Mourning Rides

Bright idea jeans; soo as an example, this morning a posse of tres hombres rolled out of 'bonedale at 7, (some by the artifice of the deraileur, others by the strength of their will) fourty minutes later they sat down to huevos rancheros in basalt, rolled out and were back in action at 9.ish sweet. As my pa likes to say, 'you always feel better after a bici ride', and this is doubly true for a morning pre-work ride. What will be even sweeter is when there are 15 breakfast riders cold c0ld rollin' yeeehaa sweet storm


Anonymous said...


grand idea boys...lets roll out soon

manana- vamos a fesitas
hey we should do a pre-rastlin ride out the path...bike dance...bob m...back to
phat thai for the action
how about 8

Anonymous said...

Mourning while its pouring, pouring snow that is. I do proclaim, there must be a mandatory snowy snow ride. I do confess to my weakness of warmth, but I have a Max to make sure that I am terminally uncomfortable.