his stuff and is a great guy despite the fact he knows you well.  Was nice to be able to buy a bike from him--from his good advice all the way to the "friends of Steve Novy discount" I said I should receive at the end (which I did).
Glad to be about the good ship 29er, captain.  Peace.  And big wheels.

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Slappy said...

RAdness, yup Adam lent me a twoniner full suser for the whole enchilada, and despite being stone cold broke, I'M SOLD!! Epic Fasty downhill rip machine. mmmmm speeeed, nice work Jamie!