Don't you have a nice coat?

Not to be too much of a pain, but I heard that most cyclists have some sort of fancy jacket that they covet as an ultimate rain deterrent device. Now, that doesn't mean it will keep you safe from swimming, but certainly a little shower shouldn't hurt... I mean, how muddy can sand get? Anyways, for the somewhat brave at heart, scattered showers should not deter your quest for pain and suffering amongst the canyons of your dreams. And, Sunday? That's the lords day of rest for god's sakes....... But seriously - does it even rain in the desert?

Of course it does, and if so - maybe I could get lucky enough to show you my famous flying boulder tackle knee attack face plant move. It would at least be fun for the rest of you to watch them put in the stitches. Or get a sweet photo of purple blood filled lips. Just a thought.



nirad said...

yea riding in the desert in the rain is such a rare occasion that one should feel "lucky" to be in such a position, that's what I think!!

skotty2wo said...

well, it went from 40% to 30% chance of rain - so now i suppose windstopper should be good enuff