1st Annual Kneez R4 Turkeyz Turkey day Ride

FANtastic, yes indeeedey, as expected the Stomparillaz are on the move. Bound to be a classic, the Thanksgivin' KNeez r4 turkeyz ride>> 9 a.m. rollout perhaps a lil early, the stompaz are still perfecting the ol' timeliness bit.. anyway a delightful cruise up the bike path to emma, bidding goodbye to the roadiez at catherine store. Then some climbing. NO biggie CrazyEyzSTompa was for some reason pushing a 48x16 fixxee w/o any brakes or clips, so no skidding, anyway we haven't seen him since.. The other turkeyz rode with all sorts of gears and brakes and such.
Coming up over dinkle lake without any particular difficulty. The descent on the other hand, was mildly muddy and when Slappy and Roolf decided to hit the singletrack they did so despite seis inches of snow. Nonetheless downhill fixxee snow riding is excelently recomended to any and all stomparillaz... Just lean forward and pretend you're tele skiing whenever you need to skid a corner or anything... see you next turkeyday

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