WHere YOU goin?

Hard tellin' not knowin' they sayz. . where are U goin?
DUhwango of course, for there be the course, to glorify all
hoooray. Seeing spots already, 9 18 1981-09 - 28, whew
SO thankful for every last one out there seeing it onward.
to SCOOOBASTeveZ for double upping the boomcycle.
Long maY zeee SToMP.
Prepare for Polka DOtZ, and polka dotting
anyone able to secure and old tennis racketz? cut out the strings inlay polka dotz
tag team back painting on the run up
the van is gettin there, All MIghty WIlling! Just removed the aerial aluminum antena
from the house, specifically for mounting on the van, need lights for the mobile sswc pole dancer
antena, hmmmm stretch, must remember to stretch...

1 comment:

SkoobaSteevZ said...

Wheez going TUDURayNGo ! Speakin'of numbers: How'z about 9-9-09 44 witchez a triple AND a double! Boombikelights are up for restriping.
I was JUST thinking of stretching... last week.