Sz said...

Hell of trip, GetSlapScoRad. Wish I could have joined you.

Whilst in a different part of the desert, I made some new DC stompin friendz in Tempe and environs... Reichel, for one, who is an old punk rocker (younger than I) and a stompr in the truest sense. We were thinking that the Roller Girlz should have been letting us pull them. Is that not a no-brainer? (or to put it succinctly, is that not not a brainer?)

So, what's the verdict after an epic ride?
Does wheel size matter?

Slappy said...

yeah big wheels are nice, 36 can still get hosed and halted by mud and 29'r seems fasty fasty, but Scott got spun out, i think he eventually needs a rolhoff hub so he can pedal at 36 mph and see what that thing wants to do when accelarating towards the speed of light and sound and STOMPN!!!

Sz said...

I think we've all been rollin at THAT particular speed for some time, now.

R`squared said...

luv - just plain old love the vid. Spanks Slappy.