dancin stompaz

So for a brief recap, the STompA DanceOFF was appropriatley convoluted at the afterafterPRTY of SSWC.. The sweeet Niner Carbon fork Scooba secured for give away was indeed given away.. thing was, the 5'3 girl who 'said' she rode a two9'r was in fact about as drunk on sswcLUv as the rest of the stompaz.. Particuarly the ones who were giving away said fork to the best dancer.. well she was undoubtedly better at shakin it than the handful of 6'+ tall fellows competing against her.
So we gave her the fork.. Well later that night i got her email and expressed slightly, my concern for her future bike with large wheel and so forth.. So next day i get an email response along the lines of, "I'm sorry, i guess i don't really ride a niner, i feel horrible, perhaps i should give it back?" Well suffice it to say SSWC lends itself to the kind of positivity that would have someone come to that conclusion upon winnning an inaprorpiate item, versus selling it on ebay. SO I called her up and we got to talking.. it turns out she was en route to Trexlertown to race in the collegiate track championships for Fort Lewis with a one Dave Hagen leading the charge as team manager. Throughout the weekend I had become aquainted with Hagen who is a rad dude and the amount of energy he put into SSWC plus the amount of flak he took from the community for the course. We had a particularly nice conversation hiking up to the ridge monday morning to retrieve the radio relay that allowed the course marshals to be in contact on race day, and he showed us a rad cave under the ridge trail. well he seemed like the perfect recipient, and Sarah was stoked as well to give him the fork. I told her to stage a shot of Hagen's 20 year old Yeti SS with the Carbon Judy Rock shox and her giving him the fresh NIner Carbon fork, and that's that.. As always, timing and preparation come together and STompAZ are stoked.. hopefully we can find a lil ladies stomp jersey to send her for doing the right thing, that is, blindly dominating dance contests in the wee hours.. HiphipHOORAY!

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SkoobaSteevZ said...

I think we can give her a HUGE for her boyfriend.
(we got XL's!)
Maybe Doom could do some magic on it?