Remedial Skating Party

The Stomparillaz have been cold cold rollin' out at the Rodeo Rink in Carbondale for a while now and the ice is choice!
We love gettin' the stomp on out there and figure THURSDAY night is good one for everyone to brush up on their skills. Skate around some cones, skate around the Meadow Blaster, and try and figure out what edge pressure, body position, hand stands, and general stompa fitness have to do with Skatin'.

So come one, come all, be prepared for some hot chocolate (bring a mug if you've got one), and some remedial skating cuz it sure is fun. (how do you skate again?)
$1 rink fee
$1 rental fee
$1 hockey fee-- (for future reference the stick selection is pretty minimal, bring them if you've got 'em)

There are rental skates and while the ability to return said rental skates rests with the Stmpz(10 p.m. ish), the ability to rent ends at 8 p.m.
Family time is by consensus earlier rather than later. Get the kids on skates early and they'll be stompn' 4life in no time. Later on the Stmpz will be working on the Pairs Skating portion of the program and MAYBE even after that there might be a little Ol' Stick and Puck...

Never Fear, the Stomparillaz will be putting on skating parties all winter long and we hope to see you soon..

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