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Anonymous said...

RE: STOMPIN STRATEGERIE: holy slappy stmpthusiasm, Rad reasoning for heckraising and whatsicycle romp stomping! I will attend with (potential masses of mindblowing monster truckers from the greater d-rango area) for specified "stomptastic" events. please keep detailed updates rolling,(oh wait ha) DON'T NOT STOP NOT STOMPING!!!! sincstomperily: ILLY BEE BOP STOMP VANILLY

AdamCarb said...
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AdamCarb said...

Excercising STOMPA rite to post. Undeniably, said Stomparillaz are engaged in something new and never done, in Carbondale and on planet Earth. We aim to strike a philosophy of new and unusual direction-- to inspire a crick of consciousness unlike any other cut into the bedrock of the American main stream. On the surface, we are about pedaling in pursuit of personal passion. But beneath that, i am finding, we are about inspiring people to truly think in a spirit of their own design. Yes, this begins with rejection of the prescribed plebian perspective. That is, our first instinct is to lash out. To misspel the convention-- deface the sidewalk -- and give the bird to the honking passing pickup. This is a necessary step in transformation-- of ourselves and our culture. There is more, however. Is is not enough simply to define yourself as a antithesis of the mold, not enough to break the mold. Each of us must eventually recreate a new and original unmold for ourselves, one which we feel comfortable and challenged to reside in. A perfect place to sit our own perfect ass. We must never forget this. First, we must dismantle for ourselves what is normal and expected, then we must work like dogs to discover our true unique purpose. We will find that it's not about our hair, our paint, maybe not even our bikes. It's about fanning the embers of our unique and perfect spirit into a raging fire, racing through town with that fire as a torch, alighting everything in our path and then eating the flames, Who's in?