"In a nameless mountain town, faced with the monotony of a prescribed American Life, a group of young rollers from a Creative Cycling Collective. Their organization, known as the StomparillaZ Brigade, blends a ridiculous zest for life with a passion for human powered transport. In a world faced with dreary personality and environmental collapse, their idea spreads. Stompa chapters are formed from Denver to Dublin to Dubai. But Internal strife threatens the solidarity of the group, when one strand takes the lawless route while the other takes the peaceful. But then, another more powerful force, the mothafuckinCOPS____, threatens to crush the world-changing movement all together. The Stompas must unite or be destroyed. Even then, they may not be strong enough to overcome, they certainly don't have a loud enough army of boombikes yet. Needless to say their desire to do more with less is at odds with all that surrounds them and there appears to be no limit to how much their country would like to consume. In the unlikely event that things work out that Stompaz will still be easily amused and continue to look forward to goofing off on bikes and not going into the bar, playing music loud enough that someone is annoyed, and generally causing no trouble. As for those lawless Stompaz, eventually their engines will run out of gas and they'll realize that more moving parts don't equal more fun and they'll get back on the bike anyway, so why fight it?


Sz said...

a... Speaking of copz... The BeaverMoonFMC ride the other night was a tough one to get started. It was cold out, and the boom bike was heavier than usual, due to a gravity discrepancy in and around my footprint, and no one had gotten beer except Yaya. We waited for BRNz, which was good for him and good for general stompaSolidarity, but bad for timing, since we hadn't even started rolling when the first complaint came in. Just one cop served notice. I muffled the loudness to hear him.
Cop: "Do you know why I'm here?"
Sz: "Uh, is it because of the noise?"
Cop: "Yep. We've already had a complaint."
Sz: "What if we played the Eagles?" (all credit to MC)
Cop: "Ha, ha, ha, I don't know how the other officers deal with you guys..."
Sz: "Its only once a month." (I didn't mention the Blue Moon, coming up in December)

So, after promising to "keep it down" while in town, we turned it up, just short of 300%, took off, with a tight crew of 40 or so, and had a great ride, mainly cause Yaya figured out how to do a no-handed skid, and only crashed once.

Then, at the end of the evening, AMayez & MOI, we diverted away from the generical grey testoteroCopCar onto the bike path, and wound it down to a crawl. But the CopCar, with a cop in it, headed us off at 4th Street. AM rolled on, "I'm outta here."
The cop said, "May I speak to you?" (or maybe it was "Can I talk to you?" but I'll give him the benefit of having used the correct grammar)
I turned a tight 180 on the boom bike and sidled up to the car. Apparently, we only had one complaint, which is why he had stopped us, to let us know that interesting fact.

Were we being congratulated for being exemplary citizens? I didn't stick around to find out.

Slappy said...

Exemplary for sure