STOMPARILLAZ would like to invite U to bike for Turkeyz, turkey.

9 a.m. on TURKadurkaDAY we will be departing from the greater Ajax Bikes-DOs GRingosbooritos- land Area. nine a.m. MTBcross Bikes and or ROAD BIKES

so we roll out and maybe we keep drinkin espresso or maybe we have a skid off whatev think of the turkeyz

We're gonna roll up the NEW bike path before it is ELKED off
at some point the roadeez will head up into missouri heights
and the Croatian stompazsquad, viz. mtbcrossBIKES are gonna head up over prince creek hit some jumps maybe and go kill some TURKEYZZZZZ

9 a.m. turkey day AJax see ya stmpz

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